100 Vlog Ideas for Beginners

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Edited by Roman Zhayvoron

People on the internet enjoy quality content. That is why before realizing your vlogging ideas, you need to think carefully about its concept. Just ask yourself several questions: “What am I going to do in my videos?”, “Why would people want to watch them?”, “How often am I going to release new episodes on my channel?”. Once you come up with the answers, it’ll be easy for you to form main video blogging ideas for your channel. However, if you still can't pick topics for videos, we’ve prepared 100 YouTube vlog ideas for beginners to help you find the one you like best.

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First vlog

1. Who are you?

Self-introduction is a good way to start a vlog. Let the people who might stumble upon your channel know who you are and what you do. You can think of it as a sort of channel trailer.

2. Your reasons for vlogging

If you have an interesting reason for creating a vlog, sharing it might be a good idea. It may compel people to watch your story unfold, and thus let you find an audience.

3. Your goals and plans for the channel

A clear mission statement can also attract people to your content. Let the audience know what to expect from you and where your channel will be going.

General vlogs

4. How to shoot videos

On the one hand, making content for vlogs seems easy. On the other hand, there is a lot to consider if you want to be really good at shooting videos: camera, lens, lighting, sound, and much more. Gear is important, no matter what to vlog about on YouTube, you can tell your audience about that.

By the way, this is exactly the niche I've chosen for my channel called "Movavi Vlog". Check it out and feel free to borrow some vlog content ideas.

Movavi Vlog

5. Photo-editing tips

People love editing photos. Tell your audience about different programs, tools, and techniques to transform their photos into anything they want. A good idea is to ask your viewers what technique they want to learn – this may be a topic for your next video.

6. Latest gadget video review

We are living in the age of gadgets. If you are tech-savvy, you can create a video blog about the latest devices, their characteristics, and other stuff. Compare performance, conduct crash tests, make gadget review videos.

7. Music covers

Do you play any musical instrument? Or maybe you can sing? Choose a song that you like and do a beautiful cover. And make sure you can provide good sound quality.

8. Gaming videos

Record video game tutorials, playthroughs, and live streams. Play online with your friends to make videos interesting and funny. Create speedrun videos, gain achievements, discover secret areas, easter eggs, and other geeky stuff.

9. Unboxing

When you buy new things, they usually come in a box. Let your viewers see the process of unpacking your new stuff and see what products you buy, what items go together with the main product, etc.

10. Best places to eat

Make a list of places you enjoy eating at. Tell about the menu, customer care, and interiors of different places in your city or country.

11. Best apps for iOS and Android

Make a list of your favorite applications and games for iOS and Android. Tell your audience why you like those apps, and how you found them.

12. House decoration ideas

Decorating a house is always fun. Make a vlog about creating a festive atmosphere for different occasions: Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Easter, and more.

13. Quick and easy daily recipes

Another good idea for a daily vlog is making a list of easy but tasty and healthy everyday recipes. It will be useful and interesting for people who don’t have much time for cooking.

14. Pet caring

If you own a pet, make a series of videos about taking care of it. Cover common problems and how to deal with them. Make a list of dos and don’ts.

15. Beauty vlog

Beauty is always among hot topics for vlogs. Beauty vlogs are no longer the "girls only" niche. If you have a passion for the beauty industry, you can create videos about cosmetics, style, clothes, and other related topics.

16. Fashion vlog

If you’re crazy about custom clothes, create a video blog about it! Show your audience what you have in your wardrobe. Tell about the items you like the most and how you combine those with the other part of your clothes collection.

17. Video-editing tips

Many people think video editing is very difficult. Help them master some programs by creating a series of videos devoted to video editing: applying filters and text, color adjustment, cropping, and more.

Personal vlogs

18. Daily vlog

This is one of the most common types of vlogs, where you share your daily activities with your audience. Tell them about challenges you’re dealing with, make a Q&A video, share your attitude to sport, food, life in general, or anything else. Don’t forget to communicate with your viewers – just ask for their opinions on the topics that you cover in your videos. To make your videos recognizable, think of a cool intro. Video montage maker by Movavi is a great choice for making your intro truly unique.

19. Facts about you

It’s a good idea to start your video blogging career with such a video. Let your viewers know a little more about you, because the more they know about you and your life, the more they are interested in you.

20. Life goals

We all want to achieve something, and we all want to relate to other people. So share your goals – people might find it captivating and relatable. This is a good way to connect to your audience.

21. One regular day

Sometimes vloggers film and show a regular day in their lives, from waking up to going back to bed. You can share some life experiences this way and provide an insight into the human being you are.

22. Rant

If there is something that makes you genuinely angry – don’t hold it back and make a rant! Strong emotions are always captivating and make good vlog content. Just mind the language.

23. What’s in my bag

Let people know what you usually carry in your bag. Give a couple of words about why you need those things and who they will be useful for.

24. What’s on my phone

This type of video is quite similar to the previous one. However, here you tell your audience about the application installed on your mobile device. Thus, the viewers will know you a bit better and get information about useful apps.

25. House or room tour

If you record your vlog episodes at home, viewers see only one camera angle, but don’t see the rest of your room. Make a room or house tour video to satisfy your audience’s curiosity.

Funny vlogs

26. Pranks

Prank videos are very fun to watch. You see genuine emotions of people that get into unusual situations. So go and play several pranks on your friends and record it on camera. For example, throw a fake spider or snake at your pals and shout something like “Careful!”. Or add a spicy sauce to your friend’s tea or coffee.

27. Fails

Some say that these are even funnier to watch than pranks. Especially, after a hard-working day, it’s a great pleasure to watch people falling off their bikes, trampolines, and other objects. So, when you go hanging out with your friends, grab your camera and record every crazy thing you do. Chances are you’re going to record something funny that you can later upload online.

28. Memes

These never get old. They just evolve. If your mind often craves memes, you can try creating them yourself in the form of videos. Before you start making dank stuff, have a look at the channels of popular meme lords to pick some ideas.

29. Reaction videos

Record your reaction to something you see or hear for the first time. For example, music videos, Facebook profiles, or anything else. Don’t hold back your emotions and say everything you think. But don’t offend people.

30. Parody

Come up with several comedy sketches based on popular people or fictive characters. Create videos in the form of short clips, music videos, and more.

31. Bloopers

This type of video is a good addition to almost any other kind of vlog. Just show some funny outtakes that didn’t appear in the main video.

32. Mannequin challenge

This challenge was an internet sensation of 2016. It’s about people standing still like mannequins while the camera is moving around them. Even though it’s not a trendy thing anymore, you can still have fun recording several videos doing the challenge.

33. Bottlecap challenge

The main internet challenge of 2019 is probably the Bottle Cap Challenge. Here you should kick off a bottle cap in slow motion. Find some similar videos on the internet to get inspired, since a lot of people do the challenge creatively.

34. Blind drawing challenge

This is probably one of the most interesting challenges you can think of. As it comes from the name, you need to draw something with a blindfold. It’s better to do this challenge with a friend – you and your viewers will have much more fun.

35. Ice bucket challenge

Another challenge that was huge in 2014, is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Here you should pour a bucket of ice and water over your head. The global aim of the challenge is to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and encourage donations to research.

Informational vlogs

36. How-to videos

Another popular YouTube vlog idea is how-to videos. Record a series of video tutorials about things you can do well. For example, if you’re good at knitting, record several how-to videos on how to create a nice scarf. Pay attention to the details to help beginners become better.

Useful tip! People often search for certain how-to videos using search engines and YouTube. By adding some relevant tags and keywords to the description and title of your "how to knit a scarf" video, you increase the chances for your content to be more easily found. Which means more views for your channel.

37. Event recap

Give your feedback on the events you’ve visited. Tell your audience about the coolest moments and your personal impressions. Say what you are going to attend next, describe your expectations.

38. An explanation of something

If you have great knowledge about something, like a hobby, certain career, some obscure music genre, or anything really – tell about it! Some might find your explanation useful and clarifying, others may just enjoy your take on the matter.

39. FAQ

If you already have subscribers and they regularly ask you questions, it’s a good idea to make a FAQ video. You can cover all of those questions and give detailed answers. Making such videos will show your respect to your followers.

40. Review

Books, games, movies, music, products, and services – there are countless things we can invest our time and money into. But should we? Tastes differ, but your opinion still may be interesting, so tell more about what you like or dislike and why.

Travel vlogs

41. Cheap travel tips

If you’re a die-hard traveler, you probably know some money-saving tips that come in handy during a journey. Share those tips with the audience, and the positive feedback will come very quickly.

42. Travel episodes

Travel vlogging is extremely popular. In your videos, you can tell the viewers about the places you visit, the food you eat, the people you meet, and so much more. So, next time you go on a trip, don’t forget your camera.

43. Summer/winter essentials

Record several episodes about which things you absolutely need to have before summer or winter. For example, sunscreen, sunglasses, giant inflatable pizza slices for the swimming pool, etc.

44. Travel stories

Every traveler has a handful of stories about their trips. If something funny, scary, dramatic, or simply remarkable has ever happened to you on your journeys, why not talk about it?

Fitness vlogs

45. Healthy lifestyle

It has always been a thing, but recently it’s like one of the biggest things. Share your thoughts on healthy nutrition, everyday exercises, and other healthy habits.

46. Pitfalls

Jumping into fitness can actually do you harm. Health is much more complex than doing a hundred push-ups and drinking a lot of water every day. Tell your audience why it is important to go smart rather than go hard when it comes to training and diets.

47. How to do an exercise

Even simple stuff like squats can be done wrong. If you already know how to properly do a certain exercise, then guide others through the whole process, tell them how to do a warm-up and avoid traumas.

48. Jogging tips

If you’re keen on jogging, tell your audience about its various aspects: technique, time, distance, frequency, running clothes, and shoes. To make your blog more structured, divide it into several episodes and devote each episode to a single aspect from the list.

49. A workout

Demonstrate your workout routine to your viewers. This can actually work both ways. On one hand, you can inspire and educate people. On the other, someone more knowledgeable in your audience may hint at nuances you didn’t notice.

50. Healthy food

Healthy eating is a huge topic all by itself. So share your favorite recipes and cook something delicious and also good for your health.

51. Tips on losing weight

This is a great struggle for lots of people to lose weight. You can share your experience and give advice on diet, exercise, and other activities that might help. Alternatively, you can set a goal for yourself and record your progress during some weeks or months.

Vlog ideas for couples

52. How well do you know your partner?

This type of video is popular for couples. Basically, you and your partner ask each other some questions about yourselves. To make the video more interesting to watch, come up with funny punishments for wrong answers.

53. My husband/boyfriend does my makeup

Since most of the guys are terrible at doing makeup, it would be a silly but fun idea to let your boyfriend do makeup for you and see how it turns out.

54. Valentine’s day ideas

Tell your audience how to prepare a perfect gift for your partner. You can also make a list of dos and don’ts regarding the gift, and give some examples from your or your friend's experience.

55. Best slow dancing songs

Make a list of the best songs for slow dancing and tell people which songs to choose for different occasions (weddings, proms, etc.).

56. Wedding reception ideas

Organizing a wedding party is always difficult. Tell people about interesting ideas, how to remember everything, and what things they should always keep in mind to make the party unforgettable for the couple and guests.

57. Best places for a couple to travel

There’s nothing more romantic than going on a trip with your loved one. If you know about the best places for a couple to travel, share your thoughts in your videos.

58. Best movies for two

Watching a movie together brings people closer in every way. Make a compilation of movies that are great for watching with your partner.

59. How to behave during an argument

In a relationship, fights are inevitable. It’s very important to control your words and emotions to save the relationship and not to hurt your partner. Make a series of videos on how to act during an argument.

60. Relationship tips

Tell your audience about unusual gift ideas, spontaneous trips, sticky notes quests, and other interesting things to do with your partner.

61. How to surprise your partner

Let people know what you usually carry in your bag. Give a couple of words about why you need those things and who they will be useful for.

62. DIY-gifts ideas

Lots of people love giving and receiving handmade gifts. You can make your channel about crafting interesting DIY gifts for different occasions: weddings, birthdays, Christmas, and more.

Friends & family vlogs

63. Family tag

Make a video with your sibling, parent, or anyone close to you where you answer questions about each other. This might be a little awkward, but a fun and bonding experience.

64. Meeting your friends

Share a story about you making a friend. How and where did it happen? How did you get along? What’s your friend’s side of this story?

65. How to spend your weekend

Share your ideas on how to have a great weekend. Consider making videos about different types of leisure: going to the beach, throwing a night party, having a family BBQ, and anything else you can think of.

66. How to throw parties

If you’re a die-hard party maker, you can give people a couple of thoughts on how to throw an amazing movie-like party.

67. Quiz

This is also a way to involve your close ones in your vlogs. Find some silly quiz online, grab a friend and test your knowledge together.

Vlogs with others

68. Interviews

Invite interesting people and ask them some questions. Talk on a specific subject or about general things. Try to make your interviews as informative as possible for your viewers.

69. Talk show

Invite a couple of friends or family members and record yourself discussing some interesting or important topic.

70. A collab with another vlogger

There are so many ways of making collaborations with other vloggers. For example, you can sing a song together, play video games, take part in challenges, prank each other, and more. It’s also a great way to attract new subscribers to your channel.

71. Viewers’ ideas

If you have gathered some audience around you, take a look at their feedback. People often express their thoughts or throw ideas in the comments. This way, you may find some options that are likely to please your viewers if you are not sure what to do next.

72. Social experiment

Think of an important social issue and go ask some people on the street for their opinion on this. For instance, you can ask people about the election, global warming, healthcare, and much more.

73. Do a giveaway

If you produce some hand-made stuff, have a sponsor, merch, or something like that, and have some items to spare, why not give it away to your viewers? This is a good way to stir up your audience a little.

Trending vlog ideas

74. Trending tab

It is totally normal to run out of inspiration and original ideas sometimes. In this case, you can simply open the trending tab of YouTube and see what is popular among the audiences at this moment. There might be something that fits your vlog just fine.

75. Looking at others

If chasing trends is not your style, then seek out vloggers that do more or less the same thing as you’d like to do. You may learn from their experience and find some YouTube content ideas.

76. Live streams

Streaming videos are very popular now. If you have enough viewers, organize a live stream: play video games, talk to your audience, ask and answer questions.

77. Lifehacks

This is quite a huge topic. It might be better for you to choose an area where you have some experience and tell people about the life hacks you usually use.

Personal growth vlogs

78. Tips on public speaking

Public speaking is quite difficult for lots of people. If you’re good at it and know some useful life hacks, share them with your audience.

79. Self-discipline tips

Record a series of videos on how to organize yourself, stop procrastinating, and start doing what you actually need to do.

80. Life lessons

This is quite a broad topic, where you can choose any direction you like. For example, talk about dealing with different life situations and how to behave in such cases.

81. How to care less about unimportant things

Surely, unimportant things are different for almost every person. However, you can tell about yours and give a couple of tips on how to clear your head.

82. Thoughts on the meaning of life

That’s a deep one. And lots of people start thinking about it, sooner or later. Share your thoughts and ask your audience for their opinion to start a conversation.

83. Ways of relieving stress

How do you relieve stress? Hanging out with friends? Exercising at the gym? Jogging? Eating pizza while watching TV series? Tell people about your ways of relieving stress.

84. Job-seeking tips

Give your viewers your opinion on how to find a decent job fast. For example, talk about job websites, making a resume, behaving in the interview, etc.

85. Reaching goals

Share your 1-month or 1-year goal list with your viewers and tell how you are going to achieve those. Your example may be a great motivation for other people to reach their own goals.

86. Bucket list

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do in your life. For example, skydiving, traveling somewhere, visiting a gig of a favorite band, etc. Come up with your own bucket list goals and share them with your audience.

87. Dealing with heartbreaks

This is a very sensitive topic. However, if you’re a good psychologist, you can talk to people that are going through heartbreaks of different kinds.

88. Going through a personal struggle

Every single person has his own personal struggles. Open up to your viewers about yours, speak about it briefly or in more detail. It’s a good way to connect with your audience because it shows your human nature.

89. Study tips

Lots of students struggle to get good grades or at least not to drop out of school, college, or university. Tell people about some hacks you use to remember information better, write faster, and get on well with teachers.

90. Dos and don’ts for something

Chances are you’re good at something. For example, snowboarding, playing board games or taking photos. As an expert, you can give a list of dos and don’ts to help other people avoid common mistakes and become better.

Creative vlog ideas

91. How to stay creative

To keep and enlarge your audience, you always need to think of new ideas, challenges, and other engaging things. Tell people how to stir up creativity and find new ideas for videos.

92. Dancing tutorials

If you’re good at dancing, you can share your knowledge and technique with your viewers. Tell a little bit about your background and the styles you enjoy. Finally, teach people some cool moves.

93. Card tricks

Use your skills to surprise the audience. You can reveal the secrets of your tricks, or keep impressing your viewers with cool shuffles.

94. Cooking videos

Many people want to be good at cooking. If you are, share your favorite recipes with your viewers. Teach them how to cook simple and complex dishes.

95. Drawing

Show off your drawing skills. Create process videos, try different techniques and genres. Do some challenges like drawing blindfolded or with your feet. Or both at the same time.

96. Book review

Record book review videos for bookworms just like you. Make a list of your favorites and tell what you like about them most. Make recommendations for your audience.

97. Slow-motion

Make a channel that’s wholly devoted to slow-motion videos. To do it, you need to record something that's cool to watch in slo-mo. For example, jumping in the pool.

98. Magic tricks

If you’re a master of magic, start a YouTube show, where you’ll show your magic skills and impress the audience.

99. Music album review

If you’re into music, you probably know about the latest releases of popular artists. Give your expert opinion about the music you hear, compare previous releases to the newer ones.

100. Thematic makeup

This kind of makeup is different from the casual one – it is more artistic and attention-getting. For example, you can show how to do fantasy or cosplay makeup.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of YouTube video ideas for beginners. You are more than likely to find something that clicks with you, as long as you are ready to try things out. Hopefully, our article will help you find inspiration to be creative!

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