13 Best Screen Recorders for an iPhone in 2024

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In this guide, we’re looking for the best screen recorder for iPhone and iPad, as well as ways to record your iPhone using your Mac or PC. There are many screen recorder options besides the inbuilt iPhone recording feature.

Our goal is to provide you with only verified information. To ensure this, Movavi Content Team does the following:

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  • When testing, we compare the key characteristics of the products, which include selecting capture area, schedule recording, showing keystrokes and mouse, and other significant features.


Best iPhone screen recorder apps

Find your best screen recorder for an iPad or iPhone below. Many of them can record video with sound, offer video-editing functionality, and allow you to create beautiful recordings.

Built-in iOS screen-recording feature

Best for: no installation needed
  • Price


Key features:

  • Already installed on your iPhone

  • 720p recordings

  • Simple to launch from Control Center

The iOS screen recorder is one of the best screen recorders for an iPhone that’s free. This is a convenient way to quickly make recordings on your iOS device, it will be already installed on the operating system, and it can be launched in a matter of seconds, so you can record whatever is going on your screen for that time. The iPhone screen-recording app can be launched from your Control Center.


  • No need to pay or download third-party software

  • No time limit on the recording

  • One of the best iPhone screen recorder apps that’s free


  • Takes up memory space on your phone

  • Limited editing capabilities

  • Records in 720p

Record It!

Best for: reaction videos
  • Price

    Free, $4.99 for pro version

  • App Store rating

    4.6 out of 5, 290.5K reviews

Key features:

  • Picture in picture with webcam recording

  • Option to use a one-tap recording setting

  • Audio only commentary recording

  • Editing functions

Record It! is one of the great apps that records your phone screen but it also gives you the option of adding recording of your screen as a picture-in-picture. It’s great for reaction or commentary videos, where you can add your face in the corner of the screen. As it can record gameplay too, it’s probably the best iPad screen recorder for gamers.


  • Easy to perform basic edits

  • Can add commentary to existing camera-roll videos

  • You can get this iPhone screen recorder for free


  • The pro version comes at a cost ($4.99)

  • Limited to three minute recordings on the free version

Web Recorder

Best for: browser capture
  • Price


  • App Store rating

    3 out of 5, 1.2K reviews

Key features:

  • Capture straight from a browser

  • Bookmark system within the app

  • Easy to launch

This is an app that is designed to record directly from web browsers, so rather than get everything going on on the screen (including notifications) you simply end up with whatever was happening in the browser. It isn’t as reliable as some other options, but it is nice to have the option to record directly from one browser screen nonetheless.


  • Great for recording one browser


  • Not good for recording audio, the quality is low and the audio degraded

  • The app doesn’t seem to be updated much

Screen Recorder – Livestream

Best for: going live
  • Price

    $9.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly

  • App Store rating

    1.3 out of 5, 23 reviews

Key features:

  • Go live on some top platforms

  • Detailed video editing

  • Includes mini-games

This is another good screen recorder for your iPhone that also allows you to go live on streaming platforms, using a feed of your screen as well as your microphone to stream to fans on some of the biggest platforms. You can use screen overlays and other screen recording options, so you don’t have to make live videos.


  • Easy to go live on multiple simultaneous platforms

  • Can also be used as a record app for an iPad or Mac


  • One of the more expensive options

  • Some users have reported bugs

Screen Recorder – RecPro

Best for: video recording options
  • Price

    $9.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly

  • App Store rating

    3.7 out of 5, 2.1K reviews

Key features:

  • Flip and rotate video, plus choose size

  • Record at a variety of FPS and Mbps rates

  • Unlimited time recording

The RecPro screen recorder for iPhone is good for people who want a good level of control. If you are wondering what app to use to give you control of things like the dimensions of the recording or the frame rate, this Screen Recorder gives you a huge number of options. There are a lot of filters and “stickers” too, which can be fun, but there is a coin system to buy these, which isn’t necessarily worth it.


  • Great control over the look of the video

  • Easily add text and edit the video


  • The coin system to buy upgrades is annoying

  • Expensive if you pay monthly

DU Recorder

Best for: video editing
  • Price

    Free with premium upgrades

  • App Store rating

    4.5 out of 5, 54.6K reviews

Key features:

  • Record audio and video

  • Stream straight to the biggest platforms

  • Choose the resolution of streams

This easy-to-use software is great for taking recordings as well as going live, allowing you to stream directly to Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. DU Recorder also has some exceptional features when it comes to editing, and you can add music, filters, and crop, to make a professional looking video. You can get this iOS recorder free, but it does rely on paid upgrades to unleash all the features.


  • Easy to go live on a number of platforms

  • Supports Replaykit and RTMP addresses


  • The FPS doesn’t seem particularly high

  • Audio records in formats that don’t preserve quality

Screen Recorder Pro⋆

Best for: annotating videos
  • Price

    $4.99 weekly, $9.99 monthly, $39.99 yearly

  • App Store rating

    4.6 out of 5, 19.5K reviews

Key features:

  • Annotate and edit your video in real time

  • Record from your face cam as well as screen

This iPhone screen recording app is great for making face cam reactions as well as annotating your activity and whatever is on your iPhone screen. You can create tutorials and other styles of video pretty easily, and the excellent option to annotate live is a welcome addition. There is also a fairly sophisticated set of editing features to polish your video.


  • Simple interface

  • Make a variety of gaming videos and tutorials with annotations


  • Not as much control over settings as some other iPhone screen recorders

  • Free functionality is very limited

Best iPhone screen recorders for a Mac


Best for: advanced editing and sharing

Key features:

  • Smart system of storing and tagging videos

  • Advanced editing functions

  • HD capture

Capto has a clever system of allowing you to record screens from a variety of devices and from your browser or iPhone screens as required. It’s one of the best iPhone screen recorders for Mac, and even has a smart file manager to make it easy to label and collect your videos for future use.

It also makes it simple to connect with servers, and with sites such as Facebook, Evernote, and more. The capture and editing features are impressive with a lot of options, including timed recordings, that you don’t get from even the best screen recording apps for iPhone.

Get Capto


  • Simple one-time payment

  • Use multiple input sources for your video and audio capture


  • Can be more complicated to get used to the controls and features

  • Not many file type options to choose from


Best for: professional editing

Key features:

  • Includes stock footage

  • Auto background remover

  • Supports numerous file types and recording settings

  • Record multiple apps at once

This is a more expensive option, but with that you get more professional features including advanced editing and layering techniques plus the option to add stock graphics and titles. ScreenFlow functions like a professional video editing program but it also has the option to capture directly from your screen on an iOS device, just connect it and set it as the input.

Get ScreenFlow


  • Lots of options to make professional videos

  • Relatively simple to use

  • Create tutorial videos and presentations


  • Higher initial outlay than many options

QuickTime Player

Best for: easy screen recording on a Mac
  • Price


Key features:

  • Capture the full screen or a part of it

  • Simple editing tools

QuickTime Player is a multimedia player developed by Apple. It's a built-in app, so you don’t have to download and install it on your device. Besides opening media files, QuickTime Player also offers a screen-recording feature that may come in handy for recording your iPhone screen.


  • Doesn’t require installation

  • Very easy to use

  • Completely free


  • Lack of editing features

Best iOS screen recorders for Windows


Best for: screen mirroring

Key features:

  • Allows you to cast to your laptop in real time

  • Inbuilt recording function

This clever software allows you to cast to your Windows device with ease. It has been made to try and make it much easier for those who want to use the casting options on their device. By casting to your laptop, you can then use the screen recording options on AirServer to turn your device into an iOS screen recorder app.

Get AirServer


  • Easy to make recordings from your device

  • Can also be used for casting


  • No editing functions

  • Takes up two screens while recording (iOS device and laptop)


Best for: 4K mirroring and recording
  • Price


Key features:

  • Invite others to mirror their screen

  • One click recording

  • 4K mirroring

X-Mirage works in a similar way to AirServer and can be installed on your Mac or Windows to mirror your device. It means wirelessly setting up your device to cast to your Mac or PC, and even share this stream with others really easily.

As well as mirroring, you can also easily click a record button and make a video, and you can even add voice-overs as required.

Get X-Mirage


  • Record from multiple devices

  • Enjoy HD quality every time


  • No real editing functionality


Best for: mirroring multiple devices

Key features:

  • Emphasize and highlight specific devices

  • Show and hide devices as required

  • Simple one-click recording

This is a brilliant option for those who want the best screen recording app for iPhone mirrors and want to use multiple iOS devices to cast to a laptop and record, you can even lay them all out at once using this software’s smart display. These look great, and give Reflector a unique selling point. It’s great for creating unique presentations.

Get Reflector


  • Great for mirroring multiple devices

  • Easy to record in one click


  • Not great for editing options

How to choose an iPhone screen recording app

Choosing the best iOS screen recording apps may be slightly different depending on the type of device you have and the way that you want to record, as well as the specific features you need, such as face recording or even more advanced editing and streaming.

  • Compatibility. You have to make sure that the recorder is compatible with your device. If you are using an iPhone recorder on your Mac or PC then you have to check that it will work with both.

  • Price. The best screen recorder for iPhone that is free may not be the best overall, you might want to invest a little to ensure that you get a top screen recorder and the functionality you want.

  • Functions. Match up the functionality to what you need as a consumer. Do you need the option to record long videos or just short bursts? Do you want to be able to stream? Different apps offer different functionality.

  • Support. Do you get support with the app? You will want to use software that is regularly updated with a good base of knowledge and support so that you can troubleshoot any problems.

  • Usability. Usability and speed are crucial for screen recorders, especially due to the fact that you will often want to make a recording in a hurry, so you won’t be looking to spend ages changing the settings or messing around with setting up the recording. It is useful if you can start in a matter of seconds.

Best screen recorders for an iPhone

  1. Built-in iOS screen-recording feature – no installation needed
  2. Record it! – great video filters
  3. Web Recorder – best for browser capture
  4. Screen Recorder – Livestream – going live
  5. Screen Recorder – RecPro – video recording options
  6. DU Recorder – video editing
  7. Screen Recorder Pro⋆ – annotating videos
  8. Capto – all-in-one screenshot program for Mac
  9. ScreenFlow – enhanced editing
  10. QuickTime Player – best for users who want an all-in-one recorder and player
  11. AirServer – screen mirroring
  12. X-Mirage – 4K mirroring and recording
  13. Reflector – mirroring multiple devices


You may assume that the best screen recorder for iOS is the one inbuilt in your device, but actually, many of the others allow you to do much more with your recordings, including live streaming and creating complex videos from multiple sources. Depending on which device you want to use and how many editing features and functions you need, there are multiple apps that record your iPhone screen.


Best for


No installation needed


Reaction videos

Free, $4.99 for pro version

Browser capture


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