7 Best Screen Recorders for Roblox [2024]

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Looking for the best screen recorder for Roblox? We’ve got you covered with multiple options to record your gameplay and make playthrough videos and tutorials.

Movavi Screen Recorder provides a really big upgrade when compared to a lot of the other screen recorders on the market. This program lets you record while playing Roblox, even if you want to grab audio from your microphone and add a video with your face via webcam. As well as being really easy to use, it provides high-quality footage and editing options within the program.

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Recording Roblox on Android devices

AZ Screen Recorder

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Professional Roblox recording

Movavi Screen Recorder

Built-in Roblox recording

Built-in Roblox recorder

Best Roblox screen recorders

Built-in Roblox recorder

Best for: Quick inbuilt Roblox recording

OS: Windows

Price: Free

It’s always a plus point when there’s an option to take clips from a game without using external software, and Roblox offers a simple inbuilt recorder. For those wondering how to record on Roblox, you can simply go to Menu > Record tab > Record Video.

The Roblox screen recorder may be good for fast recordings, but it does come with some limitations. It can be frustrating for users who want to capture external audio or do more advanced editing.

Key features:

  • Quick gameplay recording on laptops


  • Easy to use

  • Can upload directly to YouTube


  • No option for recording external microphone or webcam

  • Footage can be stuttery and not as high-quality as other recording options

  • No shortcut to easily start recording

Best for: Professional Roblox recording

OS: Windows, macOS

Price: Free trial, full version for $44.95/year or $59.95/lifetime

If you want to capture a screen and your voice from a microphone at the same time, Movavi Screen Recorder has you covered. It offers high-quality recording, an option to edit on your computer before you upload, and even a free trial to see if you like the program before buying.

Key features:

  • Record your gameplay in HD
  • Grab mic audio to make commentaries while playing
  • Keep what you need and leave out all the rest using cutting tools


  • Easily capture your screen while playing Roblox

  • Record webcam footage to save your live reactions

  • Add notes and drawings to engage your viewers

  • Include keystrokes and mouse clicks to show the whole picture


  • Forget about software limitations with the subscription plan of your choice

QuickTime Player

Best for: Free inbuilt screen recording on a Mac

OS: masOS, Windows

Price: Free

If you have a Mac, then this can be another great app for recording video footage. QuickTime Player doesn’t give you a great deal of options for recording, it is just a simple full screen recorder. You can’t change the audio inputs – at least not without installing third-party software to manage audio inputs. However, the fact that it is already on your Mac might make it a convenient option if you want to explore how to screen-record on Roblox without spending any money.

Key features:

  • Record in HD quality


  • Free of charge

  • Already built-in on your Mac


  • Not supported on Windows, only older versions available

  • No option to change audio inputs or make edits

Best for: Browser screen recording

OS: Any (web-based)

Price: Free plan available, paid plan for $9.95/month

What is the best way to grab high-quality videos within your browser? The best option will be to use an online screen recorder, like Screencapture.com. This online tool works within a variety of browsers, and you can record on a Chromebook or on a PC. It has multiple recording options – you can include different audio inputs and record from a webcam and your own mic. The free version watermarks videos unless you pay for a subscription.

Key features:

  • Capture your screen and webcam

  • Record external and internal audio


  • Easy to add other sources, such as webcam and microphone

  • No download required


  • Only basic functionality

  • Adds a watermark unless you pay for a subscription

Best for: Recording Roblox on a Chromebook

OS: A browser extension for Google Chrome

Price: Free version available, paid plan for $9.95/month

Movavi Screen Recorder for Chrome has virtually identical functionality to that of Screencapture.com. You can add different audio sources and a webcam clip of yourself. It works on Google Chrome, so you can use it if your device supports Chrome, whether it is a Windows 10 PC, a Chromebook, or a Mac.

Key features:

  • Record your entire screen or a tab

  • Capture a tab with sound

  • Record your webcam


  • Easy to install and launch from within your browser

  • Free to make videos of any length, as long as you don’t mind watermarks


  • Adds watermarks to videos unless you purchase a subscription

  • No editing options

Built-in iOS recording feature

Best for: Recording Roblox on iOS devices


Price: Free

How do you record gameplay on a phone? People play Roblox on a lot of devices, so if you play on an iPhone or iPad, then you can use a free built-in screen recorder. While it can cause your battery to drain more quickly and can be interrupted by alerts, it is also a very convenient way to take some short clips to send to others or upload elsewhere.

Key features:

  • Capture HD screen recordings

  • Record internal audio


  • Free

  • Easy to launch via Control Center


  • Can be interrupted with alerts

  • Uses a lot of battery life

  • Aspect ratio isn’t ideal for uploading to YouTube

Best for: Recording Roblox on Android devices

OS: Android

Price: Free

If you are looking for a way to record videos from Roblox on Android, you can try AZ Screen Recorder. It’s ad-supported, which can be a little bit annoying, but they don’t get in the way. The program itself does a good job of both capturing the video and allowing you to edit it. AZ Screen Recorder is also regularly updated with new features.

Key features:

  • Capture HD footage

  • Option to live stream from your screen

  • Inbuilt editing functions


  • Very easy to use

  • Offers multiple recording and editing features


  • Has ads

  • Only works on Android

How to record on Roblox on an iPhone

To record Roblox on an iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Control Center, then tap the Add button next to the Screen Recording icon.

  2. Open Control Center on your iOS device by swiping down.

  3. Hold the Record button and wait for the three-second countdown.

  4. Go to Roblox and record the gameplay.

To stop recording, tap the red status bar at the top of the screen and then tap Stop.

How to screen record on Roblox on Android

To capture your Android screen with AZ Screen Recorder, do the following:

  1. Install the app on your mobile device from Google Store.

Get AZ Screen Recorder

  1. Open the app and choose your recording settings from the Settings menu.

  2. Tap Record to bring up an overlay and instantly start recording.

  3. Use Roblox as usual with the overlay at the top of your screen. 

When you are finished, tap Stop within the overlay, which will stop the recording and save it to the gallery.

How to use the desktop Roblox recording software

If you want to know how to record a video on Roblox with voice, you can use Movavi Screen Recorder.

  1. Download and install Movavi Screen Recorder. Run the software.

  2. Click the camera icon on the control panel and select the area you want to record.

  3. Enable your webcam and/or microphone if needed.

  4. When your settings are correct, hit the REC button to start recording.

Press Stop on the recording panel to finish recording.

Best screen recorders for Roblox

  1. Built-in Roblox recorder – quick inbuilt Roblox recording.
  2. Movavi Screen Recorder – best for video and audio capture.
  3. Screencapture.com – simple online capture.
  4. QuickTime Player – best for users who want an all-in-one recorder and player.
  5. Movavi Screen Recorder for Chrome – simple browser capture in Chrome.
  6. Built-in iOS recording feature – best for recording Roblox on iOS devices.
  7. AZ Screen Recorder – no time limit (mobile app).


Choosing the best screen recorder for Roblox is about getting the ideal option for your system, whether you are running Windows, macOS, or Linux. It’s also a good idea to consider the type of videos you want to make. Do you want to add an external microphone, or do you want to add your face to the video as a reaction?

Consider the following when choosing your screen recorder for Roblox videos:

  • Compatibility. Check whether a screen recorder is compatible with your device.

  • Support. Check if a screen recorder provides a knowledge base for you to get support if you face any issues.

  • Quality. Can you record in HD with a screen recorder? The higher the definition, the better. Nobody wants to upload a video that looks low quality. 

  • Watermark. A lot of free video recorders will watermark your videos, which you may not want if you are uploading your videos to YouTube or other online platforms.


Best for


Quick inbuilt Roblox recording

Professional Roblox recording on Windows and macOS

Movavi Screen Recorder

The perfect way to record anything from your screen

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

Frequently asked questions

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online gaming platform, which also features the option to create your own mini-games. It was made by Roblox Corporation and has a massive following and loads of user-generated content. The game is known for being customizable as well as having a blocky character design.

Can I record Roblox reaction videos with my face in them?

Yes, with Movavi Screen Recorder, you can capture your webcam to add your reactions while you are playing. The program lets you capture both the gameplay and a feed from your webcam at the same time on a computer.

Is there a Record button in Roblox?

Yes, there is a Record button for capturing Roblox. It’s a handy built-in recorder but it is limited. You can’t do any editing or add an external microphone or video sources. It is fine for making some simple video recordings, though.

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