How to Combine AVI Files

Want to combine AVI videos? Use Movavi Video Editor

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How to Combine AVI Files

This tutorial refers to Movavi Video Editor for Windows.
If you use Mac, please check out the instructions for Mac users.

If you want to combine several short videos shot on your digital still camera into one longer movie, or simply want to merge two AVI videos from your media collection, all you need is the right software to complete the task in no time. No matter which you plan to do – join two AVI files into one or combine multiple AVI files together – Movavi Video Editor is the best choice! Movavi Video Editor gives you multifunctional video editing that lets you split and join video files, apply special effects, add music and titles, and much more.

Joining AVI files is easy and fun! Just download Movavi Video Editor for Windows and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install the Program for Combining AVI Files

First of all, download the Video Editor from our website. Run the downloaded .exe file and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process.

Step 2: Add Videos You Want to Merge

add file

There are two modes in Movavi Video Editor: Timeline and Storyboard. The default Timeline Mode lets you work with multiple video, audio and title tracks at one time. The Storyboard Mode is much simpler and works with only one track at a time to add video and images, apply special effects and insert transitions. You can switch between the two modes at any time using the buttons in the center of the timeline panel toolbar. If you want to simply merge AVI files, you can use the Storyboard Mode.

To add video files, click the Import Media button on the program’s main panel and select the files you want to join. All the files you choose will be added to the Media tab. Drag and drop the videos to the working area below in the order you want them to be joined.

Step 3: Insert Transitions

insert transitions

You can insert stylish transitions between separate video clips to make them flow smoothly into each other. Click the Fades button to see the list of available transitions. Drag the desired transition to the working area and drop it between two video clips. To adjust duration and other transition parameters, right-click the transition in the working area, select Settings, and tweak the settings to meet your precise needs. To have more details, read our guide about adding animated transitions to a video.

Step 4: Save Your Video

save video

After you have finished editing, click the Save Movie button and choose an export option. You can save the video on your computer, burn it to DVD or upload to the Internet. If you want to save the video to view on your PC, choose Save as Video File. In the new window that opens, choose the format for your video and specify the video settings if necessary. If you want to watch the video on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, choose Save for Mobile Device. In the dialog window, choose your device model from the list. Click Save and wait while your video is being converted to your specified format.

See what else you can do with Movavi Video Editor:

Movavi Video Editor

  • Edit video on the timeline
  • Apply effects, use filters
  • Add titles, music, logo
  • Capture TV, webcam, VHS
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Movavi Video Suite

  • Edit 2D & 3D video, apply effects
  • Convert video, audio, and DVD
  • Encode for mobile devices
  • Capture screencasts or web
  • Play 2D video in 3D
  • Burn discs, make slideshows
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