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  • Improve picture quality and even add makeup

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How to use a blemish remover

Ben Jacklin Edited by Ben Jacklin

You take your camera with you wherever you go because you know that spontaneous pictures are often more evocative than formal studio shots. You can take care of any spots, pimples, and skin imperfections later – all you need is a photo blemish remover. Movavi Photo Editor can turn your photos into perfect portraits in a heartbeat, and you won’t have to master a complicated photo editing app just to get rid of blemishes.

Use Movavi Photo Editor to remove pimples, wrinkles, zits, and other skin blemishes

Read this tutorial and learn how to remove blemishes from photos with Movavi Photo Editor. This tutorial applies to both Windows and Mac versions of the software.

Just download the version for your OS, install the program, and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Add your picture to Movavi Photo Editor

Launch the blemish removing program on your computer and add the image you want to fix. To open a photo for editing, click Browse for Images or simply drag and drop the desired image onto the working area of the program.

Browse for images that need a blemish fix

Step 2. Remove skin blemishes

Open the Retouching tab to access the blemish fix options. In the Skin section, use the Blemish removal tool to automatically erase pimples, acne, small wrinkles, and other imperfections – just set the tool size and click on the blemish you want to remove. Then hit Apply to save the result.

Open the Retouching tab to use the blemish remover

Note that there’s a dedicated wrinkle remover in our photo editor. Click the Wrinkle removal tool to mark and delete prominent wrinkles. Trace the wrinkles by holding the left mouse button. Release the button to make the wrinkles disappear. Adjust the brush size and softness as well as the effect intensity if necessary. When you’re finished, click Apply.

Use wrinkle remover in our photo editor

Step 3. Smooth out skin texture

Facial blemish removal is more than just getting rid of pimples: achieve clear skin by covering up unevenness and large pores with the Skin smoothing tool in the Skin section. Set the desired brush size and softness, as well as the smoothing intensity, and paint over the problem areas, then click Apply to save the changes.

Use Skin smoothing and Shine removal tools to remove blemishes

Use the Shine removal tool to reduce reflective glare and face shine. Click the Remove automatically button and let Picverse Photo Editor do the job for you. You can also remove the shine manually by painting over the problem areas with the brush.

Step 4. (Optional) Apply touch-ups and makeup

In addition to the blemish corrector, Picverse Photo Editor has other ways to improve a person’s appearance in a photo: eliminate red eye, whiten teeth, apply airbrush makeup, lip tints, and mascara using the dedicated tools. You can even try out new eye and hair shades with the Teeth Whitening, Eye color, and Hair color changers. Click on the appropriate options in the Eyes, Mouth, and Others sections to adjust and apply the changes.

Save the retouched image

Step 5. Save the retouched picture

After removing all scratches, spots, wrinkles, and other imperfections, you need to save the photo. To do this, click the floppy disk icon in the upper-right corner of the interface. In the window that opens, choose the name of your image, the output folder, and the format to save the file as. After that, click OK. Image retouching has never been so easy – and that’s the beauty of it!

Movavi Photo Editor - a great blemish remover

Movavi Photo Editor is a feature-rich photo editor that allows you to not only retouch photos but also enhance and alter them. Unleash your creativity with this powerful program!

Movavi Photo Editor

Easily enhance images and get professional-grade results in a snap.

*The free version of Movavi Photo Editor has the following restrictions: you can save up to 10 images with added watermark, screenshots are disabled.

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