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How to Make a Photo Look Vintage

Edited by Pat Bitton

July 24, 2019

Photos and images these days are so bright and saturated with color that sometimes our eyes can get tired of them. Maybe this fatigue is the cause of our love of old-fashioned images with their evocative tone and texture. Vintage photos somehow look warm and cozy, like your great-grandmother's sofa. Want to make a photo look vintage? There’s no need to buy an old-style camera, just download Movavi Photo Editor and apply the old photo filter to your image.

Movavi Photo Editor is a multi-functional program for Mac and Windows. The software can help you edit photos so they’re just what you want. You’ll need just a few clicks to make a photo look old, add some textures, change the background, make it transparent, and more. In this guide, we’re going to use the Movavi app as a vintage photo editor. You can, too, by following the instructions below.

Install and Launch Movavi Photo Editor

First, download the program (it’s free to try) and run the file. The installation won’t take long.

Add Your Image

After completing the required installation actions, launch Movavi Photo Editor and add the photo you want to work with. Drag it to the program window or click Browse for Images and select it from your computer’s directories.

Apply the Vintage Photo Filter

If you want to get his done fast, grab a pre-defined filter. Go to the Effects tab and choose Retro from the Effect Groups list. The available options appear on the right of the screen. Choose the old photo effect you like best.

You can also change the old photo filter intensity. Move the Intensity slider on the filter preview until you like the result. Click Apply.

Create Your Own Effects (Optional)

If you prefer to do everything yourself, there is another way to get a vintage look for your image. Mix several effects, and your photo will get a completely new appearance.

Tone Down the Colors

Old pictures look unsaturated, so it makes sense to remove some brightness from your photo. In the Effects tab, choose Classic and then apply one of the filters you’ll find there. For example, Sepia, Asphalt or Noir might suit your needs, depending on which tone you prefer – grey or yellow and brown. You can also change the intensity of the filter: just move the slider and click Apply.

Add a Special Flavor

When printed, old images change over the years, and these changes sometimes make the pictures look even better. You can simulate this: on the Effects tab, click Color Filters, which are all named after great painters. Choose the one you like best and add it to your image. Don’t forget to adjust the intensity.

Try a Vignette Effect

Old-fashioned photos are often unsaturated or darker at the edges than the center. To mimic this effect, add a vignette to your photo. Vignettes is also one of Effect Groups you may have noticed before. There are several options using different shapes and borders. Apply the vignette you like best.

Save the Resulting Photo

If you’re all done, save your image for further use by hitting Save. You’ll see a window where you can enter the file name, specify the destination folder, and choose the file type. Click the Save button again. Your ‘old’ photo is ready! Share it with friends and they will definitely appreciate your artistic skills!


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