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How to record your computer screen

This tutorial is relevant for the Windows version of Movavi Screen Capture.
If you use Mac, please try our Mac OS screen capture

Almost all of us know how to grab desktop screenshots in this or that way. But what if you need a video and audio recording of your screen? Perhaps, you’re going to create a video software tutorial or a demo presentation to promote your project or website? If you’re a gamer looking for the program to share a recorded mission with your mates? Or you want to create a clip based on some webcam recordings?

Screen Capture Studio can do it all! Capture the computer screen while playing a video game, browsing the web, watching online videos, chatting via Skype, or working with some new desktop application.

Download Screen Capture Studio right now and check this guide to learn how to record the screen with Movavi’s ultimate capturing software for Windows.

Step 1: Install Screen Recorder

Once you’ve downloaded the program, run and install it according to the instructions. Screen Capture Studio is Windows XP, Vista, and Win7 compatible so you won’t encounter any troubles with it.

Step 2: Choose the Capture Mode

Step 2 - Start using screen recorder from Movavi

The program offers three capture modes for recording different kinds of screen activities. Use the Screencast mode for regular PC screen recording (desktop, software, etc.). Select Game if you’re going to capture screen on your PC during a video game. Under this mode, the program minimizes to tray and the full screen recording starts automatically. The Online Video mode is designed for making the screen capture of webcasts and live streams.

Step 3: Capture video from your desktop

Step 3 - Click the button to start using screen recording software

Once you’ve selected the appropriate capture mode, customize the capture area. If you need to record at full screen, just open the area menu and choose this option. You can also choose between standard and widescreen sizes as well as adjust the capture frame manually. Move it to the exact area of the screen you want to record. If you don’t need sound recording, open the Audio menu and put the tick away from the Record Audio option. Click REC for screen capturing.

Step 4: Edit the captured material

Step 4 - Use screen grabber and edit the video

After you’ve captured what you intended, click Stop or press F10 to finish. When you see the preview interface, click Edit to be able to open your screencast within a built-in video editor which enables you to apply filters and special effects, add captions, change audio tracks, and transform video in many other ways. Place your video on the timeline and start improving it!

Step 5: Save video in any format or convert for mobile device

Step 5 - Record computer screen and save the result

No matter whether you used the video editor or not, you can save the recording in any video format to watch it on DVD, desktop computer, media players, smartphone or tablet. If you are in the video editor, click the Export tab and select Save as Video File or Save for Mobile Device. If you’re saving the recorded video straight from the preview window, choose one of the presets for formats or devices and click Save.

Now you know how to do a screen capture without any additional hardware. Record video from your screen and improve your video editing skills with Screen Capture Studio.

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Movavi Screen Capture

  • Capture games, screencasts, online video
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Movavi Screen Capture Studio

  • Capture games, screencasts, online video
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  • Edit recorded video, use special effects
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