How to Compress Videos for WhatsApp

Use Movavi Video Converter to compress files for WhatsApp:

  1. Download and install the program.
  2. Upload your files.
  3. Set the compression settings.
  4. Compress the videos.

Best tools to compress video for WhatsApp [Desktop/Online/Mobile]

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Not sure of how to send a large video on WhatsApp? Learn the best ways to compress videos for WhatsApp using the instructions below.

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How to compress videos for WhatsApp on Windows & Mac

Movavi Video Converter is a top-tier video compressor for WhatsApp. The compression tool allows you to condense the size of your video files without losing quality. And it makes it easy to share long videos on social media and message platforms.

Users can leverage the converter as an optimizer tool for playback on different devices and set video parameters, like resolution, bitrate, and frame rate. It also supports various common video formats, like MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, FLV, M2TS, and many more. 

Follow these instructions to shrink your video file size and convert it into the right format.

Step 1. Open Movavi Video Converter

To compress videos for WhatsApp, download the installation file. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app on your PC or Mac and then open it.

Step 2. Upload the files you want to downsize

Look to the upper left corner of the window. Click Add Media and then Add video. Then, find and select your files and click Open. You can also drag your files directly into the interface for upload.

Step 3. Adjust the format

On the bottom third of your screen, search and select the optimal formatting for playback on a wide range of devices. 

You can also customize the format of your video for the WhatsApp platform. Click the gear icon on the lower left side of the window next to Output format. Use the settings menu and adjust it according to the table below.

Step 4. Set the compression rate

After selecting a format, find your video in the files list and click Compress file. From the menu, you can use the slider to adjust your output file size and bitrate. As long as your file is under 16 MB, you can send it via WhatsApp. 

As you adjust, you can click Convert sample to see a preview of how the video will look. When you’re ready, click Apply. You can also use the Edit button to crop or trim if you need to shorten your clip to make the video size smaller.

Step 5. Select a destination folder and convert

When you have everything set up, click the Save to button at the bottom of the screen and choose an output folder for your compressed video. It will go to the Movavi Library folder if you don’t choose an alternative. Then, click the Convert button to export your video. After the compression process, your video will open automatically.

Compressing and resizing videos with Movavi Video Converter is fast, and it also preserves the quality of the video.

Recommended WhatsApp video specs

Minimum video size

No minimum

Maximum video size

16 MB

Video formats

MP4 (recommended), AVI, MKV, 3GP

Aspect ratio


Video orientation

Vertical or Landscape

Video length

Depends on the quality, but anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Video dimension

1080 × 1920

How to compress videos for WhatsApp online

If you’re looking for an online video compressor for WhatsApp, FreeConvert offers a tool that’s free for any file up to 1 GB – you can pay to boost the limit. The downsizer works fast and comes with some additional settings to resize your video. Reducing the size of your video is a breeze, and you can select from two codecs supported by a wide range of devices.

Step 1. Visit the FreeConvert site

As it’s an online file shrinker, you don’t have to worry about downloading a desktop program to use FreeConvert. Simply open your browser and navigate to the FreeConvert Video Compressor website.

Go to FreeConvert

Step 2. Upload the video file

There are two ways to upload a file with FreeConvert. You can click the Choose Files button to upload a file from your device, DropBox, Google Drive, or a URL. You can also drag-and-drop your video file into the browser window. Again, don’t forget about the file size limitations. 

Step 3. Adjust the settings

After you upload, you’ll see the file name appear on the screen. From here, you can choose your preferred format from the Output dropdown menu. And you can also adjust advanced settings to configure your Video Codec, Compression Method, and Target Size. When done, click Apply Settings.

Step 4. Start shrinking

When you’re ready, click the Compress Now button and wait for the tool to work its magic. When the file reducer is done, click Download and your small video is ready to send. 

FreeConvert is a quick and convenient way to decrease the size of your shortmovies and send them to contacts via WhatsApp.

How to use video compressors for WhatsApp on mobile

iPhone and iPad users looking for a video downgrader to reduce their file size for WhatsApp can use the Video Compress - Shrink Videos app. It’s a quick and easy way to cut down your video under the 16 MB limit on WhatsApp. 

You can export files in MP4 or MOV format and share them quickly. Plus, the app has been around since 2016 and boasts a 4.5 stars with over 9,800 ratings in the App Store. 

Step 1. Download, install, and open the app

Visit the App Store and download Video Compress - Shrink Videos. When completed, tap the icon to open the app on your device.

Get Video Compress - Shrink Videos

Step 2. Choose your video file

With the app open, tap the red button towards the bottom of your screen. It features two white arrows facing each other. This will open your Photos folder, where you can find and select the file you wish to compress. Click the check icon at the top right when you’ve chosen a video.

Step 3. Set a target file size

On the next screen, use the Compression Ratio slider to adjust the size of your file and the bitrate. WhatsApp has a 16 MB video file limit, so adjust accordingly. 

Step 4. Compress your video clip

When you’ve adjusted your settings, tap the icon on the top right of your screen. The file will process instantly and save to your Photos folder. From the next menu that appears, you can copy or share the compressed file, delete the original, or start a new compression.

Video Compressor & Video Cutter is an excellent solution for anyone using an Android device. It allows you to compress, cut, and extract MP3 audio from any video file. And the app comes with a batch image compressor so you can save storage space on your device’s hard drive without having to zip files. 

With over 10 million downloads and a 4.1-star rating out of over 98k reviews, this is a go-to video compression tool for Android users across the globe. 

Step 1. Download and install the app

Visit Play Store and download Video Compressor & Video Cutter.

Get Video Compressor & Video Cutter

Step 2. Select your video file

With the app open, make sure you’ve selected the Compress Video tab. Then tap Select From Folder and choose your video. 

Step 3. Adjust the settings and compress

On the next screen, you’ll see buttons to Compress, Cut + Compress, Fast Forward, Extract MPX, Play, Share, or Delete your file. If you don’t need to cut your video, tap the Compress Video button to move on to the next screen. 

From here, you can select from three tabs: High Quality, Low Quality, or Custom. The High Quality and Low Quality offer different bitrates, but have the same menu options to compress the video by percentage and reduce the resolution. Under the Custom tab, you can use the sliders to adjust the resolution and bitrate as you please. You can also select the checkbox to delete the audio from your compression.   

Step 4. Share your file

Once you compress your file, the next screen will feature a playback of your compressed video and two buttons. If you’re satisfied with the compression, tap the Share button and choose WhatsApp to send it to your contact. You can also access the default save folder for the application and send your video file within WhatsApp.

Summary: How to send large videos on WhatsApp

Compressing a video to send on WhatsApp can be a laborious task with so many video compression and conversion applications available. Use the programs and instructions above to save time and compress your video files with ease.

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