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Converting MP4 files to MOV

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MP4 is one of the most widely-used formats in the digital world, supported by almost every digital device on the planet. However, you can still sometimes face problems using MP4 files. Here are the most common ones:

Your device can’t open a file?

The file is distorted when played?

Videos take up too much disk space?

As you can see, one of the most straightforward solutions to MP4-related problems is to change the format of your files from MP4 to MOV. In this article, we’ll show you the three main approaches to conversion: using the Movavi software, online services, and free desktop programs.

How to use the MP4-to-MOV converter by Movavi

Movavi Video Converter has a simple interface, so setting the conversion takes less than a minute. Another advantage of the program is its SuperSpeed conversion feature, which lets you convert even large files in just seconds. Download the installation file for Windows or Mac and follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Download the Movavi Converter

Run the downloaded file to install the program on your computer. After the process is complete, launch the converter.

Step 2. Import the files to the program

Click the Add Media button, then Add video, locate the files you want to convert, select them, and click Open. Or just drag the files into the program window.

Step 3. Select the conversion format

Open the Video tab, click MOV, and choose one of the presets from the list.

Step 4. Convert the files from MP4 to MOV

By default, the converted files will be saved to the Movavi Library folder. If you want to choose another destination, set it by clicking the Save to button and selecting another folder. Now click Convert in the bottom right corner to start the conversion process. After the processing is done, transfer the converted files to your Apple device.

How to convert MP4 to MOV online

MP4 and MOV are popular video formats in use today because they are supported by almost any device, including mobile devices. But there are times you may want to convert MP4 to MOV files. You will need an MP4-to-MOV converter online. Some online platforms can help you convert MP4 to MOV for free. Here are some options if you are learning how to convert MP4 to MOV online.

If you want to convert .mp4 to .mov files without running the risk of installing freeware on your computer system, consider using this free MP4-to-MOV converter online. Online Video Converter boasts of a simple interface to make converting to MOV a breeze. All you need to convert MP4 to MOV online is to upload your MP4 files and convert them.

Online Video Converter has several pros, which include the capacity to convert just about any format to the MOV file format. It also supports many other output formats, such as 3GP, 3G2, M2T, M2TS, MP4, MPEG, OGV, VOB, WebM, and many others. You can also choose the free version for limited video size conversion.

You may want to go for the subscription version to enjoy converting larger file sizes and online storage for your media. The only drawback is that the daily or monthly payments may accumulate over time and become expensive.

Another online platform to help you convert to QuickTime is CloudConvert. With a simple user interface, it is convenient for users who need to change MP4 to MOV while on the move, so they can share the videos with other Mac users.

This flexible platform allows you to convert from and to most of the popular media formats. You click on a dropdown box and choose the location of your MP4 video file. You can then scroll through the options to set resolution, select video codec, presets, tune, and aspect ratio, among others, and proceed to the audio settings.

Some of the strong points of this online platform for converting MP4 to MOV include its ability to handle most common media formats. Converting MP4 to MOV has never been easier with the options to adjust output properties on this platform. The dark spot is when you convert files with fonts that are missing on CloudConvert. This may mess the output files.

You can also learn how to change MP4 to MOV through the use of Zamzar, a straightforward web media converter for free. All you need is to drag and drop your MP4 files, set the output media format to MOV, and click to convert .mp4 to .mov files. It is an excellent alternative to the MP4-to-MOV converter freeware, which may not be safe for your computer systems.

Zamzar can convert to other formats other than MOV and creates extensions compatible with both Windows and Mac. Well, you may love the fact that it is free, but you need a strong Internet connection for the conversion to run without glitches.

This free online media converter allows you to change MP4 to QuickTime at the click of a button. You can convert any media format to .mov on this platform from the files on your computer or those you stored online.

You can drop your MP4 files directly onto the platform for conversion to MOV, or select Enter URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive, depending on where you store the file for conversion. It is free and works with most of the popular video formats in use today. The only problem is that it may not work well with large files.


Online video converters are your best bet if you don't wish to download freeware to your device since some free versions may have specific limitations. But Online Video Converter seems to have everything for everyone because it has both free and paid versions. If you are handling smaller MP4 files, the free version would be enough for you. But larger files will require you to invest in a paid version.

How to convert MP4 to MOV for free

While online converters may be flexible, free, and easy to access on the go, they have some limitations. They may not handle larger files, and it may be quite expensive to use the paid versions. The solution? Look for MP4-to-MOV converters free on your desktop. Here are some options worth considering.

If you are looking to convert a large MP4 to MOV, or want to learn how to convert MP4 to MOV on Mac, Movavi Free Video Converter should be your next stop. This is a reliable video converter that is absolutely free, yet it avails plenty of great features.

These features include using the app to convert videos to audios so you can save music from your favorite movies and clips. It can also help you convert photos and other digital images and is a one-stop solution for most media formats for all popular devices. The fast conversion rates at absolutely no charge complete the innovative package from Movavi.

This innovative program offers more than 200 presets for almost all the latest devices, such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei, and many more. It gives you the ability to convert MP4 to MOV for any device. Also, it supports more than 180 standard media formats that include VOB for your DVD, MP3, RAW, AVI, and MKV, among others.

This open-source video transcoder is a handy tool for converting videos from any format to .mov format. Whether you are on Windows, Linux, or the ubiquitous Mac, HandBrake will rise to the occasion and convert your MP4 files to MOV.

You will love HandBrake because it is free and offers lots of features to customize your output MOV file. You can set the output resolution, as well as the target device where you want to play the output video. It can also convert any BluRay or DVD media that don't contain copy protection. And you can also add subtitles and chapters to your output video.

This popular media player app is an open-source, cross-platform player and framework that works with most media files, as well as various streaming options. It is popular among many users because it can play anything, including discs, webcams, files, streams, and devices.

It also contains no spyware, ads, or any form of user tracking, yet it is absolutely free. You will also love it because it runs on all platforms: macOS, Windows, UNIX, Linux, iOS, and Android. This app may be great for playing media files of all sorts, but not so efficient if you want to convert MP4 to MOV QuickTime.


Converting MP4 to MOV doesn't need to be a complicated affair if you know how to change MP4 to MOV. You can use any of the free MP4-to-MOV converters online or on your desktop. Resort to online converters if you will be converting your files straight from your browser and have a strong internet connection. If you have no idea where to begin, download and install Movavi Video Converter.

MP4 vs. MOV (QuickTime) – comparing formats

Comparison parameter



File extension


.mov, .qt

Video encoding formats

H.264, H.265, MPEG-2 Part 2, MPEG-4 ASP, H.263, VC-1, Dirac, others

MPEG-2 (OS X Lion or later), MPEG-4 Part 2, H.264, H.263, H.261, Apple ProRes, Apple Pixlet, others

Audio encoding formats

AAC, MP3, AC-3, Apple Lossless, ALS, SLS, others

AAC, Apple Lossless, MP3, others

Device support

Almost all Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android devices. Apple devices may experience problems with this format

Apple (iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, etc.) Support for other systems is limited

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Frequently asked questions

How do I convert MP4 to MOV on a Mac?

You can use the Movavi MP4-to-MOV converter for Mac. Just download the appropriate version of the program and follow this short guide.

Download Movavi Video Converter for Mac

  1. Install and launch Movavi Video Converter.

  2. Add your MP4 files to the program.

  3. Select MOV as the output format and specify the appropriate preset.

  4. Transcode your files by clicking the Convert button.

How do I convert MP4 to MOV on Windows 10?

You can easily convert MP4 to MOV on Windows with Movavi Video Converter. Download the latest version of the program using the link below.

Download Movavi Video Converter for Windows

  1. Install the Movavi software.

  2. Open the program and import your files.

  3. Select MOV (QuickTime) as the target format, then choose a preset.

  4. Click Convert to start transcoding your MP4 files to MOV.

MOV or MP4: which one is better?

It really depends on your goal. The MOV format provides better picture quality and resolution, but MP4 is much more wide-spread and supported by most devices. So when deciding whether to use MP4 or MOV, think of the reason why you want to convert your files.

Does Windows 10 support MOV files?

No. MOV videos are QuickTime-associated files, but this program is no longer supported by Windows. You can either install software supported by Windows or convert files to a more popular format like MP4.

To play MOV on Windows, try VLC media player. It supports almost every format existing. To convert your files, try Movavi Video Converter.

Download VLC

Download Movavi Video Converter

Does converting an MP4 file to MOV make it lose quality?

Not necessarily. Both MOV and MP4 are container formats. Each can contain streams encoded with a number of codecs that are often valid for both MP4 and MOV. In most cases, the process of MP4-to-MOV conversion simply means rewrapping the streams without any quality loss.

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