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Need to take out the background
from a photo?
Use Movavi Photo Editor!

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How to Remove the Background from an Image

A background remover tool can be very useful if you like to creatively transform images. Such apps can help you cut out elements of a photo and place them on a different background. Many of the stunning ads and promo photos you see in magazines would’ve been impossible to create without background removal. Professional photographers often create the original photo with a white background and then remove the white background and replace it with another image. You can also delete the background to get rid of unwanted details or people that accidentally crept into your otherwise perfect photo.

Many people think that removing the background of a picture is a tricky task, but in reality it’s not that difficult. All you need is the right software. We recommend you try Movavi Photo Editor – a multi-faceted product that will let you extract elements from their background in your photos and do lots of other exciting tasks. To understand how Photo Editor works, download the program and check out our simple guide below.

Download Photo Editor for Windows Download Photo Editor for Mac

Step 1: Install Movavi Photo Editor

Open the executable file and follow the installation instructions.

Step 2: Add the Image to the Program

Step 2 - Open Video

Click Browse for Images and choose the photo you want to work with, or just drag it into the program’s working area.

Step 3: Crop out the Background

Step 3 - Change background

Open the Background Removal tab on the right side of the program window. Mark the element you need to separate from the background using the green Foreground Brush. Use the red Background Brush to mark the background. You can clear your marks and start over with the Selection Eraser tool. Eventually, a yellow line will appear around the object you’ve marked. If you’re satisfied with how accurately the element is marked, click Set New Background.

Step 3 - Choose Preset

Your object will then be displayed on a clean transparent background. To put an image into the background, click the Image File button and choose a photo from your collection. You can also leave the background transparent or choose any color to paint it as a solid. When you’ve finished editing, click Apply.

Step 4: Save the Edited Image

Step 4 - Start Conversion

Finally, you need to save your edited photo. Click the Export button and choose one of the many popular image formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, and others.

With Movavi Photo Editor, it’s so easy to erase the background of an image, anyone can do it, no matter what your level of computer skills is!

Movavi Photo Editor

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