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How to Remove Sound from Video

Edited by Pat Bitton

July 30, 2019

It’s always annoying when you’ve shot a great-looking video but later find the audio has some unwanted noise that can be distracting to your audience. Fortunately, there is a quick way to rescue such videos – you can simply remove the unwanted sound from the clip and replace it with your own audio track if you wish.

All you need is the right software for your computer or mobile device. Try Movavi’s multimedia software: Video Editor and Clips are both multifunctional apps that can help you not only mute video, but also overlay music, apply special effects, add transitions and titles, and much more. In this article, you’ll learn how to remove unwanted sound from your video using Movavi apps.

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Removing Sound on a PC or Mac

To learn how to remove audio from video on a computer, download Movavi Video Editor for PC or Mac. The program is easy-to-master, even for a complete beginner.

Just follow the steps below.

Install the Sound Remover App

Wait until the download is complete and open the setup file. Follow the on-screen guidelines to install the program.

Add Video

Open the program and select Create project in full feature mode. Then click Add Media Files and select the video you want to edit – it will be added to the Timeline automatically.

Add files to the program before removing audio from video

Remove Audio

To delete the sound from your video, just click the original audio track on the Timeline and press the Remove button as shown in the screen image.

Remove the sound from your video

Add Music (Optional)

Click Add Media Files and select the audio file you want to use – it will be added to the Audio Track automatically. You can also choose a track from the built-in music collection – just click Sounds and drag your selected track to the Timeline.

If your video appears to be longer than the music you’ve added, you can just duplicate the audio file and place both on the same track. Alternatively, you can upload another audio file to fill the space. If the music is longer than the video, you can drag the right edge of the audio to the left along the timeline until it lines up with the end of your clip.

Add new audio track after you've muted the video

Save Your Video

Click Export and choose the tab that fits your needs best. You can save your video file to store on your hard drive, export it for viewing on a mobile device, or prepare it for uploading to the internet. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate option, click Start to save the file in the optimum format.

Save your video on the computer

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Removing Sound Using an iPhone

If you have footage on your iPhone and feel the need to remove audio from video, try Movavi Clips. This app is a mobile video editor that can easily be used to make a video mute. Here’s how to do it.

Upload Your Video to Movavi Clips

Download the application for iOS and tap on the program icon. Once it’s loaded, you’ll see a round Plus button. Touch it, tap Video, then choose your preferred aspect ratio and select your video in the window that appears. Tap the Start editing button.

Remove the Audio

Now your video is uploaded to Movavi Clips, go to the Audio tab by tapping its icon on the toolbar. Set the Video volume slider to 0%. That’s all you need to do! If you want, you can add your own soundtrack: to do this, tap the button with the Plus sign and choose a new audio file. After that’s done, tap the button with the Сheck mark.

Save the Result

Tap the Save button in the upper right. In the window that appears, tap Save. Now you can enjoy your video without unwanted sounds!


As you can see, it is very easy to remove audio on iPhone. Check the guide for Android phones below.

Removing Sound with Your Android Phone

To remove sound from a video on your Android smartphone, get the Android version of Movavi Clips. Deleting audio with this app takes just a few taps. Here are the instructions for how to do this.

Download Movavi Clips and Add Your Video

Get the app from Play Market and launch it. You’ll see an arrow pointing to a Plus button. Tap the button and choose Video. Then select the video you want to mute and tap Start editing. Select the option that suits you best in the Choose aspect ratio menu.

Remove Audio

Tap the Audio button at the far left of the toolbar. To adjust the settings, tap the Cogwheel.

Move the Video volume slider to the left until it reaches 0%. Touch Plus to add new audio if you want. Select a track and tap Add. After you’ve done that, touch the Check mark icon.

Save the Result

To save the resulting video, tap the Save button at the top right. You’ll see a new window with a preview of your movie. Tap Save one more time and there you go!


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