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What Is a WMV File?

Edited by Ben Jacklin

So, what is a WMV File? Windows Media Video (WMV) files are one of the most common video types found mostly on Microsoft Windows computers. The WMV format can be traced all the way back to it's first iteration in 1999, and has since become more well-known as a popular file type. Due to its popularity and abundance, WMV file types are simple to store and open whether you're using a Windows PC or a Mac.

These WMV files generally contain video content, including short animations and real-life footage. These files are based on the Microsoft Advanced Systems Format (ASF) and are compressed with Windows Media compression. They're similar to Windows Media Audio (WMA) files, but files using the .wma extension contain only audio information and do not include any sort of video. Make sure, when opening a WMV file, that you're working with the correct .wmv extension as compared to an extension like .wma.

It's possible that you'd come across a WMV file type in a number of different ways. Because of their abundance and ease of use, you may find a WMV file as an online download, as an attachment in an email, or as a file type on a USB drive. Due to the commonality of these file types, it's important to know exactly what software you may need to open and watch them.

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Opening a WMV format file

Most versions of Windows have Windows Media Player, which is the most readily acceptable software for opening WMV files. If you do not have Windows Media Player on your Windows PC, you may try searching for Movies & TV, which can also read and play the WMV file type.

For those on a macOS, Windows Media Player stopped being developed for this operating system after version 9. If you have a newer version that doesn't include Windows Media Player, there are a number of different softwares you can utilize to view WMV file types.

Whether you're opening on a Windows PC or on Mac, the WMV file type is going to open a video to watch on whatever software your computer may be using. This can include the video portion of the file, as well as any included audio. If your computer does currently run Windows Media Player, this is how to play the file with both video and audio.

Troubleshooting your files

If you're having a difficult time opening or playing your WMV files, make sure you know exactly what to look for. There are quite a few alternative file types that may seem similar to Windows Media Video files but actually are not. The most notable distinction of a WMV file is the extension at the end of the file name: .wmv. It's possible that, if you're having trouble opening a .wmv file, it's actually a file of a different type. This may include:

  • WVM files. These are actually Google Play Video files and appear most frequently on Android devices.

  • WMF files. This Windows Metafile format holds information about graphics, and does not translate as a video file.

  • AMV files. Video files in the Anime Music Video format. These files are mostly used by some Chinese portable media players.

Though it's possible there may be something else stopping you from opening your WMV files, it's best to first ensure that your file has the correct .wmv extension.

Converting your WMV file

Converting a WMV file to a different file types (or vice versa) may seem as easy as making an edit to the extension in the file name. In reality, manually changing the extension of a file from WMV to MP4, for instance, will do nothing but make the file unreadable. It takes a different type of software to be able to convert a file from one type to another, and that's where Movavi Video Converter can come into play.

There are a number of reasons why you may need to convert your video from one file type to another, including passing the video on to someone who does not have the proper software to open a certain format (like WMV), making the video a different, more abundant, file type, or switching it to be able to open the file with a different editing software. For any of these reasons, Movavi Video Converter can help create a new file type from your videos and help you to pass the video along to be viewed by whoever may need to see it.

Converting your files is quick and simple:

  1. Upload the file that you'd like to convert. In this case, we'll assume you're converting a WMV file.

  2. Choose the output format of the file that you'd like for your WMV to become. MP4, for instance.

  3. Simply hit the Convert button to change your file type from one to another!

With Movavi Video Converter, the conversion process truly is as easy as manually changing the extension type of your file, but will ensure that your video is viewable and available in it's new format. Plus, thanks to Movavi's innovative SuperSpeed mode, converting video types is as fast as it is simple. Additionally, you can use this software for compressing your media files.

Access 180+ video, audio, and image formats without having to switch between different software. You'll find a list of file types and formats that can be created with the Movavi Video Converter, meaning that you're covered no matter what file type you need to create. This also includes different types of audio and image files, meaning that your conversions are not limited to videos that may need changing. You can utilize Movavi Video Converter software for a number of different file conversions.

WMV files and conversion

As one of the most popular types of video format, WMV files are found throughout the internet and on PCs and Macs across the world. Due to their abundance, it's important to be able to understand where they've come from, what they contain, how to identify them, and how to convert them when appropriate. If you're uncertain of why your WMV file isn't opening, ensure that the extension is the correct .wmv format, that you've got the correct software to be able to open it, and that you don't need to convert the file in order to do so.

If you are going to need to convert your video file, use Movavi Video Converter. Download a free trial or buy the software today for your Windows 10 or Mac, and get started on converting the video files you need quickly and efficiently, with one single software that can do it all.

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