13 Best Free Online Voice Recorders [2024]

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After some deep research, we have found the best 13 free online voice recorders. The brief information about them is in the table below. For a more detailed description of each online audio recorder, read the article. If you need a desktop alternative, use Movavi’s screen recorder for PC.

  1. Rev Online Voice Recorder – best for making a recording with transcription
  2. Voice Spice Recorder – best for creating text-to-speech messages
  3. telbee Online Voice Recorder – best for business owners
  4. SpeakPipe – best for storing your recordings in a cloud
  5. Audio Recorder – quick and simple recordings
  6. Online Voice Recorder – best for audio recording and trimming
  7. Vocaroo – best for sharing and embedding audio recordings
  8. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder – best for organizing recorded audio
  9. Soundation – best for editing voice recordings
  10. Voicecoach – best for preserving privacy
  11. Clyp – best for professional audio creators
  12. AudioPal – best for website owners
  13. Poodll – suitable for teachers

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Best online audio recorders

SoundCloud is a great online voice recorder

Best for: Making a recording with transcription

Price: Free, with optional transcription service for $0.25 or $1.25 per minute

If you are looking for a simple and effective audio recorder online, Rev is a great option. Recording and downloading MP3s is absolutely free. All recordings are encrypted, and only you have access to them. Nothing is uploaded on the servers.

Controlling the recording process is easy: push the Record button to begin recording, click Pause when you wish to stop the video. The animation will show if your voice is being recorded as you speak into your microphone. You can listen to your recording and download it by clicking Preview.

Main features

  • Paid transcription service

  • Free recording


  • Top-notch accuracy

  • Easy editing


  • Web dashboard could use more polish

Voice Splice Recorder is a good online audio recorder

Best for: Creating text-to-speech messages

Price: Free

Voice Spice Recorder is one of the best free voice recorders with effects and filters. It is a simple, easy-to-use voice changer that is online. Upon visiting Voice Splice Recorder’s homepage, users are immediately greeted with a large Record button with simple customization, including the ability to change your voice with effects or to adjust the pitch of your voice. Voice Splice Recorder also lets you use its recorder in different ways, including playing a game of voice tag and using your voice to create a customized greeting card.

Main features

  • Various audio adjustment settings

  • Text-to-speech recording


  • Simple and quick

  • Absolutely free


  • You can only share the recording, direct download is not an option


Best for: Business owners

Price: Free with paid plans from $13.50 to $36 per month

telbee Online Voice Recorder is a free sound recorder online for recording high-quality audio directly from your microphone. Once you are done with the recording, you will get an option to download the audio as an MP3 or share it through email, social media, and anywhere else online.

telbee Online Voice Recorder has plenty of features. You can integrate it on your business page and even personalize it as per your brand requirements. The program also has an automatic transcription feature. Other than that, you can reply to your customer queries directly in your voice for building credibility.

Main features

  • Automatic transcription


  • Has a Chrome extension

  • Wide choice of export options


  • Requires you to sign up


Best for: Storing your recordings in a cloud

Price: Free, with two paid plans: Gold – $12 per month, and Premium – $36 per month if paid annually

SpeakPipe is a no-frills voice recorder for online use. Like Voice Splice Recorder, SpeakPipe prides itself on its simplicity. There is a simple, three-step process to use SpeakPipe. Users simply click the green Start recording button, listen to their recording, and then share it with others. SpeakPipe users can record as many times as they want – there are no upload limits. Users with Apple or Android devices are able to use SpeakPipe.

Main features

  • Works on computers as well as mobile devices

  • Offers a cloud storage

  • Offers an API for websites


  • Intuitive interface

  • Multiple sharing options


  • Audio quality could have been better

Audio Recorder

Best for: Quick and simple recordings

Price: Free

Audio Recorder is one of the simplest no-download microphone recorders that we have found on the internet. Upon visiting Audio Recorder’s website, users simply need to allow Audio Recorder to access their microphone. From there, users simply record their voice and then click the download icon to access their recording. That’s essentially it. Compared to other voice recorder websites, however, there is virtually no technical support when using Audio Recorder.

Main features

  • Only saves recordings in a WAV format


  • One of the simplest audio recording solutions

  • Allows to make an audio recording on the fly


  • No editing tools

  • No technical support

Online Voice Recorder

Best for: Short recordings that don’t need extra editing

Price: Free, with a premium version for $5 per month

Online Voice Recorder from 123apps is another voice recorder that allows you to record your voice inside your internet browser. Users simply click the red microphone button to start recording. Compared to other voice recorders, Online Voice Recorder offers some additional features, including the ability to have a playback of your recording and trim it in a lightweight editor and the ability to adjust your microphone settings through Adobe Flash tools.

Main features

  • Saves voice recordings to a common MP3 format

  • Allows its users to adjust microphone settings via the Adobe Flash Player tools


  • Has a crop function

  • Automatically detects and skips silent fragments


  • No sharing options

  • The maximum file size limit reaches 700 MB per day for a free plan


Best for: Sharing and embedding audio recordings

Price: Free

Vocaroo is a voice recorder that uses Adobe Flash to record audio. Like the other no-frills audio recorders, Vocaroo has a large Click to record button that you select when you are ready to record. It also offers a widget if you want to embed the Vocaroo voice recorder in a blog or webpage. Vocaroo offers a fairly substantial frequently asked questions page should you have any technical questions about using the voice recorder.

Main features

  • Supports uploading and sharing audio files

  • Comes with an embed widget for web developers


  • Completely free without ads

  • Has the options to remove background noise and auto-adjust volume


  • Has only one output format – MP3

  • Lacks editing tools


Best for: Saving a recording in various output formats

Price: Free

Apowersoft's Free Online Audio Recorder is another voice recorder that you can use for free. Users simply select the audio source of their recording, click the Start button to start recording and click the Show in folder button to find the recorded file. You can use Free Online Audio Recorder on a PC or Mac device. Unlike other voice recorders, it also allows users to add ID3 tags so that they can better organize their recorded audio.

Main features

  • Offers an online library for storing recordings

  • Works on both Windows and Mac


  • Records high-quality audio

  • Has the option to add ID3 tags for audio description

  • Multiple output formats


  • Requires users to install a launcher


Best for: Editing voice recordings

Price: Free with paid plans from $4.99 to $29.99 per month

Unlike other online voice recording tools on this list, Soundation is software that is great for singing and was created for music producers. While it has a bevy of features that are mostly tailored to music producers, Soundation lets users record their own audio into the software. There are both free and premium versions of Soundation, although the free version is probably best for the vast majority of voice-recording purposes. Soundation is slightly more difficult to learn than some of the other recorders on this list, but Soundation offers extensive documentation. There are both Chrome and Flash versions of the software.

Main features

  • Professional music-making app

  • Provides a collection of bits and samples


  • Wide variety of editing tools

  • Convenient cloud storage


  • Export options are limited, especially for the Free plan

  • A complex interface takes time to explore


Best for: Preserving privacy

Price: Free

Voicecoach is another great voice recorder that allows you to record your voice within a few seconds. This online MP3 recorder is user-friendly and completely free. Voicecoach is compatible with all popular browsers, and you can start recording just in a few seconds.

The recording remains private after you record it on your browser. It won’t be uploaded to the servers unless you decide to share the recording. Once you are done with the recording process, you can easily download the recordings in WAV, MP3, or Ogg. You can even share it directly with your friends from the online recorder.

Main features

  • Recordings are not stored on a server

  • Has a collection of articles about voice and sound


  • Extensive sharing

  • Fast and easy recording process


  • No editing tools

  • No technical support


Best for: Professional audio creators

Price: three paid plans: $2, $8, and $18 per month

Clyp describes itself as the best online voice recorder. Like other online voice recorders, Clyp is free. Users can simply click the yellow record button to start recording their mic sound. To use Clyp, you do not need to create an account. Clyp can be used in your browser or on iOS and it offers robust technical support.

Main features

  • Has a built-in audio editor

  • Apart from the online version has a smartphone app


  • Extensive sharing and embedding options

  • Fast and simple


  • The free version has strict limitations


Best for: Website owners

Price: Free

AudioPal is another online voice recorder that lets users record and add audio to their personal website or blog. AudioPal was created by Oddcast, which is a company that has created avatar technology since 1999. With AudioPal, you can record your voice using your computer or phone’s microphone. AudioPal is free and there is no hosting required.

Main features

  • Sends an e-mail with a link to the recording

  • Text-to-speech tool


  • Great embedding tool

  • Has an option for uploading pre-recorded audio


  • No direct downloads


Best for: Teachers

Price: Free

Poodll is another simple and easy-to-use audio recorder. You simply record your voice by clicking the green microphone button. From there, your audio is uploaded to Poodl, which converts your recording into an MP3. You are then able to download your recorded MP3 file to your computer. Poodll does not present any ads and is free to use.

Main features

  • Offers cloud storage for audio recordings for 30 days

  • Easily share audio recordings with others via public links


  • No recording limits or restrictions

  • Save recordings online or download them to your computer as MP3


  • Requires you to create an account

  • Interface seems confusing

How to choose the best online sound recorder

These are some of the most significant factors to consider when purchasing a voice recorder.

Choose a platform.

Whether you'll be making a call on your phone or computer will determine the pool of recording programs to choose from.

Look through the features.

Pay attention to the extra capabilities that a program gives. You might find functions like editing and processing audio useful. Sharing your files via Google Drive or another method might also be beneficial.

See the supported formats.

You may wish to save your recordings in a certain format. Find out what export formats the program supports and what formats you or the recipient of your files can work with to avoid problems.

Read the user reviews.

Before you buy any program, it's a good idea to look at the ratings and customer reviews. This gives you the opportunity to check for any faults, defects, or difficulties. This way, you can also learn about hidden advantages a program offers.

Check out the interface.

You don't want to waste time trying to figure out how to use the app, especially during a call or a meeting. So, ensure the interface is simple to use.

Consider the price.

Find out how much the app costs. Also consider that there might be a free alternative to the app of your choice.


By using any of the above voice recorders and voice changers, you will be well on your way to meeting all of your voice-recording needs. Instead of focusing on finding the absolute best audio recorder, you can use any of the above recorders and focus on what really matters – the audio that you are recording.


Best for


Making a recording with transcription

Free, with optional transcription service for $0.25 or $1.25 per minute

Creating text-to-speech messages


Business owners

Free with paid plans from $13.50 to $36 per month

Movavi Screen Recorder

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

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