Movavi Video Editor Plus

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  • Automatic video creation modele
  • Most popular formats supported

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June 11, 2020

7 Best Video Editors for Windows 10

One can easily get lost in the endless lists of video editing software for Windows 10. To help you avoid this kind of scenario, we’ve prepared the article that will help you edit videos on windows 10. Here you’ll find both amateur and professional programs.

Video Editing Software for Windows 10

Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a video maker for Windows 10 for both professionals and beginners. On the one hand, there are all the basic tools you need to make a video. Compose your clip from photos and videos, join clips with the transitions, add music and effects. On the other hand, the program is great to explore your creative sides. Try to use Chroma Key and Objects Animation, apply Stabilization, use the built-in media collections, and create your own intros. If you make YouTube tutorials, save your webcam or record the voice-over on the mic. The trial 7 days version is free so you can explore the app and decide whether to buy it or not.


If you’re looking for a movie editor for Windows 10, try Shotcut. The program has wide format support and dozens of professional features that allow you to broaden your movie editing skills. There are different tracks for video and audio files so you can easily compose videos and soundtracks. Experiment with the effects to make a Hollywood-style movie. Choose white balancing colors, use wipe transitions, apply numerous video filters.

As for audio, volume control, audio filters, and tone generator are here for you to help. Use fade in and out audio to smooth the final seconds of your clip. Explore audio scopes: loudness, peak meter, waveform, and specter analyzer.

In case you have questions, explore the program official site. You will find tutorials and instructions on how to use the Windows 10 video editor.

Hitfilm Express

Here is another professional video editor for Windows 10. The program has VFX tools that will help you edit like a pro. Take a look at the tutorials on the official website. If you’re a beginner, they will help you get to know the program. If you’re experienced in video editing, you’ll learn new techniques. In the program, you can try 2D and 3D compositing, work on composing shots, experiment with audio, and use powerful color correction tools. There is a particle simulator for those who work with the professional-grade effects: prognose the effects initial trajectory, import 3D models to create a fleet of warships, and make simulated objects collide with the real ones in the live-action footage. Hitfilm Express is free so it’s a great solution for young filmmakers, YouTubers, bloggers, and students.


Avidemux is a free and simple video editing software for Windows 10. It’s designed for multimedia cutting and encoding. Despite this Windows 10 video editor is not as simple as Movavi Video Editor, here you can still edit files in a few steps by selecting the settings manually. Encode 3D stereoscopic to 2D, delete unwanted video parts, and convert files. You can even change video files with the built-in subtitles without a quality loss. All you need is to choose video and audio output formats, encoding mode, and a target video size. In case you have any questions, look through the tutorials on the website, and explore how to edit videos on windows 10. The program supports popular file formats so you can easily edit MP4, ASF, MPEG, DVD, and other files. Avidemux is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and BSD.

DaVinci Resolve 16

DaVinci Resolve 16 is a professional-grade program that will help you edit videos on Windows 10. You should definitely try it if you do filmmaking. Here you can get professional 8K editing, color correction tools, special effects, and audio post-production. Adjust your clips in a snap, match colors automatically, mix audio, stabilize images, and many more. You can also use DaVinci Resolve 16 to detect faces in the video and work with particular character scenes. In case you need a bigger screen, the projects are portable: continue working on another device at any time and in any place. Boost your creativity and share your projects on YouTube and Vimeo.

Windows 10's Hidden Video Editor

This is a simple video editor for Windows 10 you might not know about. It’s a great program for beginners as it has all the tools you need for basic editing. To open this app, go to a File Exporter, select Open With → Photos. Then click Edit & Create to open the video. Here are the tools you need to adjust your clip. Delete unnecessary fragments to focus on the best video parts. Apply Slow-mo to capture the moment and change the speed. Add artistic touch with the help of drawing tools. Use Pencil, Ballpoint pen, and Calligraphy pen to draw lines or simple figures. To undo the changes, use eraser tools. You can even create 3D effects in this simple editor: choose rainbow sparkles, rain, plasma sparkles, and more. If you don’t want to download any extra editors, Windows 10’s Hidden Video Editor will be your perfect choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Windows Photos App can be an alternative to Windows Movie Maker. But it doesn’t have a lot of tools so it’s better to look for more options:

Best Free Video Editing Software

Movavi Video Editor is a great app that can replace Movie Maker. Follow the link to learn more about the program:

Movavi Video Editor

Here is an easy way with Movavi Video Editor. Upload your files into the program. Delete unnecessary parts, add transitions, effects, and titles, and save your video. That’s all. Check the link to learn more:

How to Make a Video on Your PC

Movavi Video Editor Plus

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