5 Best Free DVD Players for Windows 10 and Mac

Can’t play a DVD? Convert your DVD to any readable video format with Movavi Video Converter:

  1. Download the program on your PC or Mac.
  2. Open your DVD in Movavi Video Converter.
  3. Select the desirable output video format.
  4. Convert your files in no time.

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Can’t find good freeware DVD player apps that are compatible with your PC or Mac? Look no further! We’ve checked some of the most popular programs of the kind and have come up with a list of the best free DVD players for Windows 10 or MacOS. These software applications for media playback will meet the essential needs of most users. And did we mention they are free? The details are down below!

Special Pick – Movavi Video Converter

You can also check out Movavi Video Converter – a simple and effective tool for switching between video, audio, and image formats.

Experiencing issues with DVDs? If your player can’t read discs, try converting your DVD to a more popular video format like MP4 or MOV. Movavi Video Converter offers a wide range of ready-to-use presets together with resizing and editing tools. Read the complete guide below.

List of the best DVD players for a laptop, PC, and Mac

Note that the following list is not arranged in any order of preference. This is just a top 5 of programs that we’ve found most useful.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC (stands for “VideoLAN Client”) is a free, open-source player developed by the VideoLAN project that’s available for a variety of platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, and more.

The program can help you play everything video-related – individual files, discs, streams, videos from webcams and other devices. It supports many streaming protocols and recognizes lots of codecs and formats like MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MPEG, H.264, WebM, MP3, FLAC, AAC, OGG, and dozens more – you can download virtually any video, audio, or subtitle file from the Web and be sure that VLC will open it. This DVD reader also has a very intuitive interface and is quite simple to use. Another upside is that the app’s equipped with good spyware protection and is not cluttered with advertisements.

Alternatively, you can use Movavi Video Converter that does the same and more at a reasonable price. Discover even more features, including essential editing tools, support for all popular devices and formats – just download the installation file, install the video converter, and simply turn your files to any desired format without the need to think about all those codecs!


  • Available for nearly every OS

  • Can process almost any media, DVD included

  • Can read damaged files


  • Can be overwhelming for beginners

2. Windows DVD Player

Windows DVD Player is a software tool developed by Microsoft that enables you to play DVD videos on Windows operating systems.

Even though the Windows 10 version of this DVD player software is paid, you can get it for free if you’re upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8 with Media Center included. Otherwise, you have to buy the software from Microsoft Store for $14.99. As soon as you run the application, it starts searching all local drives for a Video_TS folder and automatically tries to play the relevant data it finds. In some of its previous versions, the program could only play DVDs if a special MPEG decoder was present. On Windows 10, the app already has all the right decoders to let you watch your favorite movies. However, whenever you switch DVDs, you may have to restart the player if a new disc is not detected.

You don’t have to experience any of these problems if you’re using the video converter by Movavi. Just download the converter and change the format of any file to use it on any device you like!


  • Packed with all the necessary decoders

  • Lightweight and made specifically for Windows PCs

  • Can play self-made DVDs


  • Isn’t available for Mac users

  • Is paid if not included in Media Center

3. Leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo Blu-ray Player offers a wide range of media playback options so that users can have loads of fun watching their favorite content.

This software is multifunctional – it can be used as a free HD video player, an ISO file reader, an audio player, a DVD player for laptop or desktop computers, and a Blu-ray disc viewer. Leawo supports most Windows OS versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. It recognizes tons of video and audio formats, including MP4, MKV, MOV, MPEG, AVI, WTV; MP3, M4A, FLAC, and many others. The ability to play high-quality video recordings also comes very handy – up to 4K in MKV, MP4, and TS and up to 1080p in all popular media file formats.

Of course, you can do all this and more with Movavi Video Converter. Get the trial version to see for yourself! Converting your files to the format you need that’s tailored for any device is way more convenient than having to use special DVD-playing apps.


  • Can play high-quality videos

  • Offers a built-in equalizer and a screenshot maker

  • Allows you to choose a background and a theme


  • Has ads

4. 5K Player

5K Player by DearMob supports nearly all multimedia files and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. The app’s interface was designed so that users could access all features from a single window.

The features themselves are diverse: you can play DVDs on your computer, watch videos from YouTube, listen to favorite music and radio, or use AirPlay to stream media content between your devices. The latter feature only works if a device is plugged in to your PC or Mac and will play files stored in your computer’s memory. 5K Player also enables generating customized multimedia libraries to play the desired content without having to connect the relevant device to your computer. Another nice feature of the application is the ability to handle videos in 4K and 8K Ultra HD.

Again, you can choose the Movavi app to safely and reliably convert your files to the format of your choice. Download the program and forget all about looking for various codecs and players.


  • Can process high-quality video

  • Has its own equalizer

  • Also allows you to watch videos and listen to the radio online

  • Supports the AirPlay and DLNA protocols


  • Has ads

5. CyberLink PowerDVD

PowerDVD by CyberLink is a universal multimedia player for movies, video files, music, and pictures. The latest version of the program includes support for the UHD Blu-ray disc format.

It also contains other great features like 360-degree VR video when using certain cameras – you can enjoy watching VR content on special headsets. Correct and improve the image or colors as well as use the motion enhancement feature to render smoother movements in video footage. On top of all that, PowerDVD users are able to stream video content from YouTube, including live video and HDR if available. All in all, it’s a great point to start if you’re looking for a free, powerful, and easy-to-use DVD player.


  • Uses its TrueTheater 3D technology

  • Allows you to improve the quality of the picture

  • Has immersive features like 360-degree VR

  • Offers a screenshot maker


  • Doesn’t get updates very often

How to play DVDs using Movavi Video Converter

If your player simply won’t read your DVD, it’s often easier to convert the files to a more readable format. With Movavi Video Converter, you can do it in just a few steps.

Step 1. Download and install the program

Get the appropriate version of the software for your PC or Mac. Launch the installation file and follow the instructions.

Step 2. Import your DVD

Click Add Media, find Add DVD, and select Open DVD. In the new window, select the DVD that you wish to convert and click Open.

Step 3. Select the output format

Movavi Video Converter offers a variety of ready-to-use presets. Choose any output format you like – the most popular are MP4, MOV, and AVI.

To convert your files to MP4, go to the Video tab, click MP4, then select one of the options.

Step 4. Convert your DVD

When you have the right settings, you’re ready to convert. Click the Convert button and the program will do the rest. The folder with the converted files will open automatically once the process is complete.

Still wondering how to play DVDs on your laptop or desktop computer? There’s no need to look for special players, even the best ones in their category. Just use one program to convert any file to the format that’s right for your device. Download Movavi Video Converter and do it all from a single application – trim, crop, rotate, merge your files, improve the footage quality, stabilize your clips, adjust the sound level, and more!

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