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Need to make a video for YouTube? We know how! Use Movavi Video Editor

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How to Create Video for YouTube in Five Minutes

You don’t need to be a professional to create exciting YouTube videos. In fact, many of the most popular YouTube videos are home-made clips and comic shorts, shot on mobile phones as often as on expensive cameras. The most important thing is that the subject matter you capture is interesting or funny. And if you have great stills as well as videos, you can edit them together quickly and easily with Movavi Video Editor and upload them to YouTube afterwards!

Want to try it yourself? Just download Movavi Video Editor, the fast and easy movie maker, and go through the five simple steps below to make your own video or slideshow for YouTube!

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Step 1: Open Your Files

Step 1 - Open Your Files

After you’ve downloaded and installed the software, following the onscreen instructions, launch the program and click Create project in full feature mode in the welcome window. Then click Add Media Files, and select the video, audio, and pictures you want to use.

Step 2: Add Some Special Effects

Step 3. Apply effects to the video

Open the Filters tab shown in the illustration, and you’ll see a list with dozens of special effects for every possible need. To use any effect, just drag it down to the video segment you want to apply it to. You can even use several effects at once if you want. If you want to remove any effects you’ve already chosen, click on the small star icon on the video clip to see a list of applied effects. Choose the effect you want to delete and click Remove. For more information, check our guide on how to add special effects to a video.

Step 3: Incorporate Fades

Step 4. Choose transitions for connecting different fragments of the video

Make your video even more engaging with animated transitions between segments. Open the Transitions tab, choose the styles you like from the list, and drag them onto the spaces between clips in the working area. Double-click the transition in the working area to change its duration. Want to learn more? Check out our guide to adding animated transitions to a video.

Step 4: Add a Soundtrack

Step 5. Add titles or music using the Timeline mode

After you’ve applied all the filters and effects you want to your future masterpiece, you can add a soundtrack or even your own voiceover to comment on what’s happening in your video. To make a music video, add audio files by clicking Add Media Files in the Import tab, or drag them from the folder to the working area.

If you want to record a voice track with commentary, click the special microphone button above the timeline, check your microphone, set the necessary parameters, and click Start Recording. At the same time, the program will start playing your clip in the preview window so you can be sure to match your voiceover to the video in real time.

Step 5: Add Titles and Callouts

To create subtitles, open the Titles tab, choose the style you prefer, and drag it down to the working area – a special Titles Track will appear automatically. To enter the text, double-click the title and type your text in the preview window. Here, you can also edit other title parameters, such as duration, speed, font, and color. To save the results, click Apply at the upper right corner of the window.

Step 5. Add Titles and Callouts

You can also add different graphic symbols, like arrows and speech bubbles, to your YouTube video. To do this, open the Callouts tab and choose the symbols you like. Add and edit callouts the same way you worked with titles.

Step 6: Save Your Video and Share It on YouTube

Step 6. Upload video choosing right preset settings

Now your video-making process is complete. All you need to do is to save your video and publish it on YouTube. Relax! It’s easier than you think and takes just a couple of minutes. Click the Export button and select the tab For Uploading Online. Now choose the appropriate preset for YouTube video, type the filename, select the destination folder, and click Start. When your video is ready, you can share it on YouTube or other websites. Don't forget to send the link to all your friends so you can all enjoy the experience together!

Making and editing videos for YouTube is easy with Movavi Video Editor.

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