Best YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners to Reach Success


So you want to start a YouTube channel? Well, now is a good time as any!

In the early YouTube days, comedy and entertainment ruled the platform. Those who made skits and funny videos topped the most subscribed charts. Today, content has become widely diverse in terms of genre. There are numerous good YouTube video ideas where creators can be successful.

In addition, thanks to user-friendly editing software, like iMovie and Movavi Video Editor, it’s easier for everyone to create high-quality videos. Even the most basic program allows you to make Hollywood-style effects.

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While you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips, the real challenge is choosing the best YouTube channel idea. What type of content will help you get subscribers? Make money? Be successful?

We break down the 25 most popularYouTube content ideas that will help get views and subscribers.

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25 YouTube video ideas

We have organized the 25 YouTube ideas into four categories:

These content types are not mutually exclusive. If anything, it’s better to use many of these ideas so your content can stay new and fresh. Also, we know that not everybody is comfortable being in front of the camera or prefers to remain off-screen. Don’t worry! Many of these videos can be done with no face.


Make your YouTube channel a hub for people to learn new things. Here are various ways you can teach and share information with your audience.

1. DIY

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos are perfect for artsy creatives who love to share their unique and special creations. Viewers are glued to DIY videos because they get inspired by cool designs and want to learn how to make them from scratch. These makeshift videos can range from a wide variety of areas, such as makeup, crafts, interior design, tools, clothes, origami, and much more. 

These are fun posts that can be short or long, and they can be done whether you want to be in front of the camera or not. So if you like to channel your inner Bob Ross, DIY content is the way to help you get views.

2. Tutorials

Tutorials, or how-to videos, are one of the most popular types of content on YouTube that can help you get subscribers. They show the viewer how to do something – such as removing backgrounds from photos, cleaning white shoes thoroughly, or editing videos. Just to name a few. 

Sometimes manuals, instructions, or product descriptions aren’t very clear, and we’re still left confused about how to use the product or software properly. A tutorial is the perfect YouTube channel idea that helps provide visual answers to those issues. They can be simple to make and are faceless-friendly. One helpful tip is to focus on a niche topic where you have extensive knowledge.

3. Explainer

If tutorials are your “how-to,” explainers are your “what-is.” Explainer videos are exactly as they sound – they explain a term, subject, topic, or phenomenon in clear detail. Some prime examples of channels are AsapScience and Vsauce. 

This YouTube video idea can be done facing the camera or with no face. However, for the latter, you’ll have to depend heavily on visuals to keep the viewer engaged. Fortunately, there are many ways to accomplish that, such as infographics, animation, or whiteboard drawings.

4. Reaction

The latest episode of your favorite show just dropped? You can do a reaction video as you’re watching it. People enjoy seeing the emotional response when someone experiences something for the first time. They see natural, genuine reactions, not ones rehearsed or fake. 

Reaction videos are most common in movies, shows, and music. However, they can also be used for news and products. This is a fun and easyYouTube content idea to produce for beginners. You simply have a camera set up as you’re reacting to something. Alternatively, you can go the faceless route and just record only audio.

5. Self-help

People always want to improve in many aspects of their lives – social, spiritual, or even occupational. We don’t always have the answers, so we look up the answers on YouTube to learn how to improve our public speaking, relationship, and career skills. 

If you have tons of wisdom nuggets and knowledge that you believe will benefit people’s happiness and well-being, then self-help is the perfect content to start your YouTube journey.

6. Podcasts

Podcasts have become widely popular in today’s media landscape. There are currently 3.02 million podcasts available to listen to. They began primarily as an audio-only medium. However, they have adapted to become more welcome in video over time. Many podcasters now record audio and video to reach audiences on multiple platforms. 

So whether you’re an expert or someone who has a lot of insightful thoughts on your mind, you can start your podcast series on YouTube. You’ll be able to reach new audiences and even make money from ads and sponsorships.

7. News

Reaction to or sharing news is a great YouTube content idea for beginners. You’re simply relaying any trending or breaking headlines to your audience. It also opens itself up for discussion, where you can add analytical thoughts and commentary on the situation. You provide not only the facts but also the big picture and how it may impact the viewer. 

Philip DeFranco and Beyond The Trailer are two perfect examples. They take complex news and break it down into simple explanations so that the audience can better understand the situation.


These types of YouTube content ideas are more niche-focused. They are videos related to hobbies, interests, passions, and activities that may spark inspiration among viewers.

8. Cooking

Are you a master chef? Do you love to cook and share your creative recipes with the world? Or are you simply a foodie who loves to eat? A cooking channel is excellent for showing your love and passion for all things food and culinary. 

You can do complete tutorials, explainers, or walkthroughs demonstrating how to craft your unique dish from prep to serve. Plus, you can be in front or behind the camera for this content. You can add music or voice-over and let the food and on-screen text do the talking. Everyone has their own culinary style. Why not share yours?

9. Gaming

It’s amazing how we live in a time where a childhood activity could become a successful career. Gaming has grown massively in popularity over the past several years. The number of gamers worldwide grew by over 1 billion in seven years. 

Gaming videos are simple and fun to create. You can make videos on walkthroughs, tips, and reviews. Plus, they are perfect for faceless creators. The one thing you have to understand is that this type of content is more than just playing a game. You’re also fostering relationships with the viewers and building a community. That’s the cheat code for a truly successful YouTube gaming channel.

10. Traveling

Share your traveling excursions with the world. People enjoy watching explorers, backpackers, and travelers go on incredible adventures. They can indulge in the beautiful sights and culture the world has to offer before they decide to see for themselves. What’s great is that you can discuss many aspects – food, attractions, history, and culture. 

So for passionate adventurists, don’t forget to document your journey from destination to destination. Capture breathtaking shots and moments throughout your trip so that you have something you and your audience can fondly relive.

11. Fitness

Do you have the secret to six-pack abs? Yes, we know it’s not that easy. But, regardless of our health, we’re all looking for ways to be more active and fit. We all aim to be in the best shape possible – however, that may look for us. But those new to training may not know where to begin or how to do specific exercises properly. 

This is where fitness trainers and workout warriors can come in and share their expertise. Post-exercise advice, tips, and full workouts so viewers can have an actionable plan for their next gym session and achieve their desired fitness goals.

12. Photography

Whether for Instagram, Facebook, or ourselves, we all thought about ways to improve our photo-taking skills. But getting the perfect shot can be tricky. That’s why it helps to teach people the essential rules and concepts of photo composition. 

But, like any other art, photography is subjective. There are many schools of thought and strategies to craft the “perfect shot.” So if you have an exceptional eye for photos, consider starting a photography channel to guide aspiring photographers on achieving the best lighting and camera setup for amazing images.

13. Videography

It’s pretty meta to make videos on how to make videos. We’re currently in a video-dominated era, where short-form content and live-streaming lead the way in media. With the creator economy continuing to evolve and expand, many aspiring content makers want to learn the key to producing engaging, high-quality videos. 

Professional filmmakers and producers can utilize YouTube to post tutorials on various topics, such as video editing, production, and scriptwriting. Don’t be afraid to get technical with your content.

14. Beauty

Beauty content is one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. They can generate over 169 billion views annually. People want to learn the best skincare routine for clear, amazing-looking skin. GRWM (get ready with me) videos are very successful because you see the creator’s entire beauty process in real-time. 

Makeup content also garners huge viewership because users want to imitate or create a particular look. Creators also have good potential to make money via sponsorships and collaborations.

15. Fashion

Are you someone who carefully crafts their outfits for every occasion? Fashion content is a good YouTube video idea to try. People watch fashion videos to get some inspiration for their own wardrobe. So show off your fits of the day from top to bottom. 

Give them examples of how to pick the right combination of matching clothing. Since everyone has their own style that’s comfortable to them, you may even share a glimpse of your thought processes behind your fashion choices.

16. Home organization

Have any advice on decluttering our homes? Keeping a clean and organized home is one thing many people struggle with. People want to get ideas on better organizing their stuff in a neat, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing way. The topics range from arranging your closet, organizing your kitchen, or setting up your living room. This YouTube content idea is another good option if you don’t want to show your face.

17. Yoga

Help others find their inner chakra. Not everyone has the time to go to their fitness center and go to a yoga class. That’s why yoga videos are helpful for busy enthusiasts, as it allows them to practice anywhere – whether at home or on the go. Posting 15-minute or 30-minute guided yoga sessions is quite popular on the platform. It’s a good idea to create routines for different purposes, such as back pain, burning fat, relaxation, or stress relief.

18. Dance

Dance is another good YouTube channel idea, whether you’re a professional hip-hop, ballet, or TikTok dancer. Some professionals upload their full choreography for their audience to see. In addition, Zumba dancers share their routines for those who want to get a fun cardio workout. Finally, as dance is an ever-evolving art, you may even post tutorials to teach people how to Dougie or the OMG dance from New Jeans.


As consumers, we want to do some research before we buy something. So we’ll watch various reviews to determine whether a product is worth buying or a movie is worth seeing. And who’s a better person to listen to than creators and influencers? 

Viewers prefer insights from creators because they are like them – everyday people. We know that most of the time, they’re going to give an unbiased and relatable review of things such as products and movies.

So here are some examples of topics you can review for your YouTube channel. While we’ve only listed three, you can do this for various things.

19. Music review

Has the new Frank Ocean album dropped yet? (Probably not) But whenever it does, you can use it as an opportunity to make a video review for it. People are interested in hearing what others think of an album or song. They want to know whether the project is worth listening to. Music gurus and enthusiasts would love this YouTube video idea because it allows them to share their love and expertise of music with their audience.

20. Movie review

What – there’s a Fast & Furious 21? There’s no hiding that movie tickets are expensive. Because streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have changed how we watch movies, people are more selective about which movies they’ll watch in theaters. With movie reviews, you can talk about your thoughts about the film (with no spoilers, of course) and whether you think it’s worth seeing.

21. Product review

There are so many similar products made by different brands in the market right now – especially with tech products. Apple and Samsung are battling for the best smartphone and smartwatch titles. Beats, Bose, and Sonos, are vying to be the best audio headphone and speaker brands. That’s why it helps consumers to watch product reviews before they buy. It gives them a better picture and understanding of the product and whether it’s worth the buy. 

For success with this type of channel, it’s best to select a niche you know about and review related products. It adds more credibility to your content and channel.


Now we’re diving into more entertainment content. These YouTube channel ideas are fun and easy videos that you can create for viewers to sit back and relax.

22. Vlogging

One of the simplest and easiest YouTube ideas is vlogs. With video blogs, you can record whatever happens in your day or week. You may include places you’re visiting, friends you’re hanging out with, and even confessionals on your mind. In a time where it’s crucial for brands to be more personal with their audience, vlogging is an effective way to accomplish that.

23. Unboxing

What’s in the box?! With unboxing videos, you show the audience what your package entails. They’re primarily utilized for opening products. People can see what other items are included with their purchase – manuals, extra cables, tools, bubble wrap, etc. You help set expectations in viewers, which may lead them to buy the product themselves. This YouTube channel idea is faceless-friendly and opens paid sponsorships and collaboration opportunities.

24. ASMR

Do you have an airy, breathy, soothing voice? ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is the tingling sensation you get when you hear a stimulating sound. These types of videos are very prominent in today’s media. However, ASMR is not just limited to your voice but also sounds from objects, such as fingernails tapping on lipstick or the swift dragging bristles of a brush. It can honestly come from anything. So if you’re a beginner looking to succeed on YouTube, ASMR may be a viable option.

25. Comedy/skits

At the end of the day, we all come to YouTube to be entertained – and we can get that from comedy channels. Skits and funny videos dominated the platform back in its early days. Even though the variety of content has become more diversified, the comedy still holds strong. Who doesn’t love seeing funny fails, pranks, and skits now and then?

Start your YouTube channel today

Find one that you like? Amazing! You’re one step closer to YouTube success. A friendly reminder that you don’t have to stick to one type. You can apply multiple video types to your channel. It’s better for your content overall.

Now that you have a solid foundation, it’s time to start creating! There’s no need to spend tons of cash on expensive recording equipment. You have all that you need on your phone. The smartphone camera and mic are good enough to give you studio-level quality. 

And for post-production? If you really want to wow your subscribers, Movavi Video Editor is the way to go. It comes with professional-level editing tools to craft the exact video you want. Plus, it includes a screen-recording feature for gaming or doing reaction videos.

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