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How to Make a Meme Video

If you ever wondered how to make those funny videos you saw on the Internet, read this article and give it a try. It won’t take much effort to make a meme video. All you need is your creativity, sense of humor, and software to create a cool video with text. Send your meme to friends on social media or upload your video to YouTube.

How to make a meme video on a desktop

Memes are viral content on the Internet and social media. You can create video memes with funny captions on PC or Mac with Movavi Video Editor. With a free trial and versions available for macOS and Windows, Movavi’s video editing software provides professional-level features and tools in a user-friendly interface that’s easy to learn. Whether you want to add a text box, overlay captions, or write text on videos for other purposes, Movavi Video Editor is a robust tool that gives you everything you need to create really cool videos – without the steep learning curve of some other software options. Follow the steps below to make a video meme.

Step 1. Download and install the program

Download Movavi Video Editor to your computer. Install the app following the onscreen instructions.

Step 2. Add the video

Click Add Files to add a video you want to edit. The video will appear in the Project files tab. Drag it onto the Timeline.

Step 3. Add subtitles

To add captions to your video, click the Titles tab. Select the Simple text title and drop it to the Timeline.

Step 4. Edit subtitles

Double-click the title on the timeline. Under the Text tab you can modify the color, size, and position of your title as well as the font style. We recommend using the Impact font style which suits memes well. Under the Clip tab, set the duration of your title so that it matches the duration of your video. You can save your custom title for future use on the New Preset tab. Click Apply to save the changes.

Step 5. Save the result

When your video meme is ready, click the Export button. Select the desired format for your meme. Name the video, choose the quality, and the destination folder for the file. Click Start. Wait just a few minutes and your meme is saved. You can now upload it to YouTube or Vimeo right from the program by clicking the Upload Online tab.

How to make a YouTube video meme online

Downloading and installing a full-scale video editor just for making a meme video seems like an overkill. Using a simple and fast online tool that doesn’t require a download is a more preferable option. Use Fastreel to create a funny meme video in a few simple steps.

Step 1. Upload the video

Open the Fastreel website and click the Add Your File button, or simply drag and drop the video you want to edit.

Go to the Fastreel website

Step 2. Add the text

On the right panel of the editor’s interface you can enter the desired text and change its color, font type, and size as well as the background color. Drag the text frame to change the position of the captions.

Step 3. Save the result

If you want to add the music to the video or use any other editing tool click the Continue in Other Tools button. If you are satisfied with the meme video, click the Export Result button. Choose the free export option in the lower part of the screen, or one of the subscription plans. Wait until your video is processed and click the Download button.

How to make a meme video on your smartphone

Memes are usually created and viewed in social media. All popular social media have mobile apps and most users access the media from their smartphones. Making the meme video with a mobile video editor seems like one of the most convenient options. If you are interested in making a video meme on iPhone or Android you can take advantage of the Movavi Clips app. Read the instructions below to learn how to make a meme with Movavi Clips.

Step 1. Download Movavi Clips

Go to Google Play or App Store and download Movavi Clips. When the installation process is complete, tap the icon to launch the app.

Step 2. Upload your video

Tap the Plus button at the bottom of the screen. On the new screen, select one or more videos under the Videos tab and tap Start editing.

On the Choose aspect ratio screen, tap the desired ratio for the video. To keep the current aspect ratio, select the highlighted option.

Step 3. Add the captions

Tap Text on the toolbar, then enter the desired phrase and tap Done. You can move the text frame with your finger and use the tabs in the lower part of the screen to choose the font, style and color of the text. Tap the Apply text to the entire video switch. Finally, tap the check mark icon to finish editing the subtitles.

Step 4. Save the video

Tap the Save icon in the top-right corner.

On the new screen, tap Save. When the processing is complete, the video will be ready for you to use. To share the result on social media directly from the app, tap Share.

Now you know how to use our video-editing program for Android as a meme maker. Feel free to experiment and explore all the features of Movavi Clips.


Memes arise from many different internet communities, from image boards to LiveJournal. Anything can lead to the appearance of a meme: a phrase, news in the media, a cultural object, a symbol, a character in a book or film, etc. Once it has come to life, the meme gradually spreads beyond its initial community if it is understandable by people outside the community, or it remains an in-joke within the community. So you could say that the internet meme is a new form of online folklore that anyone can contribute to. Each of the video editors described in an article can help you create a viral meme, so choose the most suitable for you and make your own memes without a hassle.

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