Movavi Video Editor Plus vs. Wondershare Filmora

Take a look at our Movavi Video Editor Plus vs. Wondershare Filmora review

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It gives you:
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  • Object animation
  • Creative audio editing
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Filmora Video Editor compared to Movavi Video Editor Plus

When you want to start using video editing software, it’s important to make the right choice, whether you need a good movie maker or just a video cutter. There are a number of programs like Movavi Video Editor Plus and Filmora Video Editor that offer interesting and useful features and include valuable add-ons, but everything is relative. That’s why we’ve come up with Movavi Video Editor Plus vs. Filmora Video Editor review to help you see the functionality of both and make the right choice for you.

Working with video needs to be full-functioned yet easy, especially if you are a beginner. It’s possible to download trial versions of both programs and try them for free before you decide to buy either of them. Here, we’ve compared the licensed full versions of both programs.

We’ve selected several key criteria for our review:

User Interface

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor 8

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor 8

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022

The latest versions of both programs look quite similar, but there are some significant differences for those who are not pro-level users. In Movavi Video Editor Plus, the buttons are large and the most often-used functions are always on screen.

Input and Output Features

Let’s take a closer look at the input and output features in the Filmora and Movavi video editors.

FunctionalityWondershare Filmora Video Editor 8Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022
Support for most input media formats
Support for most output media formats
Support for most devices
Support for 4K video

Both editors support 4K video and even let users save the videos for their devices by choosing the phone or tablet model from a list. Filmora and Movavi video editors can both read a wide range of video and audio formats, such as AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, AAC, MP3, and others. It’s a valuable feature in both programs, because you may be faced with the need to edit videos in some rare format.

Recording Functions

Both editors have a number of similar recording functions, but still, differ in some areas.

FunctionalityWondershare Filmora Video Editor 8Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022
Video capture from camcorders and webcams
Video capture from TV tuners and VHS
Screen capture
Audio capture

Both programs capture video from camcorders and webcams as well as record audio. But only Movavi Video Editor Plus captures video from TV tuners and VHS, and it’s a valuable option for those who want to digitize TV programs and cassettes. Screen capture functionality is available from Movavi in a separate program.

Editing Tools

The table below shows many of the options and effects included in the two editors. This list isn’t comprehensive but contains most significant capabilities.

FunctionalityWondershare Filmora Video Editor 8Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022
Automatic video creation (montage)
Video stabilizer
Visual adjustment (crop, flip and rotate)
Auto color adjustment
Trimming and splitting
Keyframe animation
Speed control (slow motion & time-lapse effects)
Reversal tool
Zooming and panning
Fade in & fade out
Picture-in-picture effect
Split-screen effect
Chroma key
Filters and transitions packs
Callouts & text title templates
Audio normalization
Video-audio rhythm synchronization

It’s obvious that the editors have many common features. They both let you trim and split videos, communicate using titles, apply various filters and transitions, add and edit audio tracks.

What about the differences? Let’s start with the special effects available. In Movavi Video Editor Plus, you have an opportunity to apply animation to video clips, titles, callouts, and stickers, which can significantly enhance video presentation but is not available in Filmora Video Editor.

There is also a difference in the way Chroma key works. In Movavi Video Editor Plus, when you place a clip onto the overlay track, you can choose the color of the background to be replaced, while Filmora Video Editor only lets you replace green screen. On the other hand, Filmora has multiple presets for the split-screen effect, whereas Movavi only supports splitting the screen into two parts vertically or horizontally.

There are some differences in audio editing features, too. Only Movavi Video Editor Plus offers sound normalization and includes a tempo detection function for adjusting the length of clips and pictures to match the music – Filmora Video Editor does not offer this capability.

Help and Support

Both programs are available for Windows and Mac, but there are some differences in the versions of OSs they support. Movavi and Filmora both provide you with help in working with the programs if you don’t know what to do after you download the installer to your PC or Mac. The table below shows which company does what:

FunctionalityWondershare Filmora Video Editor 8Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022
Support for the latest OSs (Windows 7 and higher / macOS 10.9 and higher)
Support for older OSs
Step-by-step instructions in the program
FAQs and how-tos
Video guides and manuals
Email support
Live chat

In terms of OS support. Filmora requires that you have the latest versions of Windows or Mac OSs. But there are still many users who prefer older versions, and Movavi offers software for them, too.

Both companies offer high-quality web-based customer support. You can find many regularly updated tutorials and manuals on both sites, or ask for help via email. Only Movavi makes specialists available to answer your questions via Live Chat, which is useful when you need to find a solution to a problem quickly. Both companies also have forums and communities, where you can learn about updates and discounts.

While working with both programs, we’ve generally found that it’s much easier to use Movavi Video Editor Plus, because it provides step-by-step guidelines for editing your videos right in the program window. Beginners will find it much quicker and easier to get up and running with the program.

The price of Wondershare Filmora Video Editor 8
The price of Movavi Video Editor 14 Plus

Filmora Video Editor 8

Video Editor Plus 2021



Both programs cost almost the same, and they are both good value for money. Both also offer free trial versions so you can evaluate the programs (there are no differences between free vs paid versions in functionality, but watermarks are added to videos in the trial versions).

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a good alternative to the Filmora app and has a few significant advantages for some users, so you can choose the program that best suits your needs.

Create outstanding movies and slideshows or just cut videos. Editing video with Movavi Video Editor Plus is for sure easy and comprehensive! With this program you get:

  • A more comprehensive interface with built-in hints
  • Ability to use keyframe animation
  • Auto beat detection and sound normalization
  • Support for older OSs

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System requirements: Windows 10 or 8/7 (32 bit or 64 bit); Mac OS Х 10.10 or higher (64 bit).

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.