16 Best Free MP4 Converters in 2024 [Windows/Mac/Online]

Follow these steps to convert your files:

  1. Download and launch Movavi Video Converter.

  2. Import MP4 files to the program.

  3. Select the output format and convert your videos.

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Best MP4 converters – desktop tools

If you’re looking for desktop converting software for your Mac or Windows computer, there are plenty of safe and easy-to-use programs available. You can simply visit each developer's website to download a video converter. You can benefit from additional editing features with several of these downloads. Some also function as MP4 players and can play other media using codecs your system may not otherwise support, including less common file types. Below is our list of the best MP4 converters. 

OS: Windows, macOS

In need of a versatile downloadable digital movie to MP4 converter? Movavi Video Converter is a great option that can give you consistent results. You can benefit from fast media conversion, with access to many file formats for conversions beyond MP4. You can also convert video to audio to save music from videos and convert other file types including images or photos. It features an intuitive design that's incredibly easy to pick up and use, and you can contact the customer support team if you need assistance when using this software.


  • Supports over 180 media file formats

  • Includes over 200 presets for myriad mobile devices

  • Facilitates high-quality conversions 

  • Provides simple editing tools

  • Customer support is available to provide assistance at any time


  • Can’t import videos using a URL

2. VLC

OS: Windows, macOS, Linux

VLC, or VideoLAN Client, is a great tool to use as both MP4 freeware for file conversion and a media player. This software is a reliable file player that includes certain codecs that many other media players don't, and it's compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. For example, you can use it to play AVI files on a Mac, which other default Apple-supported players may not play. It's also a convenient file encoder that makes it easy to convert MP4 files to many other media file types. If you want to turn movies to MP4 for free and be able to watch your videos using the same software, you can't go wrong with VLC.

Read a review of VLC Media Player by TechRadar.

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  • Software functions as both file converter and universal media player

  • The program includes many codecs that aren't available on some systems, allowing you to play files that other native players may not support

  • VLC is safe and secure to download, as one of the more established and reputable MP4 converters and freeware media players


  • Some users have reported issues with media playback, primarily with DVDs

  • Outdated design may not attract some users

OS: Windows

For an option that's both an online and downloadable MP4 freeware converter, Freemake Video Converter can give you the best of both worlds. You can use its website as a simple way to convert movies to MP4 for free, or you can download and install the Freemake Video Converter software to use on your device. The advantage of using the software is that you have more options when it comes to modifying the parameters of your videos. Before converting, you can use the software to edit video and audio codecs, the frame size, frame rate, bitrate, and other features. You can also save any custom settings as a preset for future conversions, making it even easier to use if you need it for frequent converting.

Read a review of Freemake Video Converter by TechRadar.

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  • Freemake Video Converter supports many file formats, including MP4 and a wide range of other video formats

  • The app includes both online and offline software versions

  • Software includes the ability to edit various video parameters


  • There is no Mac version

  • Editing features included with the software aren't available on the website

OS: macOS, Windows

Many people think of Apple's QuickTime Player as a simple media player that's included as the default on every Mac computer. However, it can also function as a free converter to MP4 and other file formats. If you have a Mac, then you likely already have access to this converter, but you can also download the application for Windows computers. For a quick and simple file converter that also doubles as a media player, this is a decent alternative to VLC.

Read reviews of QuickTime on Mac Update.

Proceed to the Mac Update website


  • QuickTime Player is included on many Mac computers already, which means you may not need to download it

  • You can use it as both a media player and file converter

  • QuickTime is well-established as safe, Apple-supported software without any worries regarding spyware, ads, or malicious software


  • The program doesn't provide many editing options for conversions; it functions primarily as a media player

OS: Windows, macOS, Linux

To get one of the more versatile MP4 converters for free, download HandBrake for easy conversions and multiple features. You can use HandBrake to convert video from just about any format, whether you use a Mac or Windows computer. In addition to converting files to nearly any other format, you can also benefit from several other features. Some added features include title, chapter, and range selection, chapter markers, support for both VFR and CFR, a live static and video preview feature, various video filters, and subtitles.

Read a review of HandBrake by TechRadar.

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  • HandBrake comes with many features beyond MP4 conversion

  • The app is safe to download as one of the more reputable free MP4 converters

  • There is an active forum and community to help you get the most from this software


  • The conversion option is not very user-friendly

OS: Windows

DVDVideoSoft Free MP4 Video Converter is a great free program that does exactly what you want it to – convert videos for free. The interface is simple, clutter-free, and allows you to quickly and painlessly convert a single video or in batches. There’s a small number of output options for this program, but for free software, it has all the popular ones you need. You can merge clips as well.

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  • Processes conversions very quickly

  • Batch conversion features

  • Interface is simple


  • The free version has a watermark on converted videos

  • Limited output options

OS: Windows

Format Factory is a multifunctional program that lets you convert videos to different formats. You can add videos from your computer or download a video using its URL. The app works with video, audio, and images. It can even convert PDF files. Apart from conversion, Format Factory offers editing tools like cropping and joining.

Read a review of Format Factory.

Go to the TechRadar website


  • Can download videos from a URL

  • Including editing tools

  • Can work with DVDs and CDs


  • Not available for Mac users

  • The interface is a bit outdated

OS: Windows

AVS Video Converter supports over 150 formats and offers profiles for social networks and different mobile devices, like iPhones and iPads. The app lets you convert 4K videos. It uses hardware acceleration to ensure a fast conversion process. The batch conversion feature allows you to convert multiple files at once. 

Read a review of AVS Video Converter.

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  • Fast conversion

  • Wide format support

  • Presets for different devices and platforms


  • No editing tools in the free version

Best free MP4 video converters – online tools

When looking for the ideal MP4 converter, you may not want to deal with any software downloads and instead look for a web-based solution. If you're looking for online converters for MP4, regardless of whether you use a Mac or Windows PC, the following are some of our favorite options. Using these platforms, you can simply upload your MP4 or other videos to the browser-based converter and complete the MP4 conversion entirely through their websites. Like the software options we've also reviewed, each website listed here is safe to use and secure, without the risk of downloading malicious software with your videos or having your sensitive data stolen or sold to a third party. Read on to learn about some of the best free MP4 converters available online. 

OS: any, works online

If you’re looking for an MP4 converter for free, FreeConvert.com is a solid option. This is a fast and simple tool that offers some extra security with 256 bit SSL encryption. Plus, they delete the video file from the server after 2 hours.

The program has support for many popular file formats – 60 in total – and it runs on a three-step process: Choose your file, select a format, and convert. More advanced users can take advantage of the other advanced features where you can alter the resolution, aspect ratio, frame rates, and codecs. You can also flip and rotate your videos and integrate some subtitles.

It’s a great free option if you just need to convert a single file that’s under 1 GB.


  • More secure than a lot of online converters on the market

  • Can handle batch conversions for 20 videos

  • Compression features are nice


  • Limited file size at 1 GB

10. Flvto

OS: any, works online

Flvto is another MP4 online converter that's free to use, simple in its design, and fast. It functions primarily as a YouTube video converter that you can use for free downloading of YouTube videos. However, you can also use it to convert files from your computer into MP4 or other formats, including MP4 HD or AVI. Whether you use a Mac, Windows, or Linux operating system, this platform is compatible with every device. This free MP4 video converter also allows you to download video and audio from many other websites beyond YouTube, including Dailymotion, Vimeo, and even social media sites like Facebook.

Read reviews of Flvto on Trustpilot.

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  • Flvto is simple and easy to use for basic file conversions to convert to MP4 and other formats.

  • The service can be used with websites like YouTube and other video hosting sites to convert online video to MP4

  • Flvto can download audio separately from videos


  • There’s a lack of other features outside of file conversion

  • Some users have reported a lack of customer support and technical issues with the desktop application

OS: any, works online

For a free MP4 converter online that offers more than simple MP4 video conversion, consider CloudConvert. This free converter to MP4 is a little different in that it allows you to edit files before converting. It's also easy to use and works with many other files beyond video, with the ability to convert audio, images, ebooks, and much more with over 200 file formats. In addition to uploading files from your computer, you can also convert files from your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Once you've chosen the file formats and uploaded your file, you can modify various aspects of the video including the video codec, Constant Rate Factor (CRF), preset, tune, profile, level, width, height, and more. Your data will remain secure when converting, and CloudConvert has partnered with multiple software vendors to provide high-quality conversions. The many features and capabilities make CloudConvert one of the most reliable online converters available.

Read reviews of CloudConvert on G2.

Proceed to the G2 website


  • CloudConvert supports more than 200 file formats

  • The service facilitates high-quality conversion without any loss of quality

  • CloudConvert keeps data secure with every conversion

  • There are various editing features to further optimize conversions


  • A paid subscription or package is required to access batch conversion capabilities and have no limit on the size of uploaded files

OS: any, works online

Convertio is another simple yet feature-rich converter. You can use this MP4 converter online for free as well, and you get a lot without the need to pay for a premium version or download software. Convertio makes it easy to simply drag and drop files, or you can select files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or a URL from a website like YouTube. This free MP4 video converter features 125 MP4 conversions and many other file formats, is entirely secure with an SSL certificate, and functions as an editor in addition to a converter. Editing features allow you to resize, rotate, adjust the quality of, and change the volume of your videos. The only issue you might experience with the free version is the 100 MB maximum file size for uploads with the free version.

Read reviews of Convertio on Trustpilot.

Proceed to the Trustpilot website


  • Convertio supports many MP4 conversions and a wide range of file formats

  • The service allows users to edit videos in addition to converting

  • Users can convert videos from URLs in addition to files on their devices or cloud storage accounts

  • SSL certificate keeps users' data safe and secure


  • 100 MB maximum file size may be too limiting for some users; you will need to pay for a paid plan for larger file sizes and other benefits

OS: any, works online

ConvertFiles is an online converter that may look very simple, but it's considered one of the more reliable converters and can give you consistent results. The bare-bones look of this website allows users to upload their files and convert them to several popular and less common file formats, with the ability to adjust the quality or screen size before converting. It's one of the simpler MP4 file converters, and you won't find many features beyond the basic modification capabilities. In addition to videos, you can also use ConvertFiles to convert audio, images, archives, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. If you want a simple and dependable, no-frills free MP4 converter, you can't go wrong with this option.

Read reviews of ConvertFiles on WOT.

Proceed to the WOT website


  • ConvertFiles is quick and easy to use as a basic converter

  • The service allows users to convert MP4s and other file types, including videos, audio, images, and more

  • ConvertFiles can adjust quality or size of files when converting


  • Simple, minimalist design and lack of features may not be ideal for some users looking for more from their MP4 converters

OS: any, works online

Want MP4 movie converters to enable you to edit certain aspects of your videos, including audio? OnlineConvert.com is a good tool to use as a fast and user-friendly solution. You can easily convert MP4 files and many other file formats—simply drag and drop files in the upload box, upload them from a folder, or upload files from Dropbox or Google Drive. It also enables you to paste URLs from other video hosting sites like YouTube to download videos. From there, you can choose a preset for your video, and edit various features of the video including the screen size, aspect ratio, video bitrate, file size, and more. You can also change audio quality, audio channels, and audio codecs. A Google Chrome extension is also available for even more convenience.

Read reviews of OnlineConvert.com on Trustpilot.

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  • OnlineConvert.com allows for many file conversions beyond MP4

  • The service can convert files from your device, Dropbox, or Google Drive

  • OnlineConvert.com can download videos from sites like YouTube

  • There are various video and audio editing features


  • Somewhat cluttered web design may not appeal to some users

15. Zamzar

OS: any, works online

Zamzar lets you convert files up to 50 MB for free. The drag&drop feature helps import files quickly and easily. Zamzar can work with video, audio, images, and documents. Online support is available in case you encounter some issues. 

The free version includes 2 conversions per day. You can remove this limitation by choosing one of the paid plans. Paid options also allow you to upload larger files. 


  • Simple interface

  • File upload from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive

  • Technical support


  • Limitations in the free version

OS: any, works online

This online converter lets you convert videos to a number of popular video formats. If you’re planning to transfer your video to a mobile device, you can choose from profiles made for certain devices to make sure you’re converting to a compatible format. You can upload files from your computer or from Google Drive, Dropbox, and a URL. Online Video Converter also lets you set the resolution of your video (up to 1080p). 


  • Presets for mobile devices

  • Option to change the video resolution


  • A limited number of supported formats

  • Ads in the free version

Summary: how to choose an MP4 converter

  • Consider your purpose. Depending on how often you’re going to need to convert files, choose a desktop program or an online tool. Online services can be a nice option for those who convert files rarely and whose files are relatively small. Desktop programs are better for long-term use and converting large files.
  • Ready-to-use presets. If you don’t have profound knowledge of video formats, codecs, and containers, it’s best to choose a converter that offers ready-to-use presets and device-targeted conversions that you can tweak.
  • Editing tools. Sometimes you want to just convert your videos, but other times you also want to trim, cut, or upscale them. In this case, choose a converter that offers at least basic video-editing functionality.
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