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how to convert mov to flv

Want to convert MOV to FLV? We have a solution!
Use Movavi Video Converter

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How to Convert MOV to FLV

Want to upload MOV-format videos to your social media pages? Your friends will thank you if you convert such videos to the FLV format first since FLV files are the most widely used for streaming video over the Internet. All you need to start converting MOV to FLV is the right video converter. Try Movavi Video Converter and transfer your videos to FLV quickly and effortlessly!

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This guide is for the previous version of Movavi Video Converter. The information will be updated in the near future. You can download the latest version of the app here.

Step 1: Install the MOV-to-FLV Converter

First of all, download Movavi Video Converter for Windows or Mac. Once the installation file is safely on your computer, open it and run the setup. Follow the instructions on your screen, and in a couple of minutes the program will be ready for converting your MOV files to FLV.

Step 2: Add Files for Conversion

add files

Click Add Video and select the files you want to convert. Along with MOV files, you can select videos in other formats as well, since Movavi Video Converter supports more than 180 formats. Whatever you want to do – convert MOV to FLV, FLV to MOV, or any other format pair – the Movavi software will do the job perfectly.

Step 3: Choose an Output Format

choose format

In the Convert to list, open Video and audio, then expand the FLV (Flash Video) group and select the preset with the resolution that best suits your needs. If you’re not sure which preset you need, go with FLV – 640x480.

If you want to change the preset settings, click the Settings button next to the Convert to list and specify the desired video parameters.

Step 4: Launch the Conversion

start conversion

Before starting the conversion process, you might want to specify an output folder other than the default Movavi Library directory by clicking the Browse button.

Additionally, if you use Windows and intend to upload the videos to the Internet, you can easily do this right after the conversion is complete if you just check the Upload to checkbox and select the preferred video hosting service from the drop-down list.

When you're ready, click Convert to launch the conversion process. Once the conversion is complete, the folder with your output files will open automatically.

If you checked the Upload to option before converting, the Share Online application will also open to help you quickly upload your videos to the Web.

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