Making slideshows with music is easy!

Just download Movavi Slideshow Maker!
  • Flexible: 150+ filters, 100+ transitions, 40+ titles
  • Easy: average time for making a slideshow is 5 minutes
  • Fast: get the result right away – no need to wait
  • Secure: no need to upload your own photos online

Download the program and follow the instructions below

How to Make Videos with Pictures and Music

Did you have a great vacation this summer? Give yourself a positive emotional boost for the winter by creating an evocative slideshow with music and titles or a photo collage from your holiday photos! With Movavi Slideshow Maker, you can turn your photos into a movie in just a couple of minutes even if you have no experience in video montage. Interested? Let’s get started!

Install the Program

Download Movavi’s slideshow creator and run the installation file. The onscreen instructions will guide you through the setup process.

Select the Working Mode

When you launch Movavi’s slideshow maker with the music-adding capability, you’ll see a Welcome window. In this window, you can choose one of two working modes: Easy mode or Full feature mode. If you want to quickly make a slideshow with photos, music and transitions, choose Create a montage in easy mode. If you want to incorporate video footage, titles, special effects, and other enhancements to your movie, choose Create a project in full feature mode. Instructions for both modes follow below.

Upload Photos

Welcome to the Montage Wizard! In the Files tab, upload your images by clicking +Files or +Folders and choosing the pictures to include. When the uploaded photos appear in the working area, you can drag them into any order, as well as remove them by clicking the relevant icon on each of the images.

Add Music

Go to the Music tab. Click +Music and upload your own music. You can also choose from the built-in audio tracks.

Add Transitions

Open the Transitions tab. Here, you can choose the transition style to join your photos, or click No transitions if you don’t want fades in your slideshow.

Preview Your Slideshow

In the Preview tab, check the Fit to music length box to adjust your slideshow to the length of the soundtrack you've chosen. Click Fit to the frame to get rid of the black bars on the sides of your photos and videos. You can preview your slideshow in the window on the right by clicking the Play button.

Your photo movie is almost ready. To save it, open the Export tab, click Save the video and Go to Step 4.

Add Your Files to the Program

Click Add Media Files and browse through your photos to choose the ones you want to add to your slideshow. You can also upload videos if you like. All the files you’ve chosen will be added on the timeline at the bottom of the program window.

Add Transitions

Now you can add fades to your movie to make the transition between images smooth and appropriate in style for the content. Go to the Transitions tab, select a category that appeals to you and pick the style you like best. To add a transition, simply drag and drop it between two videos on the timeline.

Complete Your Slideshow Music and Titles

You can also add music to make your movie more engaging. Click Add Media Files and upload the soundtrack of your choice. You can also click Music to use one of the built-in audio files.

Stylish titles add a personal touch to your photo slideshow with music. Open the Titles tab to browse the available caption styles. Once you’ve picked a title style, drag it to the Timeline.

Your photo movie is almost ready. Click Export and go to Step 4 to save your slideshow.

4. Save Your Clip

Select the appropriate option from the tabs in the left part of the export window. You can save your slideshow to watch on your computer or mobile device, or prepare it for uploading to the web. When you’re done, click Start. Now you know how to use our handy photo-to-video maker with music, titles and transitions!


Movavi Slideshow Maker

An easy-to-use, yet efficient slideshow making program

  • Create a slideshow with music in 3 simple steps
  • Join slides with dynamic transitions
  • Add stylish animated titles
  • Adjust color, enhance picture quality