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How to Convert WebP to GIF

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WebP is a relatively new format, developed in 2010 by Google. The main strength of WebP is its ability to create high quality images at small sizes, making them very handy for use on the Web. WebP handles both lossless and lossy compression and, regardless of compression type, supports transparency (or alpha channel). Although WebP has great promise, only a few browsers support it at the moment. Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Edge can work with WebP, but Apple’s Safari browser app cannot.

Sometimes you have to change the format of your files to make sure any browser on any device will be able to open them. How to do this? Get this Movavi software and convert WebP to GIF! The GIF format can be used almost anywhere so, after converting WebP to GIF, your images will be much more useful. Movavi Video Converter is quick and easy to master and works not only with videos but also with audio files and images. Follow these steps to get your files changing.

Step 1. Download Movavi Video Converter

Download the program and double-click on the file. Follow the instructions to install the program.

Step 2. Add the files you want to convert

Click the Add Media button and choose Add images. Select the files to be converted.

Step 3. Choose the format

Click the Images tab and choose GIF as the output format. Pick the size you want from the list.

Step 4. Start converting WebP to GIF

You can choose the folder where your files will be stored after conversion by clicking the Save to button. Then click the Convert button to create your new GIFs. The folder containing your files will open automatically as soon as the conversion is complete. Now you know how to convert WebP to GIF – wasn’t that easy?

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Have questions?

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