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How to convert MKV to AVI

How to convert MKV to AVI files? Try Movavi Video Converter!

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How to Convert MKV to AVI and Vice Versa

The MKV or Matroska format is getting more and more popular among online file sharers. It was designed as a new standard for high quality video compression, and is able to combine HD video with multiple audio tracks and subtitle tracks, which can lead to very large file sizes – over 4 GB. This becomes a problem because they don't fit on flash drives, steal a lot of disk space on your computer, and require a very powerful system for smooth playback. However, we often don’t really need all this data, so it’s important to have software at hand to convert MKV to AVI or another common format. Movavi offers an easy solution for fast MKV to AVI conversion.

Download Movavi Video Converter for Windows or Mac right now and give it a try. Just follow these simple steps below to start converting MKVs to AVI.

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Step 1: Install the Program on Your PC or Mac

Once the installation file has downloaded to your hard drive, open it and follow the on-screen instructions. Installation typically takes around half a minute.

Step 2: Add MKV Files to the Program for Encoding

Step 2 - Open your files in Movavi AVI to MKV Converter

Click Add Video and open the files you want to convert. The batch conversion feature enables you to encode several files simultaneously, so you don’t have to add and convert them one by one.

Step 3: Select the Output Format

Step 3 - Choose the Output Format

Open the Convert to list, navigate to Video and audio > AVI, and select the AVI preset that best suits your needs. If you use Windows and your computer supports Intel® or CUDA graphics technologies, conversion to AVI video may be accelerated. If you are simply converting from MKV to AVI without changing the codec or resolution, the files will be converted even faster using the SuperSpeed technology.

Video Converter supports more than 180 different multimedia formats and codecs, so you’re sure to find the one you need. Typically, MKV files may be compressed into AVI, but you can also change AVI to MKV or another movie format if you wish.

Step 4: Start the Conversion

Step 4 - Convert Avi to MKV

Once everything is set, check the Destination field below the Convert to list and make sure you’re putting the output files in the right place, then click the Convert button to start. The folder with the converted files will open automatically once the operation is over.

See what else Movavi Video Converter can do for you:

Movavi Video Converter

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