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How to Convert AVI to GIF or GIF to AVI

Edited by Ben Jacklin

July 24, 2019

The AVI media container first appeared in 1992. Since then, it has become one of the most popular formats for video storage. Many home and commercial movies are stored in AVI. If you want to share some exceptionally emotional or funny moments from these movies with your friends, why not extract those moments from the videos and convert the AVIs to GIFs? These animated pictures can be attached to email or sent via messenger, and your friends can happily enjoy the GIFs.

You may also want to do the reverse: turn existing GIF images into AVI videos or even a single video. It can be useful, for example, if you are making a collection of your friend’s favorite GIFs or just want to be able to stop or continue playback of your files.

So, you might find an AVI-to-GIF or GIF-to-AVI converter useful. Try Movavi’s software! It will ensure the conversion is fast. You can also use it to trim your videos if you don’t want to use the whole AVI file or merge multiple files if you’re converting from GIF to AVI. Here’s a guide to how to do the conversion.

Install the AVI-to-GIF Converter from Movavi

Download Movavi Video Converter for Windows or Mac. Start the installation process: double-click the file and follow the instructions on the screen. After the installation is complete, run the software.

Upload Your Files

Add your videos or images to the program. Select a batch of AVIs or GIFs and drag them to the converter window. The types of files must be similar: all videos or all images. You can also add files by clicking the Add Media button and choosing Add Video or Add Images depending on the file types.

Trim Your AVIs before Converting (Optional)

If you want to use only a single clip from your AVI file, cut it out first. Find the file in the list and click Edit on the right of the filename. A new window will appear.

Below the preview of your video, there are two sliders bordered by a yellow line. This line represents the segment to be cut out. By moving the sliders, you can mark the footage you don’t need and hit Delete fragment. Repeat if necessary to remove other sections, then click Done to return to the main window.

Choose the Output Format

Choose the new format for your files. There’s a line of tabs under your file list. To change the extension of your videos from .avi to .gif, click the Images tab and find the GIF group of presets. Hit the appropriate button and select the preset you like best.

If you are starting with a GIF and want to convert it to AVI, go to the Video tab and choose the AVI group of presets. You’ll also need to select the appropriate preset. If you want your files to become a single video, turn the Merge files switch on.

Start to Convert from AVI to GIF or Vice Versa

Choose the folder in which to store the converted file (or files) by clicking the Folder icon. Hit Convert. Your files will be ready in a short time, ready to share them with your friends and loved ones!


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