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How to Improve the Quality of Video

This tutorial refers to Movavi Video Editor for Windows.
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When you're focused on shooting video, do you always remember about the settings of your camera? When you are reviewing captured video, how often do you find it’s too dark or the focus is blurred? Digital video is great for ease of use, but you still have to use your brain as well as press the button. With Movavi Video Editor – our video improvement software, you can fix these flaws in a few clicks. Plus, you can apply artistic effects and turn your home movie into a work of art. Download Movavi Video Editor for free and check for yourself!

In Movavi Video Editor, you will find 4 automatic and 10 professional filters that will help you to improve the quality of your videos, as well as 20+ artistic filters to give your movies a fresh, new look.

Automatic Video Enhancement

Automatic filters correct the most common problems by analyzing and calculating the best characteristics for your video. These filters noticeably improve video quality and are very easy to use – all the changes are made automatically!

Auto Contrast calculates the best contrast for the frame and enhances highlights and shadows, making the dark elements darker and the light ones lighter.

Auto Saturation adjusts the color saturation of the entire image.

WhiteBalance calculates the best white balance values relative to the lighting conditions, removing gray or blue casts.

MagicEnhance Click to view

MagicEnhance automatically balances color, as well as adjusts brightness, contrast and color levels. Check the demo video to see how MagicEnhance can improve the video.

Professional Video Enhancement

Professional filters allow you to increase video quality manually and give you advanced video tools that are still easy for amateurs to use. Deinterlace, Brightness, Contrast, Blur, Sharpen, Color Balance, Hue/Saturation, Gamma, Chroma Balance, Deblocking – everything to help the amateur to create a professional-looking product.

When you shoot fast-moving objects such as birds, animals, cars, athletes, etc., the details can easily become blurred. To enhance your video quality, apply the Sharpen filter that focuses blurry frames by increasing the contrast of adjacent pixels.

Poor lightning or shooting against the sun causes the picture to be too dark. To repair such a video, apply the Brightness filter, which allows manual enhancement of highlights and shadows to make them darker or lighter.

Shooting fast-moving objects, along with blurriness you can also experience "interlacing". You can easily distinguish an interlaced video from a blurry one by the horizontal stripes that are present across the entire frame. To fix it, employ the Deinterlace filter that transforms the mixed frames into normal video frames and removes the interlaced horizontal rows.

Special Effects

Are you crazy about special effects? Do you want to experiment with giving your video a completely different look and feel? Our artistic effects are at your disposal! You can even apply more than one effect at the same time and turn your video into a sci-fi movie or a black-and-white film noir from the 30s.

Professional video Filters

Just download Movavi Video Editor and learn how to improve video quality easily! Video Editor from Movavi is a master of video enhancement!

In addition to improving video quality and working with special effects, there are plenty of additional video editing options in Movavi Video Editor. Split your video into multiple parts, add stunning transitions between the fragments, and create a unique atmosphere by adding breathtaking music to your clip.

You can find more information about working in Movavi Video Editor in our step-by-step guide to making home movies.

See what else you can do with Movavi Video Editor:

Movavi Video Editor

  • Edit video on the timeline
  • Apply effects, use filters
  • Add titles, music, logo
  • Capture TV, webcam, VHS
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Movavi Video Suite

  • Edit 2D & 3D video, apply effects
  • Convert video, audio, and DVD
  • Encode for mobile devices
  • Capture screencasts or web
  • Play 2D video in 3D
  • Burn discs, make slideshows
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