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What Is a DivX File?

If you are an ardent video consumer, you have probably come across many video files formats. While you may be familiar with some of them, such as MP4, AVI and MKV, some may be new to you. Though not exactly new, DivX has been around for quite some time, only that not many people have been using it.

DivX is lossy video compression software with the ability to compress video files up to one-twelfth of the original video with minimal loss in quality. Short for Digital Video Express, this video format was popularized by big movie companies such as Disney, Paramount, Dreamworks SKG, and Universal. The idea was to add a layer of protection to the encoded content so as to limit the duration of time the content could be accessed.

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How to play DivX format files

Having learned that DivX compresses media up to a twelfth of the original size, you are probably considering downloading all your videos in this format. It will cost less bandwidth, and occupy less space on your device, but you need to learn how to play DivX format.

Here is how you can open and play movies in DivX format on your device.

Installing the DivX codec

You may not be able to create or play DivX files without the appropriate DivX codec. Known for its excellent video quality, this codec for Mac and Windows is compliant with MPEG-4 Part 2. The implication here is that this codec can play both DivX and MP4 files on your device. Don't be surprised if your traditional MP4 player plays DivX files without any fuss.

If you are on the Windows platform, you can enjoy your favorite videos in DivX format by downloading and installing a DirectShow filter known as ffdshow. This filter will enable you to play DivX videos on your Windows-based device without any challenges.

When installing the DivX codec, pay close attention to any notifications or warnings that may pop up during the setup process. The most common warning is whether you want to overwrite the existing codecs. You may also receive a warming about a digitally unsigned driver, but just click "yes" and the setup will continue without a hitch.

However, if the system asks you if the codec should play movies created with the old DivX codecs, please confirm, and complete the setup process. You should now be able to play DivX movies on the default Windows Media Player.

Using the right media player

Your ordinary DVD drive will not be able to play DivX files. You will need to set aside some funds to purchase a new DivX-compliant player to play those VOD files. Also, you have to buy DivX discs though they were discontinued in 1999.

However, you really don't need any media on DivX discs because their players are quite expensive, and the services are no longer running. You can have those files on your local storage, and access them from a media player with the right codecs. If your device experiences problems playing those DivX files, consider downloading and installing a DivX player. It is freely available on the DivX website.

Converting to supported formats

If you have installed DivX codecs and have the right media player, but your PC still can't play the DivX file, you have to consider another option. You may have to convert the files into supported formats to open and play them on your machine. Yes, you got it right: you want to find an efficient and convenient video converter, such as Movavi Video Converter.

While any video converter may get the job done, some may disappoint you. With so many converters out there, you may not be in a position to choose the most suitable one. Consider the following points when looking for a good video converter:

  • User-friendliness: find out if its user interface is easy to navigate.

  • Features: look out for the requisite features such as converting to different file formats, saving directly to your device, resume function in case the conversion is interrupted, and possibly some video editing features such as trimming and cutting.

  • Cost: you need to balance between functionality and the price. Free is the best option but be sure it has all the features you need.

  • Compatibility: find a converter that works on your device, whether iOS or Windows-based.

  • Support: a community of users of the same software will be handy in showing you around.

  • Full version: if you go for the free edition, it would be convenient if they offer the full version. Trial versions may be good, but some slap you with certain limitations which may hamper the conversion process.

Now that you have the right video converter, you should determine the output format. Popular formats include MP4, MP2, AVI and MKV, among others. Be sure to check with your device if they are supported. Also, you can keep the original files just in case something goes amiss, and you need to reconvert them.

Using another device

What if your DivX video still doesn't play even after installing the required codecs, converting the file to the supported format and installing the right media player? First suspect could be your machine, so you would do well to try playing the files on another device altogether. It is especially the case if your system lacks the relevant hardware and software, or has developed certain mechanical problems.

Copy the files onto a suitable portable storage device, such as the thumb drive or external hard disk, and transfer them to another working device. If it still doesn't work, you are facing a corrupted DivX file or wrongly encoded format, or in some cases, the wrong extension.

Scanning your system for malware

It should be a standard procedure by now to ensure that your systems and storage media are free from malware before using them. Those portable drives, and the internet, are the biggest suspects when it comes to the spread of viruses and other harmful software. Before you download the DivX files from the web, be sure to visit reputable websites and have internet security measures in place.

If you are transferring the files from another device, make sure you scan the portable storage media for possible infections. This process requires that you install an updated and efficient antivirus on your device. Forget those free anti-malware programs marauding the internet because most have very limited functionalities. To ensure your system is well protected, you have to make a little investment and get premium software. The cost will be nothing compared to the harm you will suffer when your computer gets attacked.

After we have answered the question “what is DivX?” and described the various ways of opening and playing files in DivX format in a safe environment, it is important to note that you may need to convert DivX files into a format your device can decode. You need a reliable video converter to accomplish this crucial task for you. If you are wondering where to start in choosing the best video converter, consider downloading and installing Movavi video Converter available for Mac and Windows.

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