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How does it work?

3D is just an illusion of depth perception, although quite an indulging one. The essence of the technique is to display two different images simultaneously on the screen, so that these images can be seen separately by the left and right eyes. Movavi 3D Media Player plays back videos composing both the left and right images into a single video frame. This can be done in a wide variety of ways: by splitting the frame horizontally (Side-by-side) or vertically (Over-under), or using anaglyph – another form of stereo images, where the distinction is made by color.

Once you've installed Movavi 3D Media Player, go ahead and run it so we can get started.

Opening 3D Video on NVIDIA 3D Vision / 3D Vision Discover PC

1. On the file menu, click Open 3D File... and choose the file you need from the list. Click OK.
2. Choose one of the frame formats from the Opening 3D File dialog box:

  • Anaglyph
  • Side-by-side

If you don't like the 3D effect, you can try another format when playing back the file.

Note: In order for the NVIDIA 3D Vision / 3D Vision Discover drivers to work properly, the program must enter the full-screen mode. To leave the full screen mode press the ESC key. Once you've left, the payback method would be automatically switched to Anaglyph.

Opening 3D Video

1. If the NVIDIA 3D Vision kit is not found on your PC, you only can choose the anaglyph method:

  • Color (Red - Cyan)
  • Optimized
  • True (Dark)
  • Gray

Anaglyph is used by default. You can change the anaglyph method at any time: from the Preferences menu, select the 3D tab and click Configure.

Note: once you’ve drag-and-drop a media file, it would not be recognized as 3D video. Please use the Opening 3D File option from the File menu instead.

Now when you know how to open files, just sit back, put on 3D glasses... Wait!

On 3D glasses in short

They can be passive (just lenses mounted in the frame), or active (electrically active, and therefore battery powered). If you run 3D Vision Discover PC all you need is ordinary two-color glasses, usually chromatically opposite, typically red (for the left eye) and cyan (blue/green). For NVIDIA 3D Vision kit, designed for an even more immersive high-definition and hi-fidelity gaming experience, you’d better use high tech active shutter glasses.

So, now you know all the stuff you need. Let the fun begin!

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