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How to convert MP4 to GIF in high quality on Windows and Mac with Movavi

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With mobile messengers and social networks being so popular and in wide use, an animated image may be perfect for illustrating your reaction or current mood in an online conversation. GIFs are usually short few-second clips cut from a movie, cartoon, or other videos.

The guide below explains how to convert MP4 to GIF, but the instructions are the same for any other video format. Download Movavi Video Converter for Windows or Mac and turn your MP4 to GIF right away or use the MP4-to-GIF converter online!

Step 1. Install the GIF maker

Download the MP4-to-GIF converter from the Movavi website and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.

Step 2. Add a video to the program

Click the Add Media button, then choose Add Video, and select the file you want to turn into a GIF.

Step 3. Choose a fragment

GIFs are usually short in length, which means you may need to cut just a small segment from a longer video. To start cutting out your clip, click the Edit button to the right of the imported file.

In the window that opens, place the marker on the timeline to indicate the beginning of the section you want to extract. Click the Scissors icon to cut the video and split it into two parts. Select the part you don't need and hit the Trash Can icon to delete it. If you need to trim the ending as well, then place the marker at the end of the section fragment and do the same. When the footage is the way you want it, click Save and Close.

Step 4. Set GIF as the export format

Click the Images tab and change the preset from MP4 to GIF. Depending on your needs, you can also choose a preset for the desired size.

Step 5. Start turning MP4 into GIF

Hit the Save to button to specify the output folder for the image. When all the adjustments are done, click Convert and wait for the program to export the file. Once the conversion is complete, the folder with your GIF file will open automatically.

Now you know how to transfer MP4 to animated GIF with Movavi Video Converter. Build your own library of high-quality animation files and start sharing them with your friends on social media!

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