Playback any media files and DVD with Movavi Media Player Mac OS X version here
  • Playback any media files and DVD
  • Watch 2D video in 3D
  • Play files directly from mobile devices
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Watch 2D video in 3D format with Movavi 3d media player

Playback 3D movies! Watch 2D in 3D format

Watch Side-by-side 3D vids which use horizontal frame splitting and Anaglyph – another form of stereo images composed into a single frame, where the distinction is made by color. Watch 2D home movies in 3D – just put on your 3D glasses, drag three simple sliders to bring depth and perspective to your movie, and click Play.

Play back any video and audio formats with Movavi media player

Open any video and audio formats

Have you ever had trouble playing media files? Now you can play any video and audio with the Movavi 3D Video Player. There is no need to install any additional codecs. Watch DVD movies in the original language with subtitles. You can easily switch between languages by choosing the audio track that you want from the shortcut menu.

Play any media files from your device with our media player

Play back media files from mobile devices

Watch video right from Apple iPod Classic, USB flash drives, USB external hard drives, or any USB-devices – no more hassle opening Windows Explorer or copying files to your hard drive. It's fast and easy. Be your own DJ – create playlists by adding single tracks or entire folders. Play videos one by one or activate the Shuffle mode to play items randomly.

Enjoy your special moments adjusting playback settings with our media player

Adjust playback settings

Zoom the preview window in and out to get the video size that works best for you. Set the required aspect ratio. Don't worry, the video will not be distorted – the program keeps the original proportions by cropping or adding a letterbox. Watch all your special moments in the most enjoyable way – thanks to Movavi.

Enhance your streaming video with Movavi

Enhance movies on-the-fly

Our media player lets you apply video filters and effects to enhance video quality whenever you want. Adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation of a movie – all while you're watching it! Finished? Now just relax, Movavi’s software will deliver an absorbing multimedia experience that's sure to keep you hooked.

Go green and save energy with Movavi media player

Join the Hi-tech Revolution! But don’t forget to go green and save energy

Using Intel and NVIDIA CUDA technologies, Movavi 3D Media Player delivers eye-pleasing fast and smooth media playback. Movavi's when-the-film-is-over options ensure that you conserve energy even if you fall asleep. Specify what the program should do when the movie ends: shut down the computer or activate hibernate mode.

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