How to Take a Picture on a Computer [5 Ways]

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Wondering how to take a picture on a computer? There are multiple ways to take a picture of yourself using a webcam or your camera app, and we explore the simplest and most convenient methods below.

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Special pick: Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is a way of capturing whatever is happening on your screen in high definition, and this can include the output of your webcam. You can capture with computer camera or straight from the computer screen and take a picture in up to 4K HD. The program is also great for taking screen captures and video clips from games and software.


  • Show keystrokes and mouse movement in video guides and instructions
  • Save your screencasts in HD and 4K
  • Draw lines and arrows on screenshots and videos in real time

How to take a picture on a PC

You can use the inbuilt camera tool on your computer, which is available in Windows 10 and 11. Here’s how to take a picture on your PC:

1. Ensure you have a webcam, either inbuilt or connected via USB.

2. To take a picture on Windows, locate the Camera app on your computer, which you can do using the Cortana search button if needed.

3. Open the app, this will bring up the scope of the laptop camera, and what you are able to capture.

4. Align your image and tap the camera button, which allows you to take a photograph using Windows.

How to take a picture with a computer camera on a Mac

Mac users also have a simple facility for using their webcam to take pictures without a third party app.

1. Locate the Photo Booth app in the apps folder and open the app to take a picture with a computer camera.

2. Check that your camera is lined up, and then click the red camera button when you’re ready.

3. After a countdown, Photo Booth will capture the image and create a thumbnail, click this thumbnail to save or share. Photo Booth is known for some quirky filters and effects, but you can take an image without any of these easily.

How to take a picture on a laptop with Movavi Screen Recorder

Knowing how to take a picture on a laptop with a computer camera is usually simple, but it can vary depending on the model you use and whether you have an inbuilt camera. Movavi Screen Recorder is simple to use for both taking images from videos and programs, as well as from your camera.

Here’s how to take a photo on your laptop with Movavi Screen Recorder:

1. Download and install Movavi Screen Recorder on your computer.

2. Double-click the app icon to launch Movavi Screen Recorder.

3. Ensure that your webcam is connected as the video source.

4. Click the Plus button on the sidebar. Then hit Select under Webcam recording and close the widget management window.

5. Click Webcam recording.

6. To take a photo on a laptop, hit Snapshot. The image will be automatically saved to the Movavi Screen Recorder folder.

How to take a picture of yourself online

Pixect is an option to take a picture of yourself using an online tool. It uses your webcam to capture a picture within your browser. Pixect is popular as it doesn’t require you to download any third party software to start taking pictures on your camera. It just requires you to have an inbuilt webcam.

  1. Open Pixect and click Get Started Now.
    Go to Pixect

  2. Click Allow when prompted to let the browser use your camera.

  3. Choose aspect ratio, effects, and timer before clicking the camera button.

  4. Click Save to download the image to your computer.

How to take a picture with an extension

Webcam Toy is a great way to take a picture of yourself with the computer camera, using a camera app that has been installed on your browser. The free extension can be added to Chrome, and has over 80 fun effects. You can also take pictures using the camera within your browser without downloading the extension by heading to the website. There are a variety of different shortcuts to make it even quicker to grab your picture.

  1. Add the extension to your browser.
    Add Webcam Toy to Chrome

  2. Open Webcam Toy and click Ready? Smile.

  3. Click Allow when prompted to let the browser use your camera.

  4. Choose effects if wanted and click the camera icon in the bottom right to start a countdown.

  5. Click Save to download the image to your computer.

Best ways to take a picture on a computer

  1. Movavi Screen Recorder – best for video and audio capture
  2. Inbuilt Windows camera – convenient images
  3. Mac Photo Booth – filters
  4. Pixect – best for browser-based photo taking
  5. Webcam Toy – best for shortcuts

Summary: How to choose the best program

How can you choose the best program to help you to capture images?

Usability. Check that the app is easy to use with simple controls, so that it is quick and easy to grab a screen capture and set up your video source.

Features. As well as a simple image capture function, you may also want other features like filters and editing, as well as the option to add captions.

Definition. Does the camera have the option to take a snap in high definition? You may need HD capture to unleash the full quality of your webcam.

Support. Is there support available if you have any issues or need to troubleshoot? How easy is it to fix any issues and is there a dedicated live chat?

Reviews. Always check the reviews from existing users, which gives a lot of clues on the quality of the software and how easy it is to install and use.

Movavi Screen Recorder

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

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