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How to Colorize a Black-and-White Photo

Edited by Pat Bitton

July 24, 2019

The first color photo was taken in the middle of the 19th century. Three colored filters were used to create the colored image: red, green, and blue. Color photography was an exclusive technique, only affordable by a small circle of people. Nowadays, almost everyone has a camera phone, which can take great color shots, but every one of us also has old black-and-white photos: for example, old wedding pictures, family photos, or historic army portraits.

How about turning those black-and-white images into stunning color photographs? You can, once you know how to colorize black-and-white photos. All you need is a photo colorizer. Try this Movavi software! The Photo Editor app will help you not only colorize photos, but also edit your pictures, apply different filters, and more. By the way, you can use the free trial license to test all the features out before you make a decision to purchase.

Find out how to add color to your photos using our image colorizer by following the short instructions below.

Install Movavi Photo Editor

First, download the distribution file and install the software. Start the program.

Add a Photo

Click the Browse for Images button and select the photo you want to colorize, or simply drag and drop the picture onto the program working area.

Colorize the Photo

Go to the Restore tab and click the Colorize photo switch. It’s a good idea to leave the Enhance photo switch on as well - this feature will automatically adjust the brightness and contrast to the best levels. Click the Restore button, wait a little, and your photo will be colorized.

Save the Сolorized Image

Now you need to click the Save button to export the edited photo. You can choose the desired format and destination folder, as well as rename the file if you want. Then click the Save button to start the export process. The destination folder will open automatically after the export is complete.


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