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You want to convert DVD for iPod? Try Movavi Video Converter

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How to Convert DVD for iPod

Want to watch movies on your iPod? Well, the iTunes Store offers thousands of films... But why spend money when you can easily convert your favorite movies from DVD to the iPod format using Movavi Video Converter? In fact, you can convert your movies in just a few clicks.

Ready to begin? Just download the appropriate version of the program and follow the steps below. And relax – you do not need to worry about video formats or settings or complex “techie stuff” – to use our software for conversion of your DVD files.

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Step 1: Download Movavi Video Converter

Download Movavi Video Converter – a fast and versatile converting tool. Run the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions. Using the program to convert your DVDs is just moments away!

Step 2: Choose a Movie for Conversion

Step 2 - Open Video. DVD to ipod, dvd to ipod converter, convert dvd to ipod.

Insert the DVD into the DVD drive of your computer, run Movavi Video Converter, and click the Add DVD button.

Step 3: Choose an iPod Preset

Step 3 - Choose Preset. DVD to ipod, dvd to ipod converter, convert dvd to ipod.

Expand the Convert to drop-down list in the lower part of the interface and go to Devices. Open the Apple category and select the preset for your iPod model. If you need to fine-tune the preset's parameters, you can do so by clicking the Settings button to the right of the Convert to field.

Step 4: Start Converting Your DVD

Step 4 - Start Conversion. DVD to ipod, dvd to ipod converter, convert dvd to ipod.

Click the Browse button next to the Destination list of our iPod Converter to specify where the program should place your converted files.

To automatically add the converted files to iTunes, check the check box next to the Add to iTunes option.

Finally, click the Convert button. Could it get any simpler than that?

Step 5: Transfer the Videos to Your iPod

After the conversion is complete, attach your iPod to your computer and sync it with iTunes. To play the newly converted movie on your iPod, just tap iPod Main Menu > Videos and then choose Movies. Select the movie and enjoy!

And that's it! Using our program and following this simple step-by-step tutorial you can watch all your favorite DVDs on your iPod.

IMPORTANT: To export movies from Movavi Video Converter to your iPod, you will need iTunes 6.0 or later installed on your computer.

Movavi Video Converter

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