How to crop a video on Windows 10 – Top 9 ways

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June 15, 2021

If you’re filming a video, you might pick up more in your field of view than you realize. Cropping out parts of a video is easy enough on Windows 10, but only if you know what tool to use. If you’re trying to figure out how to crop a video on Windows 10, we’ve put together a shortlist of the most useful video cropping tools available.

These include well-known favorites like Windows Movie Maker and VLC, all-rounders like Movavi Video Editor Plus, and Hollywood-grade editors and cropping tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X. To help you, give one of the video editors listed below a try to help you crop videos on Windows 10.

Comparison of the best tools for cropping videos on Windows

Program name

Need to download

Advanced features


Microsoft PhotosNo, the app is pre-installedVideo trimming, color filters, slow-motion visual effects, 3D visual effectsFree
Windows Movie MakerYes, but no longer officially available for downloadText tool, simple transitions, color filtersFree
VSDC Free Video EditorYesChroma keying, picture-in-picture, desktop capture, 4K video support, color filtersFree
Movavi Video Editor PlusYesChroma keying, slow motion visual effects, 4k video support, a huge library of special effects and filters7-day free trial, $59.95 per license
VideoProcYesSupports hardware acceleration, video stabilization, direct input from cameras and drones, built-in online media downloaderFree trial, $59.90 per license
EaseUS Video EditorYesSpeech to text, chroma-keying, slow motion visual effects, a huge library of special effectsFree trial, $49.95/year
Easy Video MakerYes3D visual effects, built-in audio lyrics tool, support for 4K video, numerous transitions, and visual effectsFree
VLC Media PlayerYesSupport for all major video formats, hardware decoding, built-in media downloaderFree
OliveYesVideo transfor­mation features, text effects, visual effects, pre-rendering using disk cache, color manage­mentFree
Adobe Premiere ProYesVR support, 3D visual editing, cross-Adobe project editing, LUT support, a huge library of effects and features, 8K video support$239.88/­year ($19.99/­month)
Final Cut Pro XYes360-degree video and VR support, 8K video editing, advanced color filters, and LUT support, a huge library of effects and features, multi-camera input$299.99
Corel VideoStudio ProYesSupport for 360-degree VR videos, 4K support, color grading, hardware acceleration, a huge library of effects and features$79.99

9 easiest ways to crop video on Windows 10 for free

If you’re looking for the quickest way to crop a video on Windows 10, you’ll probably rush to use the tools that are already available to you. In this case, you’ll probably start with Microsoft Photos, the photo and video editor for Windows users.

The Windows 10 Photos app is the go-to tool for your photos and videos on Windows, but it’s also Windows 10’s hidden video editor, allowing you to add filters and visual effects, insert text, as well as trim your media files.

Unfortunately, what Photos doesn’t do is allow you to crop videos – you’ll need to try another app on this list if you need to do this. While you can cut the payback time down with Photos, you can’t remove any of the visible content or change the dimensions or aspect ratio.

Photos replaces the older Windows Movie Maker and should come pre-installed with Windows 10. If you can’t find it, you can install it manually from the Microsoft Store.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker was once the chief of the Windows video croppers. Not only did it come pre-installed on Windows, it was simple and easy to crop videos using Windows Movie Maker, with an interface that made video editing a simple process for beginners and amateurs alike.

Times have moved on, however. Windows Movie Maker is a product of a simpler time, and while it can still crop a video or two, you’ll be lucky to find it. Microsoft pulled the official download site for Windows Movie Maker some time ago, so if you want it, your only options are to risk downloading an unofficial copy online.

If you can find a legitimate copy, however, you’ll be cropping videos in Windows Movie Maker with ease. It’s easy to figure out how to crop videos in Windows Movie Maker, but the hardest battle is finding a good, malware-free copy of the software to download.

Moving forward, however, you’ll be better off trying a third-party alternative like Movavi Video Editor Plus instead if you want to use Windows 10 to crop a video.

VSDC Free Video Editor is a powerful video editor with professional-grade features, but, unlike most professional editors, it’s available at no cost for Windows users. This straightforward video editor may have a bit of a learning curve for beginners, but it offers more functionality than Microsoft’s own video editor.

You can quickly crop your video files using VSDC, but you can also merge and trim videos, customize audio tracks, insert text and other media, convert the files to another format, and more. It supports all known formats and allows you to edit video files with up to 4K resolution.

From special effects to Instagram-style filters, VSDC has it all. If you need even more functionality, you can upgrade (at cost) to VSDC Pro Video Editor or consider an alternative like Movavi Video Editor Plus instead.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to crop a video on Windows, then give Movavi Video Editor Plus a try. This all-rounder is the perfect tool for beginners who need an intuitive interface they can quickly master, while professionals can take advantage of the numerous special effects and filters features on offer.

Cropping a video in Movavi Video Editor Plus is easy and completed in just a few steps. If you want to take things further, you can use its powerful functionality to rotate or trim your videos, add special effects, introduce video stabilization, and use chroma keying to transform your videos from basic to social media ready in no time.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop linear interface on offer, it won’t take long to grasp everything that Movavi Video Editor Plus has to offer. It comes with a seven-day trial period, although you can continue to use it afterward with some limitations.

VideoProc is a basic but simple-to-use video editing tool that will let you crop your videos quickly on Windows 10. Thanks to hardware acceleration, you can use VideoProc to quickly switch video formats or make quick changes, such as apply video stabilization or remove unwanted background noise from videos.

More importantly, however, VideoProc lets you quickly crop and cut up your videos with ease. You can crop the size of your video files, switch to different aspect ratios, or cut down the content and file size. It allows you to choose the cropped video size manually or drag-and-select the part of the video you want to keep.

VideoProc is free to try, but you’re limited to editing video clips that are no larger than 5 minutes in length. Anything longer requires a paid-for license, costing around $60 a year.

EaseUS is an easy-to-use media editor for beginners, allowing you to quickly make changes to your clips. It supports all major video formats, allows you to apply special effects and filters to your video files, and includes over 50 different transitions to join your video clips together.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can quickly use Windows to crop video files using EaseUS, as well as trim, split, rotate, use video scaling to improve the resolution, and more. It also has some useful professional features, such as speech-to-text conversion and chroma keying to replace green screen backgrounds.

Some features, such as 1080p video exports and the numerous advanced special effects, require a paid license, but you can quickly crop your videos using the free trial version if you don’t mind watermarked videos.

As the name suggests, Easy Video Maker is a basic editor focusing on ease-of-use, allowing you to quickly create and edit simple videos in all the major formats. It focuses on the kind of content you’d expect to see published on social media sites but also allows you to create optimized video files for smartphones and tablets.

It also has a number of special effect features, such as advanced transitions, color and particle effects, and built-in screen recording. Easy Video Maker handles video cropping with ease, allowing you to change your video aspect ratio, rotate the video vertically or horizontally, or remove unnecessary parts of your video content.

Thanks to hardware acceleration, you can also quickly encode or convert your video files more quickly. It’s available for free, but some features (such as some effects) are limited to the paid version, with a one-off fee of between $50 and $200, depending on your requirements.

VLC is better known as a media player, but it also has a few built-in editing features that allow you to crop a video on Windows 10. You can do this temporarily, or you can use VLC’s powerful export features to save the cropped video with a new file name or using a new video file format.

Once you’ve exported your cropped video file, you can use VLC to watch it without using any other software. VLC is one of the best media players available for Windows users, so if you need an all-in-one solution for cropping and playing videos, VLC would be a good option.

Olive Video Editor might have less brand recognition than some of the other editors on this list, but it’s a powerful alternative to the big-name editors. This free, open-source, and cross-platform editor is a good option for creative amateurs who need to make changes to their phone-captured video files.

It allows you to crop your video clips in a few short clicks, thanks to the well-presented linear interface. Olive also allows you to trim video files, add some text and special effects, combine video sources, and more. It also recently underwent a full code rewrite, adding new features and speed enhancements.

Olive is a powerful editor, but it remains in testing. If you’re having trouble with other editors, Olive could be a good alternative, but if you find it isn’t stable, you’ll need to try an alternative.

Choosing the best option of video croppers

Every major video editor for Windows 10 you can find should offer video cropping features – it’s a fairly basic tool and one that most video editors would expect to find. Choosing the best video croppers out there, however, relies on these criteria being met:

  • The software must be easy to use and supplied without adware
  • It must support custom video sizes and pre-set aspect ratios
  • The software must maintain the same video quality after cropping
  • The software is free or offers a trial product that allows a full test of its video cropping features
  • It must support all major video file formats
  • Optionally, the software may include a free selection tool to determine the cropped video content or advanced features such as motion cropping.

The best tool to crop videos on Windows 10 in 2021

If you want the best tool to crop videos on Windows 10, you’ll need Movavi Video Editor Plus. It offers the best balance between functionality and ease of use for beginners, amateurs, and professionals alike to crop, edit, and create the videos they need to impress their audiences.

How to crop videos with Movavi Video Editor Plus

If you want to crop videos using Movavi Video Editor Plus, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Install Movavi Video Editor Plus and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  2. Once installed, open your video in Movavi Video Editor Plus using the Add Files button. From there, select your video file and drag it onto the Timeline.
  3. Click the Video Crop button to open the preview menu. From there, select the area you wish to crop out using the cropping rectangle, then press Apply to make the change.
  4. If you’re happy with the cropped video, save it by pressing Export and selecting the appropriate name, format, and configuration for the end file. Press Start to begin the export process.

Top 3 professional video editors for cropping

Adobe® Premiere® Pro is the Hollywood tool of choice used in the production of movies and TV shows that millions of people get to enjoy. It’s a professional tool with a professional audience, with a huge set of features that allow you to create almost any kind of video imaginable.

It supports 8K video, allows you to seamlessly integrate content from other Adobe software, and comes with a seven-day trial to test out its features. While Premiere Pro is focused on the professional market, it includes all of the basic features (like trimming and video cropping) that you’d expect to see in any top-tier editor.

Another Hollywood favorite, Final Cut Pro X is a powerful editor with a number of exclusive features that make it a worthy option for professionals. Unfortunately, Apple’s editor is compatible with Macs, so Windows 10 users will need to look elsewhere.

It includes support for multi-camera video input, Look Up Tables (LUTs) for direct color matching, powerful hardware acceleration, video noise reduction, and more. It’s also capable of handling the basics, letting you crop and trim your videos, but only if you have the Apple hardware (and $299.99 for a license key) going spare.

Corel VideoStudio Pro is a good alternative if Final Cut Pro’s price tag is a little steep. It supports 4K video files, offers a huge library of special effects and visual enhancements, and includes support for stop motion and 360-degree video files to allow you to create unusual (and unconventional) video projects.

Unlike Final Cut Pro X, Corel VideoStudio Pro is a Windows exclusive. It supports multi-camera direct video inputs, screen recording, basic video editing tools (including support for video cropping), and more. You can try it out for free for 30 days or upgrade to one of the premium options for under $100.


While there are plenty of video editors out there, only the apps listed here will help you crop a video on Windows 10 with ease. Beginners will find VLC or VSDC easy to use, while professionals will love Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

If you need a good all-rounder, however, Movavi Video Editor Plus offers the best balance between functionality and ease-of-use, making it a great alternative for beginners, amateurs, and professionals to get stuck in.

You can try Movavi Video Editor Plus before you buy for seven days, so if you’re struggling to crop or edit your videos, you can get started today at no extra cost.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Windows 10 have a free video editor?

Microsoft Photos is the officially supported video editor for Windows 10 users. This built-in tool allows you to edit your videos by adding text and special effects, as well as trim your videos down.

However, Microsoft Photos doesn’t allow you to crop your videos. If you need to crop a video on Windows for free, you’ll need to try an alternative like Movavi Video Editor Plus, which supports all major basic features (like video cropping and trimming), but also includes numerous special effects, chroma-keying, and more.

How do I crop a video on Windows 10?

The best way to crop a video on Windows 10 is to use Movavi Video Editor Plus using these steps:

  1. Open your video in Movavi Video Editor Plus by pressing Add Files, then drag the file into the Timeline menu.
  2. Click the Video Crop button, then select the area you wish to crop out using the cropping rectangle. Click Apply to save.
  3. To save the file, press Export and choose a new file name and configuration, then press Start to begin the saving process.

What is the best editor to crop videos on Windows 10?

There are plenty of video editors out there, but some of the best editors to crop videos on Windows 10 include:

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • VSDC Free Video Editor
  • Movavi Video Editor Plus
  • VideoProc
  • EaseUS Video Editor
  • Easy Video Maker
  • VLC Media Player
  • Olive
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro

How do I crop a video on Windows 10 for free?

The default Windows 10 photos app, Microsoft Photos, is the tool that most users will try to use to crop a video on Windows 10 for free. Unfortunately, it isn’t the right tool for the job, as it doesn’t allow you to cut a video by size, aspect ratio, or scale, only trim it in length.

Photos has plenty of other features you might find useful, however. It has a simple-to-use interface, includes OneDrive integration for cloud-based project management, and supports some other common video editing features, such as text overlays, image filters, audio editing, and more.

If you need to crop a video for free, Movavi Video Editor Plus is the best option out there, thanks to its seven-day free trial.