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Converting MP4 to WAV is simple – just upload your video to the online MP4-to-WAV converter and launch the conversion. If you need a more advanced converter that can quickly process multiple files, use Movavi Video Converter.

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How to convert MP4 to WAV

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Are you looking for easy-to-use MP4-to-WAV converters? MP4 is the most commonly used video/audio format on the planet. So, there's a good chance you have a pile of MP4 files sitting around on an old hard drive or in the cloud. But what if you want to convert MP4 to a WAV audio file for easier editing and better sound quality? You're in luck! There are various ways to convert a video to WAV – from online websites to downloadable software and freeware. In this article, we’ll describe 7 easy ways to convert MP4 to WAVE.

How to convert MP4 to WAV with Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter offers one of the easiest, fastest, and most user-friendly conversion solutions on the market. Our free-to-download software can help you convert a variety of video, audio, and image files – including MP4 and WAV files. One of the core benefits of Movavi’s MP4-to-WAV converter is its incredibly quality ratios. You can convert from MP4 to WAV without any quality loss, and you can even edit (e.g., adjust, trim, join, etc.) files pre-conversion. In addition, you can queue up batch conversions to quickly convert an entire folder of content without manually converting files one-by-one.To learn how to convert MP4 to WAV with Movavi Video Converter, watch a short tutorial or read the instructions below.

Step 1. Install the MP4-to-WAV converter

Double-click the installation file you’ve just downloaded and follow the instructions on your computer screen.

Step 2. Add the multimedia files you want to convert

Go to Add Media, choose Add Video, and select the desired MP4 files for conversion. Hit Open. After files are uploaded, you’ll see the file list inside the program window.

Step 3. Choose WAV as the output format

Open the Audio tab, click the WAV preset group, and choose the preset. Its name will appear at the bottom of the program window. Now your files are ready to change the extension from .mp4 to .wav.

Step 4. Start converting from MP4 to WAV

Click Save to to set the folder in which you want to save your files. Click Convert to start the process.

MP4-to-WAV online converters

Want to quickly convert MP4 to WAV without downloading any software? Use MP4-to-WAV converters online. This way you can plug videos into a website and get a converted file within a few minutes. While these online converters lack some of the functionality and features of desktop software, they do provide a level of convenience that many users love.

The first on our list of online tools is Online Video Converter. You can convert your MP4 files to a variety of formats with this video converter – to WAV, MP3, AVI, MPG, MKV, WMV, etc.) While this online converter lacks the batch processing feature, it is incredibly simple to use. With Online Video Converter, you can convert MP4 to WAV for free but keep in mind that the free plan has some limitations.


  • Supports a variety of video and audio formats

  • Advanced settings (trimming, changing audio bitrate and video resolution)

  • Fast conversion


  • No batch processing

CloudConvert is an open-source online conversion tool that's been around for over a decade. This free online tool can convert over 200 different types of audio, video, image, and spreadsheet formats, and it packs a powerful security infrastructure to prevent any third-party interruptions. While CloudConvert is technically free, you will have to pay for conversions if you plan to convert over 25 videos. Luckily, if you just want to convert MPEG-4 to WAVE on one specific file, this solution is totally free.


  • Great security

  • Can convert MP4 to WAV online without any hassle

  • Over 200 file types to choose from

  • Can handle bulk conversions


  • Costs money for bulk conversions

  • Some users note that it messes up font when converting documents

When it comes to converting a massive variety of file types, ZamZar takes the cake. Currently, the Zamzar website can convert over 1,100 types of files (that's not a typo!), and it can also handle compressions. While ZamZar isn't the fastest converter on the market (they suggest it takes around 10 minutes), it does offer the most versatility of any solution on this list.


  • Supports over 1,100 file types!

  • Great video-to-WAV converter

  • Engineers will help you convert niche file types if you email them


  • Have to pay for bulk conversions

  • Slower than some other solutions

Despite its lackluster interface and dated website design, Online-Convert has been in the conversion game for a long time. Companies like Dell continue to use this video convert to WAV service, so it has some serious muscle in the business landscape. Currently, Online-Convert supports fewer file types than other solutions on this list, and it doesn't support batch processing – so that may be an issue for users with a ton of files to convert.


  • Decently fast

  • Years of history

  • Great, simple-to-use solution

  • Makes converting MP4 to WAV straightforward and easy


  • Dated design

  • No batch processing

How to convert MP4 to WAV for free

If you don't want to visit a website every time you need to convert, you can grab an MP4-to-WAV converter free download from VLC. This powerful, bare-bones video player has built-in conversion capabilities. One of the best features of VLC is its codec library. This video player can handle just about any file type, although the interface is very basic. While you do have to perform some extra steps (VLC doesn't use WAV as a "standard conversion format"), you can follow the guide below to change MP4 to WAV directly from VLC.

Here’s how to convert MPEG-4 to WAV using VLC.

Step 1. Download and install VLC

Download the program from the website linked below. Then install and launch VLC.

The VLC website

Step 2. Add your video

Select Media in the top left-hand corner. Click Convert/Save. Then click the Add button and select all the files you want to convert. Hit Convert/Save.

Step 3. Create a new profile

Select the Create New Profile icon.

In the Profile Edition window that pops up, you will need to create a WAV conversion profile. Enter a name in the Profile Name field. Then select WAV on the Encapsulation tab. On the Audio codec tab, check the Audio box, change Codec to WAV, and set the Sample Rate to 48000 Hz. Click Create.

Step 4. Convert your video to WAV

In the Profile drop-down list, the profile you’ve created. Click Browse and select your destination folder. Make sure that the name of the file ends with .wav. Then hit Start. You will now see a window showing the time-to-completion for your conversions.


  • Free MP4-to-WAV converter

  • A few great conversion types

  • Can set up additional encoding formats

  • Decent video playing capabilities


  • Somewhat complicated conversions

  • Doesn't support nearly as many file types as some other solutions

How to convert MP4 to WAV in iTunes

Did you know you can convert MP4 to WAV in iTunes? Over 800 million people use iTunes on their home computer, so if you’re one of them, it will save you from having to download any additional software. iTunes can help you convert a video to WAV if your MP4 file contains only audio. If iTunes can’t play and convert your video, it can be because the audio codec used in the file is not supported by the app.

Technically, you will either use Apple Music or iTunes, depending on your operating system. Apple moved its conversion capabilities to Apple Music on Mac computers. You will still use iTunes to convert MP4 to WAV on Windows.

Here’s a short guide to converting MP4 to WAV in iTunes on PC.

Step 1. Download and install the app

Download and install the app.

Download iTunes

Step 2. Choose the target format

Launch the app. Click Edit and select Preferences.

Then hit Import Settings. Open the drop-down list next to Import Using and choose WAV Encoder. Click OK to close the Import Settings window and then click OK at the bottom of the Preferences window.

Step 3. Convert MP4 to WAV

Open your music library and select the file you want to convert. If you can’t see the file you need in the library, click File, choose Add File to Library, and select your video. Then click File, select Convert, and hit Create WAV Version.


  • MP4-to-WAV converter that most people already have installed

  • Easy to use

  • Great way to convert .mp4 to .wav Windows and Mac


  • Not very many file conversion formats

  • Takes a little longer than some other solutions

MP4 vs. WAV comparison

It’s tough to compare MP4 and WAV as far as these formats are primarily used for different purposes. However, for sound storing, WAV could be much better because it basically provides ‘raw’ uncompressed audio without any quality losses. WAV was developed by Microsoft, so it is useful for Windows users. MP4 provides worse quality, but it doesn’t require that much space and is more familiar to Apple users. Here’s a short formats comparison table.

Comparison parameter



File extension

.mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .m4b, .m4r, .m4v

.wav, .wave





Video, audio, and text

Only audio

Audio file size




Lossy and lossless

Lossy (for AAC and MP3 codecs) / No compression

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