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October 8, 2021

MP4 is a widely-used format, however, some sites still recommend you upload videos in the FLV format, so in those cases, you would have to convert MP4 to FLV. There are several conversion options: online tools, MP4-to-FLV converter freeware, and advanced conversion software. If you have one small file, the best choice will be to use an MP4-to-FLV converter online. If you want to process files in batch, convert MP4 to FLV using Movavi Video Converter. Read this guide and learn how to convert MP4 to FLV on your PC or Mac while retaining the high quality of the original video.

How to convert MP4 to FLV with Movavi

One of the best MP4-to-FLV converters is Movavi Video Converter. With this app, you can convert your video to FLV in a matter of minutes. The software lets you convert MP4 to a Flash® Player compatible format, edit videos, and compress them. The conversion speed is much faster than when you convert MP4 to FLV online. You can use this MP4-to-FLV converter for free during the trial period.

It’s easy to use Movavi’s MP4-to-FLV converter – download and install the app, import your files, and convert them to the desired format. For more detailed instructions, check out the guide below.

Step 1. Install Movavi’s MP4-to-FLV converter

Install the MP4-to-FLV converter – a free download is available. When the download is complete, run the file and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the software.

Step 2. Add your files

Click the Add Media button in the upper left corner of the interface, then select Add Video. In the dialog box, choose one or more files to convert from MP4 to FLV and click Open. Movavi’s MP4-to-FLV converter supports batch conversion, so you can add multiple files and convert them all at once.

Step 3. Choose the output format

Select Video in the lower part of the screen, then choose FLV (Flash Video) and select the appropriate ready-made preset. To enable the SuperSpeed mode, choose FLV – Original Size. Using SuperSpeed lets you convert your video up to 79 times faster, with zero quality loss.

Step 4. Convert MP4 to a Flash® Player compatible format

Click the Save to button and specify the folder where the program should store converted files. Finally, click Convert to convert .mp4 to .flv.

Great! Now you know how to convert MP4 to FLV on Mac or Windows with Movavi’s MP4-to-FLV converter app.

MP4 or FLV: what’s the difference?

MP4 or FLV – which format to choose? Here, you’ll find a comparison of MP4 vs. FLV to help you understand the difference between the formats. The MP4 video file format is a part of the MPEG-4 standard. MP4 files can contain video and audio streams, subtitles, and metadata. The format is supported on both Windows and Mac as well as many other devices – smartphones, tablets, HDTVs, video game consoles, and more. FLV is, along with HTML5, the standard for streaming media over the Internet and is used by over a billion people worldwide for embedded video and videos posted on social networks like Facebook or YouTube.

Comparison parameter



Usage Virtually everywhere Virtually everywhere
Video-coding formats HEVC/MPEG-H Part 2/H.265, MPEG-2 Part 2, MPEG-4 ASP, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.263, VC-1, and others Sorenson, VP6, Screen Video, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
Audio-coding formats MPEG-2/4 (HE)-AAC, MPEG-1/2 Layers I, II, III (MP3), AC-3, Apple Lossless, ALS, SLS, and others MP3, Nellymoser, ADPCM, LPCM, AAC, Speex

Frequently asked questions

How do I convert MP4 to FLV on a Mac?

To convert MP4 to FLV, use Movavi Video Converter. Simply upload your files to the program, select the FLV format, and hit Convert.

Is FLV or MP4 better?

The MP4 format is more universal and is supported on almost any device and player. However, some browsers still may require the FLV format in order to play a video. And what about MP4 vs. FLV quality? It actually depends on the codecs used, and not on the container format itself, so MP4 and FLV files can be of the same quality.

Can I convert MP4 to FLV using VLC?

Yes, you can use VLC as a free MP4-to-FLV converter. Here’s a short guide:

  1. Click Media and select Convert / Save.
  2. Hit Add and import your file. Click Convert / Save.
  3. Click the Wrench icon, select FLV, and click Save.
  4. Hit Browse and select the export folder.
  5. Click Start.

How can I convert MP4 to FLV (Adobe® Flash® Player compatible format)?

To convert MP4 to FLV, use special conversion software. Here’s how to convert files with Movavi Video Converter.

Download Movavi Video Converter

  1. Launch the app and go to Add Media. Select Add Video and import your files to the program.
  2. Open the Video tab and pick FLV (Flash Video), select the desired preset.
  3. Hit Convert.

What is the best MP4-to-FLV converter?

Here are some of the best MP4-to-FLV converters:

  • Movavi Video Converter
  • Freemake
  • CloudConvert

What is the best MP4-to-FLV converter app?

To convert MP4 to FLV on Android, use Video Converter by Inverse.AI. For conversion on iOS, try Free MP4 Converter.