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WMV to MPEG-2 Converter - Convert WMV to MPEG-2.

With Movavi Video Converter you can organize and batch convert all your video and audio files between: VCD, DVD, AVI (DivX, MS MPEG4, uncompressed, etc), MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (PAL, NTSC), MP3, MOV, WMA, WMV, and WAV formats.

WMV is a video format developed by Microsoft and is designed to handle all types of video content. The files can be highly compressed and can be delivered as a continuous flow of data.

MPEG-2 is an encoding standard designed as an extension of the MPEG-1 international standard for digital compression of audio and video signals. MPEG-1 was designed to code progressively scanned video at bit rates up to about 1.5 Mbit/s for applications such as CD-i. MPEG-2 is directed at broadcast formats at higher data rates; it provides increased support for efficiently coding interlaced video, supports a wide range of bit rates and provides for multichannel surround sound coding such as PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS and MPEG audio.

With Movavi Video Converter you can convert WMV files to WMV to AVI, WMV to VCD, WMV to SVCD, WMV to DVD, WMV to WMA, WMV to MP3, WMV to MPEG-1, WMV to MPEG-2 .

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