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The Best Vlogging Equipment

Edited by Ben Jacklin

Anybody can vlog, but only a few take it to the next level, it doesn't require rocket science to build an official blog, but there has to be a consistent effort, determination and periodic upgrade to keep visitors glued to the website. With a limited budget, it is possible to maintain a topnotch vlog if you know the best vlog equipment, their essentials and how to effectively use them. Not all expensive devices yield the best result; sometimes it might be a case of "penny wise, pound foolish" so always look before you leap into the use of substandard equipment that might affect your vlogging production adversely.

This article enumerates the trending vlogging equipment that should be in your vlogging starter kit needed to produce high-quality videos that will give your videos a professional sophistication and pitch you with the best video bloggers in town.

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Necessary vlogging starter kit equipment that you should possess


Cameras are one of the essential accessories for a vlogging (starter) kit, so much importance should be on the type and properties of the recorder of choice. There is an array of good ones out there, but you need to be sure of how it can suit your recording purpose before you choose to acquire it so check for the video quality, compatibility with other gadgets like a lens, external microphone and the durability requirement needed for the shooting location.

  • Action Camera. Action cameras are high-resolution 4K digital cameras that shoot live action in the perspective of the shooter at different locations, even at a water-surface level. Due to its rugged build, it can be attached to a helmet when cycling and captures extreme sports action like skydiving and base jumping.
  • Camcorder. With this device, you are sure to kill two birds with a stone. It is one of the most popular budget-friendly multipurpose devises that performs the function of a still camera and recorder comfortably; its dual role doesn't prevent it from producing high-quality video resolution shot and recording without much technical know-how.
  • Mirrorless Camera / DSLM. Due to technological advancement, the Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera has a digital display system while many others use the optical viewfinder, but the shutter remains. The camera permits interchange for compatible series of lenses and does not have an optical mirror to allow different types of shot.

Look for a camera

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Lightning is as essential as cameras in any video shoot because it adds quality to a video and plays a part in interpreting a concept of a video irrespective of the location and time of the day. It is intrinsic to adopt the use of proper lighting to positively separate your blog from others because most bloggers do not care enough. Depending on your expertise, you can achieve a bright day scenario with the proper lighting equipment at night, and viewers would not suspect a thing.

  • Ring Light. It comes in different sizes to perform an essential task of eradicating shadows from different directions and illuminating the surrounding of concentration to the extent of near-perfection. It is not surprising why the aesthetic industry and Vloggers rely on the light to meet their individual needs.
  • Umbrella Lights. When you need to shoot a video with soft lightning, umbrella lights should be among the first device to consider, it is adjustable and radiates within a controlled space and can focus on the particular character but also can reflect a broader range if needed. It is perfect for location shoots and backdrops.
  • Key / Fill / Backlights. Each of the three lights should position strategically at different angles from the subject. The Backlight should be the least bright and at a low intensity while the key light is also known as the leading light is the most gorgeous at 45° angle from the left-hand side of the camera and the Fill light 50-75% of the KeyLight.

Look for lightning equipment

External Recorder

Bad sound quality is equivalent to a turnoff irrespective of the high quality of the camera or lightning background. Arguably all cameras and laptops have an audio recording function, but it is not sufficient to achieve the best sound quality needed for our video blogging. Situations may arise where you have to record in open places, or there is a need to narrow down a sound, if you have an external sound recorder, you are good to go.

  • Shotgun Microphone. Shotgun Microphones are a unidirectional recorder that gathers high beam sound recordings for stationery sets like explainer tutorials or interviews, position it carefully to a sound source, and it will capture the lightest of sounds however you will need a boom stand to keep it in place.
  • Lavaliere / Lapel Microphone. Hands-free activities public speaking device that is small and can fit in hidden areas of our wares with a radio frequency transmitter kept on the carrier. When you need to record in a noisy place or where the carrier will have to move around, you should choose the tool.
  • USB Microphone. The USB microphone is a cheap alternative to other mentioned voice recorders, which is enough to get the best indoor recording output. Computer software is necessary for the receiver to process received sound. The device is perfect for webcam and stationary recordings.
  • Condenser Microphone. Musical vloggers admire the condenser mic for a lot of reasons, notably, the ability to achieve studio-like sound recordings for their live blog. It has a low mass which enables the diaphragm of a condenser to gather sound waves better than the dynamic microphone.

Look for a microphone

Tripod / Support

Supports such as tripod and others are to give the camera and flash unit stability and meet a desired height of elevation. Users can tilt, rotate, and perform other functions that fulfill the purposes of the equipment. Once the camera is on the tripod, filmers are sure if achieving a perfect angular or horizontality as compared to when carrying it on a bare hand. The same rule applies to other support equipment such as the selfie stick and camera stabilizer.

  • Tabletop Tripod. As the name implies, tabletop tripods are lightweight devices that do the work of the contemporary tripod excellently; however, it is just the smaller version. It has some advantages over the bigger ones. You can mount it on any flat surface and has an easy setup, not forgetting it is rugged enough to carry more than 2.2 lb which is above most DSLB camera weight.
  • Joby Gorillapod SLR. Extreme maneuverability makes this vlogging equipment stand out from its counterparts, it is very flexible, recordings can run smoothly with the gadget on impossible positions and places like rocks and trees and adjusts to the very direction you want with the aid of the (BH1-01EN) ball head and quick release plates.
  • Selfie Stick. Yeah, selfie sticks are as important as food to a vlogger that records with a mobile device because it does the work of a tripod. It allows users to tilt and turn, rotate, and stretch the device to a preferred position. When you master how to use this equipment like a professional, you don't need to get to your camera before making marvelous clips.

Look for a tripod

Editing Software

The job is only half ready after successfully shooting a video; the remaining delicate situation that determines how perfect your video will appear to visitors of your blog lies in your editing proficiency. A lousy video came come out good when appropriately edited with the right software.

There are numerous premium and free software's available online and in hardware, nevertheless, before you choose a software to edit your raw clips, endeavor to check the features and how effective it will be for your type of video. Most editing software is Jack of all trades but is more efficient for some distinct output, so take your time to read reviews, check the features and his compatible it is to your computer.

The above write-up gears you with the required equipment to ensure a high-level vlogging activity notwithstanding there are others that most people overlook that is very important to avert serious dent recordings for beginners, they are.

  • Extra Batteries. You surely do not want your recording session truncated due to a dead camera battery so ensure to have a spare battery(s) before commencing a recording. Imagine vlogging outdoor in a remote environment, and your camera suddenly goes off with another participant present. They will consider you as an amateur.

  • Microphone Muffler. The breeze is more than capable of ruining a sound recording, mainly when you shoot in a busy or noisy area. Mufflers protect the microphone from the effect of rushing breeze that makes terrible sound quality.

  • Memory Card. Get a compatible memory card for your camera in order not to lose vital recordings and increase the recording time capacity of the device. However, the materials should be quickly transferred to a computer immediately after each record.

  • Backdrop. You should consider using backdrops for your shoot to eliminate the background, there are times when you want to switch from the regular background and try something different, or your room is too tacky for an emergency shot. Set up your backdrop and start, recording, eliminating the unwanted experience.

  • Remote Shutter. Remote shutters can be convenient during your recording, cut off the stress of repositioning your camera before returning to record, shift the position of the camera, start and pause recording by just a click. It makes you perform the task of multiple people all by yourself without any stress or disruption of the session.

Now you can boast of being equipped to start your remarkable vlogging experience with the best video blogging equipment, don't just jump immediately headfirst without taking out time to set up your blog and learn or hire people that will efficiently handle your equipment. As for the choice of software that has arguably all the features of a 5 star, editing tools try the Movavi Video Editor, and you would not be disappointed.

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