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There are dozens of media codecs and containers out there because every technology company wants to create the next standard file format for video and audio compression. As a result, incompatibility between files and playback software or devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android-based platforms is a widespread problem, not just for movie fans but for regular users as well. This applies to the MOV (QuickTime) format which was developed by Apple for its QuickTime Player. MOV sometimes comes into conflict with Windows-based PCs and devices if the required codecs are not installed.

Format-related issues may include the following.

Your device can’t handle a MOV?

File footage distorted?

Running out of space for a video?

The easiest solution is to convert MOV to WMV – a format designed by Microsoft and playable in Windows Media Player. In this article, you'll see how to handle the .mov-to-.wmv conversion and learn about the differences between MOV and WMV formats.

To perform the transfer, all you need is an MOV-to-WMV converter. If your file is large and you can’t convert MOV-to-WMV for free using our online tool, why not try the Movavi desktop app – it is excellent for converting MOV to WMV and many other formats. The software supports most file types and codecs so that you can forget about problems with incompatibility. Below is the guide on how to convert MOV to WMV using Movavi Video Converter.

How to convert MOV to WMV on Windows and Mac with Movavi

Step 1. Install the Movavi QuickTime-to-WMV converter

Use the buttons below to download the software. Double-click the file when the download is complete and follow the installation steps.

Step 2. Open files for conversion

To add files for conversion, click Add Media and then Add Video. Locate the videos you want to convert and open them. Unlike the free MOV-to-WMV converter online, Movavi Video Converter can process files in batches.

Step 3. Specify the output file type

Navigate to the Video tab, select the WMV group of presets, and choose the WMV preset with the resolution that best fits your needs.

Step 4. Convert MOVs to WMVs

If necessary, change the destination folder by clicking the Save to button. To change MOV to WMV, click the Convert button. That's all there is to it!

Now you know how to convert .mov to .wmv using one of the most efficient media converters.

Comparing MOV vs. WMV

Comparison parameter



File extension

.mov, .qt

.wmv, .asf

Introduced by

Apple, 1998

Microsoft, 1999


H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, AIC, ProRes, Sorenson 1/3, PNG, CineForm

WMV V7, WMV V8, WMV 9, WMV 9 Screen, WMV 9 Advanced profile, MPEG-4, WMV 9.1 Image V2

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Regardless of the format you’re going to choose, if you’re likely to be switching between the two, we recommend you download a powerful tool to convert .mov to .wmv or vice versa. Movavi Video Converter might be one of the most easy-to-use MOV-to-WMV converters you can find. It supports 180+ formats and the SuperSpeed technology that allows for a swift conversion.

For single file conversions, it’s better to choose tools that let you convert MOV-to-WMV online. Try Online Video Converter. It is free and can process files as large as 100 MB. This online MOV-to-WMV converter can help you out from time to time.

Frequently asked questions

How do I convert MOV to WMV on Windows 10/8/7?

To convert MOV files to WMV on your PC, try Movavi Video Converter.

  1. Download and install the Movavi software.
    MOV-to-WMV converter free download page

  2. Import your files by clicking Add Media and selecting the Add Video option.

  3. Go to the Video tab and select one of the presets from the WMV group.

  4. Click Convert.

How do I convert MOV to WMV on Mac?

Although there is no pre-installed WMV codec for Mac computers, you can still convert QuickTime to the Windows Media Player format using Movavi Video Converter. Here is how you can convert MOV to WMV on your Mac computer.

  1. Download and install the Movavi converter.
    QuickTime-to-WMV converter for Mac

  2. Click Add Media, then choose the Add Video option. Find the MOV files you wish to convert.

  3. In the Video tab, find WMV and select the appropriate preset.

  4. Click Convert.

How do I perform the FFmpeg MOV-to-WMV conversion?

Launch the FFmpeg console and execute the following command: ffmpeg -i video.wmv. This is all you need to use the FFmpeg MOV-to-WMV converter.

How do I convert MOV to WMV in VLC?

VLC is a great app to convert MOV to WMV for free. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the VLC media player on your computer.
    The official VideoLAN website

  2. Go to the Media menu and select the Convert/Save option.

  3. Click the Add button, find the files you wish to convert, and click Open. Then click Convert/Save again.

  4. From the Profile drop-down menu, select Video - WMV + WMA (ASF).

  5. Choose the output folder.

  6. Convert QuickTime to WMV by clicking the Start button.

Can Windows Media Player open .mov files?

Windows Media Player is pre-installed on Windows PCs, but it lacks some codecs you might need to open specific files. There are downloadable MOV codecs for Windows Media Player that you can find on the Internet. K-Lite Codec Pack is a good option (download from verified sources only). Install these codecs to use Windows Media Player for MOV files. As soon as the QuickTime codec is installed, the videos will play smoothly.

If you want to save yourself the trouble of installing extra codecs, use a free MOV-to-WMV converter to change files online.

Convert files online

Can QuickTime Player open WMV files?

Yes, QuickTime can read WMV files provided the Flip4Mac plug-in is installed. If not, try Movavi Video Converter to transcode large files to any format you like, or use Online Video Converter to process small videos.

Convert files online

How do I open WMV on Mac?

Opening WMV on your Mac computer is possible if the Flip4Mac plug-in is installed. Alternatively, you can convert your files. Simply choose the most appropriate option for you:

  • Convert your WMV files using a desktop program like Movavi Video Converter or VLC.

  • Convert your files online.

Depending on the chosen method of viewing WMV on Mac, follow the appropriate link below.

Convert files online

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