12 Best Screen Recorders for Google Meet [2024]

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In this guide, we explore the best screen recorders Google Meet users can try to take quality recordings of their calls to revisit at a later date or to archive.

Quick summary

  1. For simple online capture: Screencapture.com

  2. For browser-based screen capture: Movavi Screen Recorder for Chrome

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Best desktop software for Google Meet screen recording

Movavi Screen Recorder

Best for: 4K recording and screencasts
  • OS

    Windows, macOS

Key features:

  • Capture system sound and mic without background noise
  • Record pre-scheduled meetings with the built-in tool
  • Capture webcam, mouse actions, and keystrokes
  • Enjoy your recorded videos in HD and 4K quality
  • Cut out unwanted parts using the basic video-editing tools
  • Add annotations and draw on videos in real time
  • Save your recordings in any popular format

Movavi Screen Recorder is a powerful program for screen recording Google Meet or any other screen activity. You can enjoy recordings in up to 4K quality, and the software also allows you to trim, annotate, and even schedule your recordings to ensure you capture everything, and in the highest possible quality.


  • Has comprehensive controls and offers shortcuts

  • Offers basic video-editing tools to delete unwanted parts

  • Can record audio separately if you don’t need the video feed

  • Lets you add text to the video to make it more informative


  • More functionality is unlocked in the subscription


Best for: simple recording presets
  • OS


  • Price


Bandicam is a good option for those who want to quickly set up recording using presets. It can record up to 4K HD. This recording software has a lot of presets for you to click on and begin using in seconds for lower quality (and smaller file size) videos.

This screen recorder for Google Meet with audio also has the option to record gameplay, take webcam recordings and make simple edits. You can also overlay annotations and effects. There is an inbuilt file manager, which helps you to organize your files and see how much storage they are taking up, too. 

Key features:

  • Mouse strokes and annotation

  • A variety of presets available

  • Schedule recordings

  • Mix your microphone and system audio

Download Bandicam


  • Easy to get started recording with a simple layout

  • Records in HD and UHD

  • File manager window makes it simple to save and send files


  • No option to use on a Mac

Icecream Screen Recorder

Best for: free video recording for short videos
  • OS

    Windows, macOS

  • Price

    Free version, pro version for $29.95

If you want to make some short recordings of your calls, then Icecream Screen Recorder might be a good option for you. It does cap the length of videos, but if you want to make short explainers, then you can do so without having to pay for the premium features.

As with all freemium models, you do have to pay to unlock some of the more advanced options and to make longer videos without a watermark.

Key features:

  • Annotate and display hotkeys

  • Capture from multiple video and audio sources

  • Easy to share recordings on cloud storage

Download Icecream Screen Recorder


  • Free option for making short videos

  • Easy to change recording parameters and settings


  • Limited editing functionality

  • Lots of the features are only on the Windows version


Best for: open-source video capture

Looking for a way to make a screen recording for free? Luckily, there is an open-source option available. ShareX is a good solution for those on a budget. Note that it is also a little limited in some ways, such as a lack of editing options. Also, the support is not likely to be the best due to the fact that it is open-source software made by developers rather than a big company. 

That said, for basic functionality, including adding annotation and capturing video and system audio while on a Google Meet call, it does the job. The interface can take a little getting used to, though.

Key features:

  • Choose your recording parameters and regions
  • Annotation tools, including pixelate for sensitive information
  • Easy uploading methods after recording

Download ShareX


  • Totally free with no upgrades to pay for

  • Reliable video capture and more than enough annotation options


  • No Mac or Linux compatibility

  • No easy inbuilt editing

  • Controls can be a bit clunky and hard to get used to

QuickTime Player

Best for: inbuilt Mac recordings
  • OS

    macOS, older Windows option available

  • Price


QuickTime Player is built into newer Mac devices, and though it is no longer supported on Windows, it is possible to download an older version to take screen recordings on Windows, too. For Mac users, the fact that the app is already built into your computer mean you can try QuickTime Player before downloading other screen-recording options.

With QuickTime Player, users have the option to take a simple recording of their whole screen. It works for the very basics recordings, though there aren’t many advanced functions and features. So if you want to add annotations or edit your videos, you will have to download extra software to do this.

Key features:

  • Capture the whole screen or a part of it

  • Set a timer

  • Record system audio


  • Simple and reliable recording of your whole screen

  • Included on macOS

  • Simple interface

  • Totally free

  • Regularly updated by the developers


  • Not updated or supported on Windows

  • No editing or annotation options

Best online Google Meet recorders



Best for: simple online capture
  • OS

    Any (web-based)

  • Price

    Free version, paid version for $9.95/month

Key features:

  • Add webcam overlay if needed
  • Capture microphone audio, system audio, or both

This online recorder offers some of the same functionality as Movavi Screen Recorder, all within your browser. It’s super simple to start recording and unlike some other browser-based Google Meet screen recorders, this has an option for changing the audio input.

Using Screencapture for Google Meet screen recording with audio is totally secure even though it is online. You get the option to remove the watermark with a small monthly payment.

Go to Screencapture.com


  • Has a free version

  • Easy to use and totally secure

  • Make HD recordings without downloading extra software

  • Record a whole Google Meet session


  • Removing the watermark requires a subscription


Best for: simple trimming and editing
  • OS

    Any (web-based)

  • Price


ScreenApp.io is another simple and secure option for making recordings right there in your browser. It lets you choose between recording a browser window or your whole screen, and there are audio options for recording your microphone. This Google Meet recording app lets you perform some really simple trimming and editing, so you can get rid of the start and end of the video, for instance. Whether you’re looking for a recorder for your laptop or a mobile device, you can make use of this online tool. 

Key features:

  • Record a browser window or whole screen

  • Audio options and webcam overlay

  • Instant video download

Go to ScreenApp.io


  • Quick and secure video downloads

  • Easy to make edits as required (only basic edits)


  • No annotation options

  • Paid membership is required for recording more than one hour

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Best for: browser-based annotation

Apowersoft’s free recording solution allows you to annotate in real-time, which is something that not many browser-based editors can actually offer. This allows you to point out areas of the screen or give instructions to users as you make your video, or you can even put reminders and text on the video.

This tool has a good set of features for recording video calls, too, and you can choose between audio sources and different windows to record on your computer. It’s totally secure, and though the layout is a little clunky, it is a decent option.

Key features:

  • Choose video windows to record

  • Add webcam and microphone if required

  • Add annotations throughout

Go to Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder


  • Easy to annotate and explain things as you record

  • Totally secure and free tool


  • The layout is not as smooth and simple as some other options

Best Google Meet recording extensions

Movavi Screen Recorder for Chrome

Best for: browser-based screen capture
  • OS

    Windows, macOS

  • Price

    free version, paid version for $9.95/month

Key features:

  • Record a tab or a whole window

  • Add your webcam footage

  • Capture tab sound and microphone audio

Movavi Screen Recorder for Chrome is a simple screen recording extension for Google Meet that makes it easy to record in high quality. This is a lightweight addition to your browser, so there is no need for a complex installation taking up a lot of space on your computer. You can also choose between the audio sources and record from your microphone as well as the system sounds.

Add Movavi Screen Recorder to Chrome


  • Totally free and secure Google Meet recorder extension

  • Simple and lightweight installation

  • No time restrictions

  • Great for recording audio from multiple sources

  • Simple controls and easy to start recording


  • Videos are watermarked in the free version


Best for: browser-based editing
  • OS

    Windows, macOS

  • Price

    Free (with upgrades)

Screencastify is another Google Meet screen recorder with audio options as well as simple editing and annotations. It is a browser extension, but it is larger in size than many other screen-recording browser extensions, which can make it slower or more demanding for the system.

The option to edit online is a big plus point, and Screencastify also gives you a lot of options to annotate and add text. You can also share your recordings on other storage platforms, like Google Drive, pretty intuitively.

Key features:

  • Online trimming and editing

  • Upload to Google Drive

  • Capture multiple audio sources

  • Annotation

Add Screencastify to Chrome


  • Pretty simple platform to make changes and add effects to videos

  • Easy to store and share online

  • The installation process and the extension layout are straightforward


  • Videos are limited on the free plan up to 30 minutes


Best for: adding effects
  • OS

    Windows, macOS

  • Price

    Free with upgrades

Nimbus is one of the best extensions to record Google Meet. It allows you to capture video from multiple sources, including system audio and your webcam. It also has a variety of other features, including the option to add annotations and effects. The Google Meet recorder lets you change your background and add other memorable effects, as well as making the basic trims and edits.

You can use this Google Meet recording extension for free. However, a lot of the features are behind a paywall, which is frustrating, and if you want to link to cloud storage or YouTube, then you need to pay for the premium version.

Key features:

  • Record from your screen and webcam

  • Add effects, annotations, and graphics

  • Easily take screenshots

Add Nimbus to Chrome


  • Excellent effects so it’s easy to make unique videos

  • Choose parameters for recording and capture from individual tabs and windows

  • Easy to customize audio capture from different sources


  • Lots of the features are limited to the premium plan

  • Limited file format options without upgrading

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

Best for: easy sharing
  • OS

    Windows, macOS

  • Price


Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder is a Chrome extension that makes it really easy to share your video to other platforms. Upon finishing your screen capture, you can simply share it on platforms, like Slack and Trello, making it easy to use as a communication tool.

The functions you would expect, such as cropping and clipping the videos, are included, and installation is relatively quick and easy.

Key features:

  • Upload your recordings to Trello, Slack, and other platforms

  • Annotate while recording

  • Choose video quality up to 4K

Add Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder to Chrome


  • Good for capturing in high definition

  • Create an online account and save videos with ease

  • Each video has a sharing link to show colleagues or friends


  • You need to make an account to access some features

  • Editing is a little limited

Tips on choosing the best Google Meet screen recorder

Choosing a screen recorder should be based on your own specific needs. For example, if you just want to make a quick five-minute explainer video, you may not be worried about features and functions, such as editing or annotation. Fortunately, there are lots of options and methods to choose from:

  • Decide whether you want to install software. If you do, you can install a desktop program, like Movavi Screen Recorder, that provides you with a lot of features and functions to ensure that you have a polished end-product. If not, you may be satisfied with one of the browser-based recorders or even browser add-ons and plug-ins.

  • Do you need to annotate? A lot of the time you will just be recording a video for future reference without the need of any form of annotation or explanation. However, if you want to add notes or keystrokes, think about a screen recorder with an annotation feature.

  • Editing options. Do you need to edit your video or not? Some screen recorders let you cut the beginning and end off your video, while some allow more advanced editing.

  • Quality of recording. How good does the quality need to be? Both audio and video quality should be considered. For instance, if you want to show this video again at a future date and broadcast it on a big screen, like a TV screen, then you should definitely try to record in the highest quality you can. 

  • Ease of use. Is software easy to install and start using? You want something that is convenient and can allow you to make recordings in a matter of minutes, rather than taking ages to set up. Some software will even let you use key commands and shortcuts to start making recordings quickly and easily. If there are editing features, consider how simple these are to use.

  • Support. Does the screen recorder you’re interested in have a system of support? Can you submit a ticket if something goes wrong, and is software regularly updated to keep up with OS updates? A lot of the freeware options or open-source recorders can come up short when it comes to support, so they may not be best for making professional recordings.


Among these 12 options, you are bound to find a great app to record Google Meet with audio, edit and annotate your recording. While some Google memberships allow you to record your meetings natively, there are many benefits to using a third-party app, such as the option to add overlays and to make edits. The 12 options on this list all have plenty to offer.

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