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February 27, 2020

Final Cut Pro vs. iMovie: Main Differences

There are a lot of programs for editing. Many users want to create various multimedia projects for their families or social media. How to understand which program is better? Let’s compare the main features of video editing tools for Mac in this review of two programs.

Once you decided to create a video or movie by yourself, you may occur in a difficult situation. You may have no idea what editing program to choose. Particularly, if it comes to Final Cut Pro or iMovie. Both programs are released by Apple for Mac.

iMovie vs. Final Cut: Analyzing Step by Step

First of all, you should understand one important fact clearly – iMovie and Final Cut Pro are developed for different skill levels of users. To help you choose the most appropriate tool for video editing, we compared the major features of both programs. All in all, Final Cut Pro and iMovie are contenders. They have their own peculiarities, good qualities. So, we are going to compare Final Cut Pro vs iMovie according to their basic features.

Comparison parameteriMovieFinal Cut Pro
InterfaceSimple and intuitiveComplicated for beginners
Video-editing toolsBasicAdvanced
Sharing optionYesNo
Support by mobile devicesYesNo
4K video supportYesYes
360° video editingNoYes
Target groupBeginnersProfessionals

About iMovie

This program is presented by Apple Inc. for iOS and Mac. The first release was in 1997. This program is devoted to the amateurs and people who do not have special knowledge in video editing. It is for people who want to create videos and get to know about basic principles of video editing. You need several clicks to understand how to edit and cut videos, add effects in iMovie. It is quite a standard app, which is a part of iLife. This program is well-known among iOS and Mac users. Its interface is user-friendly. With iMovie, every user can create family movies or clips without difficulties from various sources, which are DV-encoded files, video cameras. You just add images and use themes and effects.

About Final Cut Pro

Some people tend to think, that Final Cut Pro is better than iMovie. It is a kind of mistake as this program is made for professionals. It has more options and features for video editing for people who create high-quality videos, for examples, for weddings, video advertising and so on. This program provides more imaginable and useful features. It focuses on technical features, which helps to create professional movies and videos. The latest version of the program has a wide variety of effects, titles, themes, and animations.

iMovie Benefits

In general, the iMovie interface is quite easy-to-understand. It is organized clearly and only several buttons help you to create your movie. You can share it with your friends right from the program. It is quite a popular program for making videos for social media. Create titles for your movie, add beautiful transitions between scenes, photos, and clips. Record a voiceover to comment some episodes or events in your film. Add as many photos as you need and conduct color and hue correcting. Also, you can edit the sounds. Try special effects on your movie, such as slowing movie down or, alternatively, speeding it up. And one more convenient and modern feature – quick export of any movie in popular formats on any device. Trust iMovie simplicity – this program worth it!

Final Cut Pro Benefits

This program on Mac has a wide range of features to edit homemade or professional videos. Its auto face analysis, stabilization, magnetic timeline allow editing even small details. It can be united with the other software on this operating system, for example, Final Cut Studio to make a final video better. It costs $299,99 in the Apple store. Program’s features are various. It provides high-quality video and color retouching and correction. It also allows using plug-ins as it will take your video editing skills to the new level and help customize your movies in the future.

Final Cut Pro vs. iMovie: Ease of Use

iMovie interface is quite easy due to a functional layout. If you are a new user you will quickly understand how to edit videos, add themes, effects, and background music. It has every basic option you need for video editing. Rather complicated Final Cut Pro operation make users spend a lot of time to understand it. It has professional options for editing and powerful functions not for the newbie, but for professional and experienced users.

Final Cut Pro vs. iMovie: Video Editing

After we had a look at the advantages of these programs, let’s find out how good or bad are other programs’ features. Let’s consider video editing. Final Cut Pro does not make any changes with the files on hard drive. It is a nonlinear editing program, that is why it will not make permanent changes to the media. In contrast with it, iMovie works with video files which are on the hard drive. It means that all the changes are applied to the video files.

iMovie vs. Final Cut: Video Color Correction

As iMovie is the program for amateurs, it has quite simple tools for color correction. They are suitable for editing family video or video for friends or for social media. And if you are a blogger or a professional video editor and need to do color matching properly, choose Final Cut.

iMovie vs. Final Cut Pro: Video Rendering

iMovie has a limited amount of effects, transitions, and layers that you can use while editing videos. That is why the rendering of videos does not take much time. Final Cut Pro has more various effects. Before complete edited file export, it will not be possible to provide its playback.

Final Cut Pro vs. iMovie: Video Sharing

When you created a video you can share it on sites like Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo with iMovie directly. iMovie is available for iPad and iPhone users. But Final Cut Pro is not supported by smartphones and sharing process will be a little bit longer.

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If you are looking for an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use program for basic video editing then choose iMovie. It offers everything you need to create a colorful video. It is a basic video editor which will help you to create an original video in a few steps. But if you are a professional video maker and want to examine video editing in details to create high-quality movies, Final Cut Pro is your variant. It is fast and all-around solution for video editing.


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