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You want to rip some DVDs? We know how... Use Movavi Video Converter!

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How to Copy a DVD

Now you can quickly rip your DVDs using Movavi Video Converter. Just follow the instructions in this tutorial and you'll be able to rip DVDs to any video format you like: AVI, MOV, MKV, M2TS, and many others!

With our handy DVD ripping software, it's a one-click task to convert a DVD to the MP4 file format to watch it on your mobile phone. No need to understand video formats, settings, or technicalities – just run the software, open your DVD, select a ready-made preset and click Convert.

To learn how to rip a DVD, just download Movavi Video Converter for PC or Mac and read the tutorial below.

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Step 1: Download and Install Movavi Video Converter

Download Movavi Video Converter – a convenient DVD ripper. After the download is finished, run the setup file to install the program.

Step 2: Open the Program and Add a DVD You Wish to Rip

Step 2 - Open the Folder with DVD Files You Want to Rip in Movavi Video Converter

Launch Video Converter. Click the Add DVD button and select the VIDEO_TS folder on your DVD.

Step 3: Choose the Preferred Preset

Step 3 - Choose the Preset for Conversion

In the Convert to drop-down menu at the bottom of the video converter interface, select the video format you need or a mobile device you wish to convert your DVD for. You can choose from over 180 media formats and 200 devices.

Step 4: Click Convert to Rip Your DVD

Step 4 - Rip your DVD to Computer

Click the Browse button next to the Destination field to specify the folder on your hard drive where the program should place the converted files.

Finally, click the Convert button. The program will start processing your media files.

Step 5: Save Your Video

If you want to copy your videos to a mobile device after the converting process is complete, minimize or close the program, turn on your mobile device and connect it to your computer. Start the uploading service or just copy and paste the output file to the target folder. And that’s all!

Note that uploading process might take some time depending on the size of your video file.

So now you know how to easily rip DVDs using Movavi Video Converter!

Movavi Video Converter

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