Top-10 Video Players for Slow Motion in 2023

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Movavi Video Editor
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Video editor that can save your video to slow-motion permanently

The VLC Media Player
(Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS)

Wide format support, compatibility with many OSs

Best for Mac computers

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Top-10 slow-motion players

There are many slow-motion video players online. And because of this, it can be overwhelming to find the best video player for you. Much time can be spent trying to find the “perfect” video player or editor that can suit your needs.

There is no need to worry. We have saved you from this trouble and worry. After searching through the internet, we are proud to present our curated list of the best slow-motion video players. Like all of our other lists, the software below is not ordered based on rank or preference. Our ultimate objective is that you find the best slow-motion players that work for you. Having said that, we believe that the following list of slow-motion players will suit your needs, regardless of your experience level or your project.

Movavi Video Editor

Of all the software on the list, this one is a video editor. This means that you can not only play your videos at a slow speed but also save it for viewing at the same speed later. The video editor gives you full zoom and speed control over the videos. Download the free trial version to check it out!

OS: Windows, Mac

Price: free trial/full version for $79.95


  • Slow-motion feature

  • Easy export in any popular format

  • Direct sharing on video sharing sites like YouTube


  • Easy to master

  • Many editing options


  • The full version of the app is paid

The VLC Media Player

VLC media player

The VLC media player is an open-source multimedia program. This slow-motion player prides itself on being simple to use, fast, and powerful. It plays most multimedia files, along with DVDs, CDs, VCDs, and other various streaming protocols. As with these other players, this slo-mo video player is completely free. There is no spyware, ads, or user tracking when using the VLC media player.

OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS

Price: free


  • Wide-format support

  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS


  • Can play videos with a slow-motion effect

  • Has a few basic video-editing features


  • The settings may be confusing for beginners

Download the VLC Media Player

Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is a self-described “universal video player.” It prides itself on its versatility. It can play videos in a wide array of file formats like FLV, MP4, MOV, DAT, and MKV. This video slow-motion player is available on Mac. It also provides a thorough user manual should you have any questions about using the video player.

OS: Mac

Price: free


  • Advanced video playback and slow-motion effect

  • Ability to create bookmarks at particular parts of your video

  • Native volume control


  • Plays videos in popular formats

  • Can loop any audio or video clip continuously


  • Available for Mac only

Download Elmedia Player

Flip Player

Flip Player

Created and developed by TeleStream, Flip Player is another video editor that allows you to play a video in slow motion. Compared to other video editors and players, Flip Player is simpler in terms of its appearance and features. FlipPlayer has both a free and paid version. The paid version costs USD $29. Unfortunately, the paid version is the only version that contains slow-motion playback. Like Elmedia Player, Flip Player has released a user guide to answer frequently asked questions.

OS: Windows

Price: free/Pro version for $29


  • Slow-motion playback

  • Non-intrusive playback controls

  • Instant replay navigation

  • Option of dimming background lights


  • Easy to use

  • Playback of your videos in popular formats


  • Advanced features are available in the paid version only

Download Flip Player

Slow Motion Video

Slow Motion Video

Slow Motion Video is one of the simplest video players on this list, yet it focuses on making it easy to view slow-motion video. According to the creators, this slow-motion video player for Windows 10 can be used for things like watching sports or dancing videos or even just viewing hilarious videos with your children. You can find it in the Microsoft store.

OS: Windows

Price: free


  • Slow-motion effect

  • Ability to double the speed

  • Supported on Windows 10 or higher, Xbox One


  • Completely free

  • User-friendly interface


  • Saves edited videos without audio

Download Slow Motion Video

ProAm - Analysis Studio

ProAm - Analysis Studio

ProAm - Analysis Studio can turn your laptop into a slow-motion capture and analytics tool. Analysis Studio is mostly targeted at individuals in the sports industry. It also prides itself on its simplicity of use. Finally, ProAm - Analysis Studio is available for Windows only.

OS: Windows, iOS, Android

Price: free trial/full version for $65


  • Live video recording at 125 frames per second

  • Immediate side-by-side analysis


  • Can add your own drawings to videos

  • Suitable for analyzing sports videos


  • Compatible with Windows only

Download ProAm - Analysis Studio



How to watch a video in slow motion on iOS? Get SloPro! This app markets itself as the number one slow-motion video app on iTunes. There is a three-step process to use SloPro. You first shoot the video that you want to capture. From there, you edit the video and add slow-motion effects using the software’s editing system. Finally, you can share your slow-motion videos on popular websites like Facebook and YouTube. SloPro also offers a pro upgrade that allows you to remove watermarks, export your videos to your camera rolls, and email your videos.


Price: free/Pro version for $3.99


  • Slow and fast motion effects

  • In-app sharing

  • Supported on iOS 9.0 or later


  • Can edit a video while shooting

  • Provides different slow-motion effects


  • Adds watermark in a free version

Download SloPro

The Quintic Player

Quintic provides software and services to improve athletic performance. No wonder they have a slow-motion video player! With frame-by-frame analysis and zoom, you can see the details on any video, whether it’s a recording of your game or anything else. It’s super easy to use and has versions for PC and Mac.

OS: Windows, Mac

Price: free


  • Wide format compatibility

  • Zooming in on a video

  • Slow-motion watching

  • Processing videos frame-by-frame


  • Claims to be perfect for sports performance analysis

  • Supports all the most popular video formats


  • Very few reviews to consult

Download the Quintic Player


This slow-motion video player claims to support almost any type of video: WebM, HD DVD, AVCHD, online, etc. It can also look for subtitles for your movies. The slow-motion player is translated into more than 90 languages and has plenty of skins for customization. With plenty of reviews and users, it’s a good answer on how to play video in slow motion.

OS: Windows

Price: free


  • Support for rare video formats

  • Localization into more than 90 languages

  • Skins available


  • Great for weak PCs

  • Finding subtitles for movies you’re watching


  • Users indicate ad banners in the app

Download BS.Player


This free slow-motion player is great for playing high-quality video and music. You can even use it to play 360° videos in VR! It can slow the playback speed up to x0.5 of the original video. If this is what you need, this video player with slow motion is for you!

OS: Windows, Mac

Price: free


  • Playing videos up to 4K

  • Watching 360° videos in VR

  • Source code available


  • Online video integrations

  • Wireless streaming feature


  • Users report glitches with playback and uninstalling

Download 5KPlayer

How to slow down video without a slow-motion player

If you want to create your own slow-motion video, we recommend you try Movavi Video Editor. Download the app and follow the steps below.

1. Download the installation file, install the program on your PC or Mac and launch the video editor.

2. Click the Add Files button, select a video you want to edit, and click Open. Next, drag your video to the Timeline.

Add files for video editing

3. Hit Clip Properties to change the video speed. Move the Speed slider to the left to make your video slower. You can play the video in the preview window.

Сhange the video speed

4. To save the edited video, click the Export button, specify the settings, and hit Start.

Get started today

Watching and editing slow-motion videos can be an extremely fun experience. Finding the best editor and player, however, is much less fun.

Even though there are many slow-motion players on the internet today, the seven players and editors listed above are the easiest to use, provide the most flexibility to play and edit your videos, and have great documentation to answer any questions that you may have.

Whether you choose Movavi Video Editor or something else, we hope that you use one of the above video players for your slow-motion needs. Having said that, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about Movavi Video Editor, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can download a trial version of our program by clicking here.

Movavi Video Editor

Make videos. Create. Inspire.

*The trial version of Movavi Video Editor may have the following restrictions depending on the build: a 7-day trial period, watermark on exported clips, 60-second video or 1/2 audio length limit, and/or some advanced features unavailable when exporting videos.

Frequently asked questions

How do I slow down a video in Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player has a lot more features than you may think. Using it, you can change the speed of your video and apply other modifications to the playback. For example, you can watch a video frame by frame in Windows Media Player.

To watch a video in slow motion, open the video in Windows Media Player, right-click to open the menu, and select Enhancements. Then click Play speed settings and move the slider to the desired speed.

If you want to add a permanent slow-motion effect to your video, use video-editing software. Follow the link below to learn how to slow down a video using Movavi Video Editor Plus.

How do you make a timelapse video slower?

Read the guide linked below to learn how to slow down a video.

How to slow down a video

If you want to know how to make a time-lapse video, here’s a guide that will help you.

How to make a time-lapse video

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