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How to Convert AVI to MP3 and Vice Versa

Edited by Ben Jacklin

July 24, 2019

Sometimes when we watch a movie, we might really want to hold onto one or more pieces from the soundtrack. Of course, we can try to find them on the Web, but there is another way to get the tracks you really like. You can use a music extractor: a program that can convert AVI to MP3. It will extract the soundtrack from the movie and transform it into MP3 format, so you can listen to it on any device that can play back MP3 files.

You may also want to do the reverse – convert MP3 to AVI – if, for example, you want to upload music files to a device or website that doesn’t support MP3. So, in this case, you’ll need a media converter to change the type and format of your MP3 files.

We recommend you use Movavi Video Converter. It can handle two-way conversions: AVI to MP3 and MP3 to AVI, depending on what you want at any given time. Our program is very easy to work with - just follow the steps below and your files will be converted in just a few minutes.

Install Movavi Video Converter

Download the program for Windows or Mac depending on your computer’s OS. Launch the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Add Your Media

Run the program. Click the Add Media button in the main window. If you want to change the file extension from .avi to .mp3, choose Add Video and for the reverse procedure, hit Add Audio. Select one or multiple files from your folders.

Adjust the File Length

If you don’t want the whole video or audio to be converted, you can cut out the parts you don’t want. Here’s how to do it: locate the Edit button next to the file you want to trim (on the right) and click it.

A new window with the video preview will appear. There are two markers below the preview; move them to select each end of the unwanted part (it will be highlighted in yellow). Hit the Delete button to remove the unwanted segment. Repeat as needed and then click Done to return to the main window.

Choose the Output Format

Now your files are ready to be processed. If the original format is AVI, go to the Audio tab and choose the MP3 group of presets. Select the option you prefer: the original bitrate or another between 128 and 320 kbps. The output format will be shown below the preset groups.

The reverse conversion is also easy: if you’re starting with MP3, choose the Video tab and find the AVI group of presets. Select any size you want from the list and watch it appeared on the bottom.

Start the AVI-to-MP3 or MP3-to-AVI Conversion

The last part is the simplest one. Choose the target folder for the converted files by clicking the Folder button. Hit Convert and wait for a short while until your files are ready. Now you can enjoy your favorite audio tracks anywhere!


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