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Learn How to Play WebM Files Here

Edited by Ben Jacklin

What is a WebM file?

A WebM file is a compressed video that has been saved in an open, high-quality video standard, often known as the WebM format. The file stores audio compressed files using OggVorbis compression, and video compressed files using VP8 technology. Usually, the composition of a WebM container is based on the Matroska container.

You can also check out Movavi Video Converter – a simple and effective tool for switching between video, audio, and image formats.

What is the WebM format?

The Webm format is an audiovisual media file format that is primarily intended to provide a royalty-free alternative usable in HTML5 audio and HTML5 video elements. It is also an alternative to the patented MPEG4 and H.264 standards. This file format is suitable for both commercial and non-commercial applications.

The significant difference between MP4 and WebM is based on the video codec that each uses. Whereas the MP4 format uses H.264, the WebM format uses VP9 or VP8 codec. However, MP4 files tend to be of a greater size than WebM files. There is also a glaring difference in the number of programs and devices that support the two. All WebM files tend to have.WebM extensions on Google.

Still wondering how to open a WebM file? Here are some programs that open WebM files in the respective operating systems.

1. Programs for Windows:

  • VideoLAN VLC media player

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Opera

  • File viewer Plus

  • Google Chrome

2. Programs for Linux:

  • Opera

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • VideoLAN VLC Media Player

  • FFmpeg

3. Programs for Mac:

  • Eltima Elmedia Player

  • Google Chrome

  • Opera

  • VideoLAN VLC Media Player

  • Mozilla Firefox

4. Programs for Android:

  • File viewer for Android

5. Programs for iOS:

  • PentaLoop PlayerXtreme Media Player

  • olimsoft OPlayer

How to play WebM files in Windows Media Player

1. Which software do you need to download and install?

Kindly note that you will need some extra free software to enable Windows Media Player to play WebM videos. The player lacks the necessary software to split the WebM container format or play audio and video content. Therefore, you will need to download and install some free software to enable you to play WebM files in Windows Media Player. You will need to download and install the WebM/VP8 DirectShow Filters for WebM video playback and OGG Open Codec for WebM audio playback.

In case your system doesn't have Windows Media Player, you will also need to install it in readiness for your operations.

2. Try to play a WebM file in Windows Media Player

If you try playing a WebM file in Windows Media Player, you will most likely see a message box with the information "The selected file has an extension (.WebM) that is not recognized by Windows Media Player, but the player may still be able to play it". Essentially, Windows Media Player is unfamiliar with this kind of extension. It will attempt playing the content anyway. If you have never installed the codec packs previously, the player will most likely fail to identify and play the content. If this happens, you shouldn't panic. Since Windows Media Player is a DirectShow-based player, you can fix the problem by installing DirectShow filters.

3. Install WebM and VP8 DirectShow filters

After you download the WebM/VP8 DirectShow filters to your computer, open the zip file. Locate the "install_webmshow.exe" file and run it. It will launch a step-by-step installer. The download will add DirectShow filters that will enable Windows Media Player to effectively read from WebM multimedia container hence allowing it to play the video. Primarily, the video will not be of great use without the audio element. Since the official WebM/VP8 DirectShow filters lack the software for the OGG Vorbis video, you need to install the OGG codec.

4. Install Open Codec

Once you download the OGG codec from Illiminable Ogg DirectShow Filters for FLAC, Speex, Theora, and Vorbis, you can go ahead and install the codec. Once this is done, Windows Media Player will be able to play the audio element of the WebM file.

If you follow these guidelines to opening and playing WebM files, Windows Media Player should be able to play your WebM files properly. If you encounter strange or jumpy playback, it could be as a result of high resolution often associated with old processors. If it fails to work, you can get either player crashes or an error. In such an instance, you can always visit any of the discussion forums and share your encounter. You will always get some assistance.

How to play WebM files on Safari/Chrome and other browsers

WebM files are not easily playable on Chrome 6 and earlier versions. However, you can watch a WebM file in Chromium, the open-source project behind Chrome. Safari also can't open WebM files since the Mac QuickTime player codec does not support WebM extension. As a result, you will need a WebM codec to enable you to play your WebM files on Safari/Chrome and other browsers. For Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Chrome browsers, you should consider using a standard HTML5 tag to enable you to open and watch such files. If you wish to play a WebM file on the Linux system, consider using FFmpeg. The new version of FFmpeg 0.6 supports WebM/VP8.

Converting the WebM file format to MP4

If you wish to make your WebM files playable in systems that only accept MP4 files, consider converting them to this format. Try Movavi Video Converter – a handy tool for fast and easy conversion that is available for Windows and Mac. Install the program on your computer and follow these simple steps to convert your WebM file to MP4.

  • 1. Open Movavi Video Converter

  • 2. Add your WebM file to the program

  • 3. Choose MP4 as your desired output format

  • 4. Click Convert to launch the process

Opening, viewing, and playing WebM files has never been more effortless. With this step-by-step guide, you are sure to enjoy your encounter with WebM files on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Using the named programs, you can easily edit your WebM files. Should you need a program that can help you convert your media files effortlessly, you can try Movavi Video Converter. It might turn out to be your real success partner.

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