How to combine MP4 files in Movavi Video Editor

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How to Merge MP4 Files

Edited by Pat Bitton

July 23, 2019

Got a neat idea for a video that involves combining multiple MP4 clips into one but don’t know how to pull this off? No problem! You just need a good video cutter and joiner. Check out Movavi Video Editor – a simple piece of software that lets you cut and join MP4 files in a breeze. It also includes lots of other video-editing functions like improving quality, stabilizing shaky footage, inserting filters and effects, adding titles and music, and more.

Just download the Movavi video splitter and merger for Windows or Mac and read this short guide on how to combine MP4 files.

Install the MP4 Video Joiner

Run the distribution file and follow the installer instructions.

Add the Clips You Want to Splice Together

Launch Movavi Video Editor and click New Project. Go to Add Media Files and find the clips that you want to use for your future movie. The selected videos will appear on the Timeline in the lower portion of the app window. Note that you can rearrange the videos on the Timeline by dragging them around.

Add files to the MP4 joiner

Insert Transitions

You can smoothly connect your clips to each other with appropriate transitions. Open the Transitions tab and select the ones you like best. To insert a transition, simply drag its icon to the Timeline and drop it between two clips.

Use the Transition Wizard tool as a fast way to insert random transitions or to add the same selected transition between all video segments.

Insert transitions between the joined MP4 files

Combine Two or More Clips and Save the Result

To save your movie as a whole, click the Export button. In the dialog box that will open, select MP4 as the output format and hit Start.

Merge MP4 files and save the result
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