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How to capture video from cameras,
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How to record a video on PC

If you have a video camera, you surely know what video capture/recording is. Realtime video capture is the process of encoding the input (often analog) signal into a digital video stream and saving it as a video file. The input sources include digital cameras, old good VCR players, TV tuners, and more. In other words, to save video from a DV or MiniDV camera to your computer or digitize video from old VHS cassettes, you should capture video footage using special software.

Another situation is when you want to capture your computer screen to create video guides or video lessons on how to use this or that program for Windows or Mac. You can capture screen footage yourself, or record online streaming video, or even a gameplay to show your friends how to complete a difficult mission.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio combines video capturing from devices and computer screen. Besides saving video from digital cams, webcams, TV tuners, VHS, it enables you to capture flash video from your web browser, full screen PC games, and regular screencasts.

Download and install Screen Capture Studio trial version and follow these instructions for video capturing.

Capturing Video from Cameras, TV Tuner, and VCR Players

  • To capture video from the video camera, plug your device in the computer, and wait until it is recognized by your operating system. If you need to record webcam video on your laptop, the program will detect the camera automatically.
  • Open the Program Files folder, locate the Screen Capture Studio folder, and select VideoCapture from it.
  • Choose your camera/TV tuner in the Video Capture Device box, then click Start Capture. For more detailed instructions on capturing video from analog devices, please check the tutorial on capturing VHS cassettes.
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Screen Video Capture

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is designed for easy video recording of any type of screen video with audio (desktop, games, online live video broadcasts, YouTube clips, etc.) and saving them in any video formats including HD video, AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, and more. Moreover, the program allows you to edit recorded in the video editor, overlay your own voice commentary to create a featured video tutorial or demo, add titles, music, and special effects.

Click the button to start using video capturing program

  • When the program is launched, you can see the red capture frame which you can move and adjust according to your task. If you want to record the full screen, open the Capture Area list and select the corresponding feature.

  • How to record video and audio on PC and save the result

  • Depending on what you’re capturing, select one of three capture modes: Screencast, Online Video, or Game, then click REC to start.

  • To finish recording, click the Stop button on the interface or press F10 on the keyboard. You will see the preview window with 4 options. If you want to simply save the screencast, choose the output format or keep the default one, and click Save. The file will be saved in the Movavi Library folder in My Videos section of your hard drive.

For more detailed instructions on different kinds of capturing check other Screen Video Capturing tutorials.

Screen Capture Studio:

  • Capture screencasts, online video
  • Create videoguides with captions
  • Record microphone or speakers audio
  • Record webcam video
  • Add special effects and filters
  • Burn video to DVD
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