How to make a video from clips?

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Use Clips Video Editor!
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  • Stabilize and reverse video, equalize sound, and more

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How to Make a Movie on Your PC or Phone

Edited by Ben Jacklin

March 13, 2020

When it comes to filmmaking, creative people are always in search of new ideas for how to make a video viewers will love. With all the steps in the filming process, there is often no time left to think about technical details. Movavi software lets you forget about the difficulties of scrutinizing the montage and focus on the process of creation instead. Making videos has never been more fun!

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How to Make a Movie on Your PC

To create a movie everyone will love, just download Movavi Video Editor Plus and make all kinds of video edits: add transitions, titles, and your favorite music tracks.

Here are the four easy steps in which we explain how to make your own video from clips and photo shots.

Install Movavi Video Editor Plus

To install the movie maker on your computer, just download the program installation file, then run it and follow the installation instructions.

Add Your Media Files

In the welcome window, choose New Project to start making a video. Then add your files by clicking the Add Media Files button. The media files you’ve uploaded will be automatically added on the Timeline at the bottom of the program’s window. You can change the order of the files by dragging them around in the program’s working area.

To make a movie with an inviting opening, add an animated clip or motion background from our stock video footage collection (hit the Sample video button, or simply follow the link).

Add Transitions, Music, and Titles

To add fades, open the Transitions tab. Choose the transitions you like and drag and drop them onto the Timeline between your video clips. For more information, read the article about adding transitions to video clip.

To add audio to the video, click Add Media Files and upload a piece of music of your choice. The audio file will be added on a separate Audio Track on the Timeline.

Click the Titles button, select the title type you like, and drag its icon to the Timeline. All the titles will be added on the Titles Track. You can stretch them over the whole track to have the titles appear during the whole movie or just over a part of it. Double-click on a title to customize the font, size, color, and other parameters. Learn more about adding titles to a video.

Export Your Movie

To prepare the movie for your audience, click the Export button and choose one of the options form the tabs in the left part of the pop-up window. Finally, to save your video, click Start.

That’s all there is to it! In four simple steps, you now know how to make movies using Movavi Video Editor Plus for Windows or Mac. Now you can make your own movie! Just use video and photos you already have, add your favorite music, and enjoy your masterpiece.


Movavi Video Editor Plus

Your next step in video-making

  • Edit video clips, images, and audio on a timeline
  • Add transitions, filters, titles, and stickers
  • Animate objects using keyframes, use more built-in media
  • Export videos in any popular format

* The free version of Movavi Video Editor Plus has the following restrictions: 7-day trial period, watermark on the output videos, and, if you’re saving a project as an audio file, an ability to save only half the audio length. Learn more

How to Make Videos on Android Devices

If you want to edit a film on an Android device, get Movavi Clip from Google Play and follow our simple tips in which we explain how to make a movie using this mobile app.

Run the App and Upload Your Files

Download Movavi Clips for Android and launch the app. To add files, tap the Plus button, then choose Video.

On the next screen, select all the clips you want to use in your movie. Tap Start editing and choose the preferred aspect ratio.

Cut Your Video

Sometimes videos can be too long and contain unwanted segments. To make a video shorter, scroll along the Timeline and indicate the place where you want to make the first cut. Tap the Scissors button and split the video in two.

To delete the segment before or after the cut, drag down the unwanted section.

To cut out a segment in the middle, make a second cut and drag down the section between the splits.

Add Transitions and Filters

Add fades between the different parts of your future movie. Scroll along the Timeline and place the vertical marker on the section you want to add transitions to. Tap the Transitions icon. Choose fades for the beginning and ending of the section. Tap OK. Repeat this in all the places you want to add transitions.

You can also make your video more atmospheric by adding filters. To do this, tap the Filter icon and choose the best effect for your movie.

Tap Adjustments to set the brightness and saturation levels by dragging on the sliders. When you are happy, tap Apply.

Add a Soundtrack

A movie isn’t complete without a soundtrack. To add one, tap the Audio icon and scroll along the Timeline to locate the place where you want the music to start. Tap the Plus icon.

You can add a track from your own collection, or you can choose something from our ready-to-use library of sounds and music tracks. Once you’ve chosen the perfect soundtrack, tap Add.

To add the soundtrack to the Timeline, tap Apply.

Save Your Video

Now, when your movie is ready, tap the Save button in the top-right corner of the screen. On the next screen, tap Save once more.

Now you know how to create a video using Movavi Clips on your Android phone.


The guide above was about Android phones; below, you’ll find instructions for Apple devices.

How to Make a Video on an iPhone

Movavi Clips is available from the App Store. Download it for your iPhone or iPad and enjoy the movie editing process!

Install the App

Download and install Movavi Clips from the App Store. Tap Open to launch the app.

Upload Your Files

Tap the Plus button, then choose Video.

Specify the preferred aspect ratio, then tap OK. On the next screen, select all the video clips you want to use in your movie and tap Start editing to add the clips to the Timeline.

Cut Your Video

You can split your video into multiple parts and get rid of unwanted sections. Scroll along the Timeline and indicate the place where you want to split the video in two. Tap the Scissors icon to cut.

Drag down the part you want to delete from the video – before or after the cut.

To cut out a segment in the middle, make a second cut and drag down the unwanted part between the cuts.

Add Transitions and Filters

Make your video smoother by adding transitions. First, tap Transitions on the toolbar. Then select one of the transition effects and tap Apply.

Add an atmospheric filter to your movie. Tap Filter and, on the new screen, choose the effect that best suits your content.

Tap Adjustments and drag the slider to set the correct brightness, saturation, and sharpness levels. Once everything is set, tap Apply.

Add Music

Complete the movie with an appropriate soundtrack. Tap Audio and, on the new screen, scroll along the Timeline to indicate the moment the music should start. Tap the Plus button.

You can add music from your iTunes library, or you can draw from our collection of sounds and music tracks. Once you’ve chosen the best soundtrack for your movie, tap Select.

Adjust the volume of the soundtrack and the music by dragging the sliders. Once this is done, tap Apply.

Save Your Video

Tap the Save icon, then, on the next screen, tap Save again. Your movie is ready! Now you know how to make videos on your mobile phone. Share your video story with friends on Facebook and Instagram!


Movavi Clips

Processing and editing videos and photos

  • Add transitions, music, and stickers
  • Choose the desired frame fragment
  • Cut and merge clips
  • Speed up and slow down videos