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How to reduce the size of a WebM file using a WebM compressor

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The WebM container developed by Google is great when it comes to video and audio characteristics. Developed in 2010, it was designed for Internet users all over the world. For anyone with a good Internet connection, WebM is one of the best choices: while maintaining high quality, it offers smaller files.

Still, you may sometimes need to reduce the file size even more: for example, if you like streaming and the video you’ve prepared is way too big. So, you might be looking to download a program for your Mac or Windows computer to make your files smaller. Let’s see how to compress WebM files with Movavi software. Follow the guide below.

Step 1. Install Movavi’s WebM compressor

Download Movavi Video Converter and double-click the installation file. The installation will be done in a few minutes.

Step 2. Upload your files

To compress a WebM video, upload it to the program. Launch the converter and click the Add Media button. Select the Add Video item and choose the files you need to compress in the window that opens. Hit Open.

How to upload files to the Movavi WebM compressor

Step 3. Choose the compression options

WebM files are already one of the smallest formats, so you don’t need to change the format. Go to the Video tab and find the WebM group of presets. Click on it to display the list of options. First, to compress WebM files, you can lower the resolution. For example, if you choose the 480p or 720p option, the resulting file will require less space.

How to make the file resolution lower to compress WebM

You can also compress WebM by changing the file size manually. Click the button that represents the file size and quality (under the output file name). By moving the File size slider, determine the new file size. The bitrate will also change.

How to compress the WebM file by changing the file size manually

Step 4. Finish the compression

Now, let’s get this finished. Specify where to save the output files by clicking the Folder button. And the last step: hit Convert. Your files will be ready shortly, and then you can upload them wherever you wish. Your audience with slow Internet connections will be grateful!

How to finish the WebM compression

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