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How to Retouch a Photo

Edited by Pat Bitton

July 24, 2019

The best moments of our lives should be captured in beautiful photos, but occasional imperfections can spoil the memories. Don’t get upset if you see defects in a wedding photo, a family portrait, or even a selfie. You can completely remove all of them with photo retouching. Movavi Photo Editor makes it as easy as can be. It can also help you repair damaged old photos that have been converted to a digital format. You won’t need to call on expensive professional services; the simple yet powerful Photo Editor lets you become your own retoucher, even if you’ve never done photo touch up before. You can even add your own creative ideas to the photo: adjust colors, experiment with contrast and brightness, and enhance the retouched image in many other ways to create the perfect image.

Look at what you can do with Movavi Photo Editor:

See for yourself why Movavi Photo Editor is the best software for photo retouching and picture restoration. Just download the Windows or Mac version, and follow the guide below to start doing photo retouch work quickly and easily.

Install Movavi Photo Editor

Open the installation file and follow the instructions on the screen.

Add Your Photo to the Program

Launch Photo Editor, click Browse for Images, and choose the file you want to edit. Alternatively, you can drag the image file onto the program working area.

Retouch the Photo

You can get rid of wrinkles, birthmarks, scars, and other skin flaws in portraits, as well as remove any spots, scuffs, scratches, or other unwanted objects that may have appeared in converted old and damaged photos. Just do the following:

To correct facial and other skin imperfections, open the Retouching tab and choose Blemish removal. Adjust the tool size to match the size of the area you want to retouch. Just click on the blemish and it will be gone as if by magic! Repeat the process for all the problem areas and click Apply. Make skin matte and radiant with the Skin smoothing and Shine removal tools. Use the Red eye removal and Teeth whitening tools to resolve these common problems in digital portraits. You can even add make-up or change eye and hair color!

To edit an old scanned image (to get rid of cracks, creases, spots, etc.), go to the Object Removal tab, choose the Brush tool, and select all the objects you want to remove. You can change the size of the brush by moving the Brush Size slider. Make sure the unwanted elements are highlighted in red, and click Start Erasing. The program will automatically erase blemishes and retouch the original photograph. You can also use the Magic Wand Tool to quickly select adjacent objects of the same color. The Lasso Tool will help you select the unwanted objects by outlining them. Use the Selection Eraser Tool to deselect parts of the image if you wish, or click Reset Selection to start over with the highlighting.

You can also retouch imperfections manually with the Stamp Tool: clone one piece of an image onto the imperfection to cover it up seamlessly. First, hold down the Alt key and left-click on the area you want to copy, then release the Alt key and click the element you want to mask with the patch you’ve just selected for copying.

To zoom in or out on your picture, use the mouse wheel or the dedicated slider at the bottom of the window. You can easily review all the changes you’ve made: hold down and release the View Original button to switch between the cleaned-up image and the original picture, or click Before / After to display both images side by side.

Adjust the Image Parameters

In addition to retouching, you can improve the appearance of your photo in many other ways: heighten contrast, sharpen blurry shots, find the balance between highlights and shadows to emphasize details that may be too dark or too light, or fix hue, temperature, and tint for color correction. You can set these and other parameters via the Adjust tab by moving the appropriate sliders. To adjust brightness and contrast automatically, try the Magic Enhance filter – the effect can be amazing.

Save the Result

When your picture is ready, save it by clicking the Save button. You can choose the destination folder, change the format of the file, or rename it. Click Save and enjoy the results!


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