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Want to convert WMV to MOV and vice versa?

Try Movavi Video Converter!
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How to Convert MOV to WMV

There are dozens of media codecs and containers out there because every technology company wants to create the next standard file format for video and audio compression. As a result, incompatibility between files and playback software or devices is a widespread problem, not just for movie fans and video bloggers but for regular users as well.

The MOV video format, which was developed by Apple for its QuickTime Player, sometimes comes into conflict with Windows-based PCs and devices if the required codecs are not installed. The easiest solution is to convert MOV files into the WMV (Windows Media Video) format, which was designed by Microsoft. To do this, all you need is Movavi Video Converter, which converts files from MOV to WMV and WMV to MOV plus many other formats as well. The software supports most file types and codecs, so you can forget about problems with incompatibility.

Download Movavi Video Converter and get started watching your movies and TV shows without the error messages.

1. Install the MOV-to-WMV Converter

Use the blue buttons above to download the software. Double-click the file when the download is complete, then follow the installation steps.

2. Open Files for Conversion

To add files for conversion, click Add Media and then Add Video. Locate the MOV videos you want to convert and open them. You can process multiple files simultaneously with Movavi Video Converter.

3. Specify the Output File Type and Set the Output Folder

Navigate to Video > WMV, and choose the WMV preset with the resolution that best fits your needs.

You can change the folder in the Save to box by clicking the folder icon if you wish.

4. Start Converting from MOV to WMV

To change the files from MOV to WMV, click the Convert button. You can check the conversion status by looking at the progress bar.

Most media formats supported by Movavi Video Converter can be encoded in both directions, so you can convert video from the WMV format to MOV as well. You can check out another step-by-step tutorial on WMV conversion.

Movavi Video Converter

The ideal way to get your media in the format you need!

  • Convert video, audio, DVDs, and image files
  • Enjoy lightning-fast conversion without quality loss
  • Improve quality, adjust sound, trim and join files before converting
  • Save video and audio clips for easy mobile access

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